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It's That Time, Again

from 'Obama Headed For A Smack Down By The Supreme Court' - Michael Becker - Jan. 28

DustyFae rank 4 hours ago
Some republicans have to go too.... But one thing for sure, we can not let the democrats make it a one party government , most of them are muslims and communists...
Thanks to the low info voters and the freebie loaders for putting a nut job in the WH…

  • midknite.storm DustyFae 4 hours ago

  • I think your under estimating the fraud and to many people not actually votings. role as well.

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    • Sam midknite.storm 4 hours ago

    • We should all offer to volunteer at our local elections office to watch and make sure that everyone shows an ID and doesn't vote more than once.

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    •          kibitzer3 Sam a few seconds ago  [Jan. 28]

      • That's the way it should be, with the citizenry out to True the Vote. Unfortunately, in many places the identity requirements and registration rolls are not in a state of integrity, as they should be, and even by law. The citizenry all over the country must do what they can to bring about Voter Integrity in their states or areas. This election is the turning point. 'Clean The Vote' or lose it permanently to a state of corruption while you had the chance to make a difference.
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  • Joe 6 hours ago

  • If we the people, through congress, keep throwing lawsuits at Barry Soetoro, alias Barack Obuma, or supreme court actions, or even impeachment, ANYTHING, maybe we can keep him off balance and too busy to do much other than defend himself until the November elections bring back another GOP loaded senate and then we can really go after him...lock, stock and barrel.
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  •          kibitzer3 Joe 27 minutes ago  [Jan. 28]

    • 1) Not Impeachment - that would tend to legitimize his 'presidency'. 

    • 2) He has already made his case for simple removal, by committing a crime when he engaged in posting a fraudulent document on the official W.H. web site. That should be sufficient enough cause to bar him from the office - or at the least, to read him his Miranda rights, as a Citizens Grand Jury takes him to court over the issue. That would definitely "keep him off balance".

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2b) from (same article as above; now Jan. 29)
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    Bennie stephens 8 hours ago
  • It is past time that the Supreme Court woke up and went to work to stop this guy they call the president. He is a Fraud and African Born and so was his Father and those on the supreme court that can't understand that the constitution state that both Parents and the child that is running for a Federal Government position both parents and the Child must be born in America and must be Citizens of the USA. Eric Holder doesn't understand the Constitution at all. He should be recalled along with ObAma and all that has had a hand in gun running and the Benghazi and the Ben Laden deal where the Seal team helicopter crashed and kill many of them also the 4 in Benghazi and the Border guard as well as many innocent Mexicans at this same time. these people are guilty of Criminal negligence and the deaths of many Americans. HillaryClinton was involved in this deal in Benghazi and also on the stand order that maybe if this order hadn't been given the Military Could have saved these people and she and Obama and Holder all tried to cover it up. This is nothing less then ABE Lincoln did to 29 American Native Indians and with out a trial he had them killed. This is the things they don't teach in the American History in ther Schools. Every president from the word go has been crooked.
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    • kibitzer3 Bennie stephens 5 minutes ago  [Jan. 29]

    • You're on the right track, Bennie; but for the record/clarity's sake: To be eligible to run for the presidency - and that particular federal office ONLY - a person must have been born 'on the soil' (or its equivalent; as, e.g., a U.S. military installation) of two U.S. citizen parents. So you're right as regards Obama's ineligibility for that office. It's called being a 'natural born' citizen. But the parents don't have to have been born in America; just need to have been U.S. citizens at the time of the person's birth. Other federal offices don't have the 'natural born' requirement; the person just has to be a U.S. citizen. 

    • The main point of this higher level of qualification for the presidential office is because the president is also the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, and the constitutional Framers did not want a person in that position who might have conflicting loyalties or allegiances. Like a naturalized citizen. And even more like a dual citizen at birth. 

    • The Republicans are near-equally responsible for the current hijack of the American presidency, for not calling Obama and the Democrat Party on this constitutional illegality. Why would they enter into that scam? The most likely answer: Because they wanted around that stumbling block, too, for their own future candidates; and didn't want to have to go through the difficulty, and potential turndown, of a constitutional amendment to achieve their end. And so the country has had to suffer a potential socialist coup (an Obama declaration of Martial Law, which suspends the Constitution; in [fact] as well as in [deed]) since the Usurper has been in the office because of the Republicans' corrupt behavior as well. A sorry sight. The nation is not in good hands. The lot of them - both main political parties - need to go, and a new, cleaned-up era begun. But that's another matter.
  • 3) from 'Republicans ready to push 'legal status' for Illegals' - Jan. 28 (orig. posted at
  • Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  [Jan. 29]
  • 1) Put a lid on the honey jar that attracts illegals: No jobs for them (fine erstwhile employers severely, or even imprison them, for giving a job to an illegal), no 'free' education on the taxpayers for their children, no other welfare 'freebies', no chance of ever gaining citizenship, for them OR their children, for being here against the laws of the land. And speaking of the children:
  • 2) Reverse the erroneous awarding of citizenship to 'anchor babies'. That is a clear misreading of the 14th Amendment (the babies born on U.S. soil of illegal aliens are not "subject to the jurisdiction" of' the state that their parents are living illegally in, but follow their parents in being subject to the jurisdiction of their parents' home country), and MUST be challenged forthwith. In the meantime, no hospitals supported by taxpayers monies should be accepting illegal aliens to give birth in their hospitals;
  • 3) Halt unemployment benefit payments to Americans who turn down available jobs more than two times; 
  • 4) Clean up and activate the Temporary Work Visa program where there is a legitimate (seasonal) need;. 
  • 5) Speed up the waiting time for legal immigrants wishing to come here and become Americans;. and
  • 6) Send those who come into the country illegally and are deported back to their home countries to the back of the legal queue, unless they have been caught more than once, in which cases they are barred permanently from ever being allowed to come in to the country. Which is a privilege; not a right.
  • This should do for a start. Oh - and enough of this nonsense about making ballots and voting information available in other languages. The law is that they need to be able to speak English in order to become a citizen of this country. No others need apply. If they are here legally, but don't speak English, the logical assumption should be that they haven't passed the citizenship requirements yet, and thus are not allowed to vote. 
  • Any questions, take it up with 
  • A. Citizen

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  • ...And once all that has been taken care of, we can move on, into the New Age; where we, ultimately, leave all such laws and regulations behind.
  • But first things first: 

  • the requisite consciousness.  Of the likes of Truth.  Honor.  Integrity.

  • Sign me an embodiment of

  • Limitless Love; but equally, Limitless Truth.

  • A stern taskmaster, maybe.  But that's how you get from here to 'there':

  • your ultimate destiny.  As a responsible Child of your caring Creator.  Who cares enough for you that the caring will get you

  • Home, again.

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