Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Pot Is Percolating

1) from tea party.org: 'SHOCK POLL: 63% Don't Have Confidence in Obama to Make Right Decisions' - (Truth Revolt) - Jan. 27


How can there still be any people who can't see how he has lied and decieved the Country. When he was elected we were ok , not in great shape but ok. Now we are on the verge of national disaster and King Obama's martial law. He Must be Impeached!

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  • Stan Stanfield - Top Commentator - Stanford University

  • Phillip, your feelings are sound but your 'solution' is not. Impeachment would legitimize his 'presidency'. 
  • He must simply be removed, on various civil and criminal charges; including his ineligibility for the office in the first place, thus rendering the Constitution "just a damn piece of paper," in the words of another would-be dictator. But he sealed his fate when he signed off on a fraudulent document - that forgery he had posted at the official White House web site. He was toast right there. The Federal Marshalls, with the support of the U.S. Sheriffs, should take him into custody right now for that offence alone. And let's get this country back to the rule of law pronto. Or there will be hell to pay. 

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  • 2) from tea party.org" 'PAPER: Is Obama an imperial president?' - Jan. 27

    "Many of Obama’s most controversial power plays have come through means other than executive orders. Here are some examples:
    •Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This policy, announced by the Department of Homeland Security in 2012, came via a memorandum that directs authorities to exercise “prosecutorial discretion” in dealing with some young undocumented immigrants.
    "If they meet the criteria for eligibility, they are shielded temporarily from deportation and allowed to work. The DACA program enacted many of the goals of the failed DREAM Act legislation, though it does not create a path to citizenship.
    "Critics say that waiving deportation laws for more than a million people is not “prosecutorial discretion” – it’s policymaking by executive fiat, usurping the role of Congress. Simon Lazarus, senior counsel at the Constitutional Accountability Center, disagrees, calling DACA “perfectly compatible with the president’s discretion in the immigration area.”…

    "Others defend Obama, saying that the president’s critics are using the Constitution as a political weapon. Mr. Lazarus says the critics 'flout long-established Supreme Court precedent and they contradict the consistent practice of all modern presidencies, Republican and Democratic, to implement complex and consequential regulatory programs.'"... 



    Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University

    Simon Lazarus, senior counsel at the Constitutional WHAT Center? Constitutional 'Accountability' Center? This is a joke, right?

    That, or Mr. Lazarus is a sophist, as oily as they come, and his Center believes in a Constitution with the consistency of a wet noodle. 

    Oh, but then I guess that's what the Left means when it calls the Constitution a 'living document'. And what others call a contract. 

    If Mr. Lazarus and his crowd get their way, the American federal constitutional republic is dead in the water. But then, that may well be the purpose of such shenanigans. 

    Constitutional Accountability Center indeed. The 'Imperial Presidency Rationale Center,' more like.

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    Mr. Lazarus would apparently love to build on ill-gotten gains. To him I would say:

    Two wrongs don't make a right, Mr. Lazarus.  Go back to your relativist school.  And take your wet noodle with you.  It doesn't belong in a true constitutional republic (and a federal one at that); much as those with a lust for power would wish it to.  And try to make it to.


    I can't fault you totally, Mr. Lazarus.  You have a piece of the picture. (Thesis -  the Bush admin raising the ante to the surveillance state.  Antithesis - the Obama admin taking the impulse to totalitarianism further.  Synthesis…)  The future - and the very near future at that - will have different forms of governance.  

    But not operating under Force.  That's old-world stuff.

    We have a New World to build.  One that will last.  And last.  And last. 

    For, it already has.
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P.S. And before I went to bed, in signing off for the night, I did a last-minute check of my emails, and noticed an article on how the Republican Establishment - read, in this instance, the Chamber of Commerce - is pushing in the House for amnesty of illegals.  What?!  
     It's good for business, you see.
     But what about the rule of law in the country?? 
     'Oh.  That.  Well…Come on.  It's already so compromised…Be reasonable.  A little more fudging won't hurt.  And besides, think of all those Hispanic votes we will get for doing this.  Come on.  It's a realpolitic world.  Stop with your virtuous nonsense.'
     Right.  Like you signed off on an ineligible candidate for the office of the presidency, from the Democrat side of the aisle, because you wanted to have the same leeway for your own candidates.  Amendments being so unwieldy, and all that. 
      'The Constitution?  Oh, come on.  You don't really believe in that thing, do you?'  
     Um.  Actually.  Yes.  And I'm not alone in that 'belief'.  And you are just sealing the fate of the Republican Party.  
     Bye bye.  And that's not as in buy buy.

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