Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Time Is Here

A new year.  The new year, for major change, on planet Earth.  And just in time.

A signal of the end of the times: Such arrogant inanities as the Obama administration - no longer cloaking its putsch for power somewhat but acting brazenly right out in the open - in trying every way the Democrats could to besmirch the Republican Party for its role in the 'government shutdown' towards the end of last year, going so far as to insult the intelligence of John Q. Public by barring tourists from a roadside stopping-place that affords a view of Mt. Rushmore, for which there is no charge to stop at, and which is not manned, is just convenient.  In this case, in more ways than one: the act done simply to try to cast the Republicans in a bad light.

How arrogant can you get, in your use of power.  How audacious can you get.  And thus, how incautious…

The Democrat Party needs to be demolished at the polls for such arrogant use of political power.  And for other such displays of hubris by the Obama maladministration as Fast & Furious, and Benghazigate, and the NSA's overreach into a state of totalitarianism, and the IRS's politicalization beyond anything Nixon even dreamed of; and.  And.  And….

But then it deserves, and needs, to be demolished anyway - and as a formal institution - for signing off on the accreditation of a constitutionally ineligible candidate for the office of the presidency of the United States.  A knowing happenstance, on their part; as attested to - signaled - by the likes of their 2008 nominating convention chairperson, the dishonorable Nancy Pelosi, submitting the formal form for the state of Hawaii authorities to co-sign that attested, by the Democrat Party, to Obama's constitutional eligibility - so that the legal onus for that declaration was on the Democrat Party, not on them (who obviously knew something that the rest of us didn't know, at the time) - and a differently worded form - more  concealing; more slippery - sent to the other states for their ratification of the Democrat Party's presidential candidate, whereby the Democrat Party didn't actually swear to the constitutional eligibility of Obama, made it, simply by omission from the form, a non-issue.

But then, Pelosi doesn't think that our Congressional representatives need to read the legislation that they are told to pass before they do so, anyway.  'We have to pass it to see what's in it.'  

Not only ObamaCare.  But an Obama presidency.1    

Kids' stuff.

But then the Republican Party, as an institution, had a hand in that act of deceit, and constitutional treachery, as well; for the Democrat Party could never have gotten away with its chicanery in the matter if the Republican Party (at least at its Establishment top) hadn't acquiesced in it.2

So.  They both need to bite the dust.  Ending their lives in ignominy.  Before either of them - in their further reaches -  have been able to put their whole totalitarian scenario, and operation, into play.  Being just parts of the process unfolding; not the whole.3

What then?

Well, under normal circumstances, the people of America would regroup around a different set of political parties, as closer, more precise reflections of their political interests and positions.  But this is not a time for 'normal circumstances' to prevail.  This is a time for extraordinary circumstances to come into being; and prevail.  For The Play to end.

For, this is wrap-up time.

Of the whole scenario.

Of 3D life on Earth. 

And for Ascension.

Or not.

For the individual, as a fractal of the Whole.

Chosen, by their vibration. 

Which is an inner thing.

Not capable of being made fraudulent.

Like, say, one's eligibility status.

To vote.

Or to run for office in the first place.

Especially for particular offices.

Like, say, the leadership of particular countries.

Like, say:


The United States of.

About to be destroyed.

By charlatans.

Or simply by Time.

The Time of which is Here.  


So.  Which comes first.

Your choice.

For you.



1 As she also said - responded, scornfully (or mote as cover for a momentary loss of words) - when asked about the constitutionality of a matter: "Are you serious.  Are you serious."
     Which one could take - coming from someone who figured that Obama's eligibility in relation to something in the Constitution was some minor detail, a mere technicality, not to be bothered with, get hung up over  - as meaning, 'What nonsense is this.  We don't go by the Constitution anymore.  Where have you been?  That's old-fogy, white wigs and lace-frippery stuff.  Look on our deeds, ye sticklers for detail, and despair!' 

2 undoubtedly doing a quid pro quo with the Democrat Party honchos over the 'little matter' of constitutional eligibility for the presidential office; to wit: 'We won't  say anything about the eligibility of your candidate if you won't say anything about the eligibility of any of ours in the future.'  The Kabuki Theatre charade set up by the difficulty of both political parties to get a constitutional amendment including this very point, of the 'original intent' definition of a a 'natural born citizen,'  going through Congress.  There were eight tries between 2003 and 2008 to accomplish this -  mostly by the Democrats; looking down their road to power.  And they all failed even to get out of the appropriate House committee; the attempters obviously figuring that such a proposal would never make it all the way through the amending process.  TPTB of both parties obviously deciding, then, in a smoke-filled room, to do an end-around of the Constitution.  'Hell; it's just a damn piece of paper, anyway.  Right?'  'Right.  Hee hee hee.' 

3 I have been incensed by the permitted degree of Electoral Fraud that has been going on in this country.  By both sides of the political aisle; but as raised to a veritable art form by the Democrat Party in the 2008 and, especially, 2012 elections.  
     More voter names on the registration rolls than there are eligible voters in the district.  People rising out of their graves to vote by the veritable multitudes.  Duplicate voters, ineligible voters, illegal aliens, fictitious people; much of all this scammery enhanced by absentee ballot voting.  Machines that switch the names…I could go on, but it makes me sick to my stomach when I consider all of it, in general, and in specifics. 
     Going on in MY country  The cradle of individual liberty, and responsibility, on Earth.  The nation to set the mark for all other nations to aspire to.  The home of self-governance, and the quality of souls to make it work... 
     Hey.  I've got an idea.  Why don't we try some of the techniques that Third World countries use, to identify their voters.  Like a photo ID plus a thumb print to vote, as in Mexico; or a finger dipped in purple dye at the voting place… 
     Oh.  I almost forgot.  Law-Unto-Himself Obama's Department of Justice (under the eagle eye of AG Holder) sues states to stop them from adopting such unchivalrous techniques as requiring photo ID cards.  Voter 'suppression', it's called.  Ri-i-i-ight…
     It's almost enough to make one laugh.
     But I for one don't like my vote being canceled by such tawdry tactics as the 'community organizers' have adopted.  Whose MO includes running their lives by the concept of Whatever It Takes.  By Any Means Necessary.  And to whom I have but one thing to say:
     Get thee behind me, Satan.  Or get the hell out of my sight.  I refuse to have anything to do with you.
     As most souls are going up, you are going down, fellow pilgrim on The Path.  For not only failing in your test, as 'a spiritual being having a human experience'.  But for besmirching it so.  
     On your journey to self-realization.  Which will go on.  Wherever.
     The scenario about which I come to now, in this brief 'take' on Where We're At.
     But a quickie preview:
     As humanity has now reached the level of consideration of global governance, which signals the completion of the historical process - a true level of Synthesis - it is now time for the Light to take over, and guide humanity to its true destination, in the Light.  Not in the Dark.
     Where it has dwelt long enough, now; for the proper degree of seasoning to have taken place.
     Seasoning under the Sun.  Which is undertaking its own transformation.
     As is Gaia.
     But to continue, from where we were.


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