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Going On Record

In my last blog I was talking about the Constitution, and the clarified definition of the notion of 'our constitutional rights'.  I would like to take this line of thinking a step further.  

To recap a bit on that 'treatise,' to start with.  1) Our 'human rights' don't exist just in and by themselves.  They are conferred, by government, to varying degrees thereof.  2) Our rights in this country are not conferred by the federal, to say central, government.  That's not The American Way.  That's the way of the likes of the former Soviet Union  The way that BO wants it to be;1 and to govern under.  Or to say: to govern by.  Like a Caesar.

Like the Caesar that he is emulating as we speak.2

To the eternal discredit of the Congress that is allowing - and in some individual cases, even urging - him to take on such a robe.  And, to get away with his heist of the American Republic, and the turning of it into an Empire.  With its centralized power over The People.  The Cattle.  The sheep to be sheared, for their tax monies, without bleating too much about it.  After all, they're getting a - relatively - comfortable life out of the deal; what more should they want???   

George Dubya set the scene for this takeover, with the likes of 9/11 and the so-called Patriot Act that that false-flag op spawned.  He even said, some years later, to a fundraising gathering of his 'base,' that it would be easier to get things done if we were governed by a dictator - "As long as I'm the dictator," he finished his thought with (to the chuckles of his affluent audience).  Well, guess what, George.

You ain't.  

But you certainly helped put one in place.

So, where do we go from here.  We could go into rebellion - a counter-revolutionary Patriot response, and the civil war - and declaration of Martial Law, and consequent suspending of the Constitution - that would ensue from that scenario.  Which is obviously the scenario that the Obama-led Leftist forces want, are angling towards; and have been preparing, diligently but oh-so-carefully for, with their quiet beefing-up of the Department of Homeland Security, and NSA totalitarian surveillance of 'potential terrorists,' and drones readying to take out American citizens starting to act up, and as well tracked by their car reg plates and their smart-tech appliances; and so forth.   

I have a better idea.  But it will take a little telling to explain it properly.  (I'll keep this short.  Promise.)

My telling - in this particular telling of it3 - goes back to the mid-'60s, when I was living in North Hollywood; which is on the other side of the hills separating the L.A. basin from the San Fernando Valley.4  It was still somewhat sleepy in those days, compared to these.  Anyway: Still being fairly new to the area, I was looking for some place or other while walking on the main street - such as it was - of the town when I asked a passing young woman if she could tell me where it was.  I forget what I was looking for, but I will never forget her response.  It was to say, in broken English, that she no speak it.   

What?? I thought.  Her accent, and looks, were Mexican.  I knew that there was a sizable Mexican-American community in East L.A.  But North Hollywood??  Still-sleepy little North Hollywood???  

I began, from that incident, to pay even more attention to what was going on around me.       

Enter the Illegals of our day and age.  With a stab at amnesty and subsequent tightening of the border during the second of the Reagan administrations5 having come - surprise! apparently, to some Americans; including our representatives in Congress - to nothing but more of the same.  Much more of the same.  A whole helluva lot more of the same.  Which could have been anticipated, if the citizens - the self-governing citizens of this country - were more aware of the scenario that has been playing out in their midst.  By wolves in sheep's clothing…

In sum.  The collectivists - who hate people to have the freedom to be themselves, rather than be forced to be the way that the collectivists want them to be6 - have had their beady eyes on America for years, as the final block to their ambitions for total control on the planet.  And the one thing that is standing in the way of their takeover of the country, and therefore of the planet - the specific one thing - is the American Constitution; which limits their power over The People, by enshrining the principle of limited government.  So, they have resorted to 'whatever it takes' to subvert - or get around in some way - the Constitution.  And one way to accomplish their end has been to beef up the voting rolls with 'their' people.  Treated as blocs of voters.  The poor.7  Women.8  The LGBT bloc.9  The environmentalists.10  The dead.  Duplicate voters.  Illegal voters.  Fictitious people…        

Whatever it takes...             

The Alinskyite 'philosophy' - mentality - of Whatever It Takes/By Any Means Necessary will not only not 'get you to heaven'.  Applying it - even just entertaining it - will actively keep you from reaching the first step of the stairway to the heavens.  It is a matter of resonance; of vibration, of your essence.  And that philosophy, way of looking at things - of living your life by - does not compute with the way things are on the realms higher than this material one.  You will stay stuck on the ground floor until you release its low-energy 'vibe,' confining you to the first stage (the Wheel of Karma) of the process.  The process of self-realization.

You can stay behind the bulk of us, your brothers and sisters, if you want.11  It's your choice  But it would be a shame.

In more ways than one.           


So, as I say: what to do.  Where to go from here.  We could have that civil war, and destruction on that timeline.  Or we could have a voting rebellion, with The People cleaning the rolls of 'ringers,' and the nation 'going back to the way things were'.  But there is another, and better, solution.  And that includes not sending the illegal aliens packing, back to where they came from (and have them be the problem, and responsibility, of their home country's government; not ours).  A complicating factor there being: their children.  Not that they are U.S. citizens (this 'anchor baby' cynical business is a misreading of the 14th Amendment; and would need cleaning up, if we were just going to go back to 'the way things were' before devious long-range schemers corrupted the system).  But this is the only country they have known, have no latent loyalty to any other.  I am not advocating that 'two wrongs make a right' in considering their plight.  (Too, with 'their plight' being, as well as on the shoulders of their illegal-alien parents - one of the main, maturing lessons to learn in life being that actions have consequences - also on the shoulders of those Americans who encouraged those parents to come here by giving them jobs, besides the luring of them with the 'anchor baby' erroneous promise.)  I am saying that there is a higher way to deal with all these sorts of conundrums, that have been created by unscrupulous players over the years.

And that is to deal with it all - and that includes the impossible debt that the U.S. in particular, and the Western world in general, has gotten involved in - as, simply, part of The Play that we have been involved in.  And now need to release.  As we go into the future from a higher level of awareness, than the one that got us into the problems that we face in the first place.  That awareness being, that we are, indeed, 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' as the philosopher said.12  That this 'life' business - in this hologrammatic bubble - has all been but a test; a classroom exercise.  Now to be brought to a close.

Because it is, simply, that time; to release the old paradigm, of a process, and enter into the new, of a completed state of being: the level of the final Synthesis, with ultimate Truth having been called into being.  At long last.  Out of the impassable thicket of Untruth.

So, as much as I honor, and support, the Constitution, and decry those who would attempt to undercut it, and bring it down, for their nefarious purposes, a) I recognize that that has all been part of The Plan; and b) I accept that that "damn piece of paper" has fulfilled its purpose.13

As so has life, as we have known it.

As we open to the next, higher stage of our journey Home.  

Which is, as I say, the Synthesis stage of the socio-econo-political process that we have been involved in. 

To learn lessons from.

Or not.

With some of us just having to repeat the same grade over.


And again.

Until we get it.

'We.'  All.

As Part of The One.

So, lend a hand, to help as many of us as possible, over the hurdle.  Into our next level.

Which requires an aspiring pilgrim on The Path to understand some basics about life.

The main one being, that our Source operates by way of Love.

Not Force.

Free will.

Not 'No will; just obedience'.

Exercise your gift well.

We will wait, to all be One again.

But only

if you get off the karmic Wheel.

And onto The Path.

Truly going somewhere.  Instead of just around, and around.  And around...



1 During a radio interview back in his Illinois State Senate days, Barack Obama clarified his governing philosophy, by telling his radio hosts that the American Constitution was at fault for being a type that just spelled out what the government can't do to you, rather should and would better be one that spells out what the government can and should do for you.  That was the identifying of his take on the likes of the welfare state right there - that the state is the responsible party.  Not the individual. 
     I guess we can't fault him too much.  After all, he hardly grew up in the sway of the American way.  Not only in regards to his time in Indonesia.  But under the spell of 'Frank,' his communist mentor in Hawaii. Who may as well have been more to him than his life-philosophy mentor.
     But that's another story. 

2 When words mean what Humpty Dumpty says they mean, you don't have just a king ruling over you.  You have a tyrant.  
     It's called arbitrary law.  And it is the kind of law that we have been governed by, and under, particularly ever since BO took power, and built hugely on Bush Jr's habit of selectively enforcing (via so-called 'signing statements') only those provisions of laws passed by Congress that he/they wanted to.  BO has gone much further down this road, has developed that imperial 'habit' into an art form; exceeding his constitutional authority as though the contract - clarifying the roles of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the federal government - didn't even exist.
     That's Barack Obama, the Usurper.  The Tyrant-in-Chief.   The Liar-in-Chief.  The Despot-in-Chief.  However you name him, he still smells the same.

3 My telling of it could go back to my high school days, when I first came across serious info regarding the communist infiltration of the federal government; which ultimately led to my uncovering for myself, my awareness, of what had been going on in this country since the1930s in particular (and particularly involving our education; as part of 'the long march through the institutions' that has been going on, by the communists).  But I'll keep this telling relatively short, and more to the specific point, regarding the Obama administration, and his cultivating of the illegal alien voting bloc.  

4 You've heard of Valley Girls?  The very same.
     Many years before this time, The Valley (which I visited once, for whatever reason, blowin' in the winds of time) was hardly extant, with mostly farmland distinguishing it.  My, how the times they have a'changed…but to continue.

5 when I was living in the UK; and had been for some time.  Hadn't, and haven't, been fully aware of what all has been going on in my close-to-my-heart home country, until I returned just under two years ago, now.  And have been doing some catching-up.  Of which there has been plenty to do. 

6 and thus be deprived of their free will.  Which is what this whole thing is all about: materialism versus spiritualism.  A purely materialist philosophy and orientation, as opposed to a spiritual understanding of what life is all about, as a classroom for souls on their journey to self-realization.

7 And actually create a welfare class; by perverse incentives, to keep people dependent on the government, so that they didn't/don't stand on their own two feet.  Become independent of the state.
     The scenario is known as the Cloward-Piven strategy, named after a couple of Columbia University sociology pedagogues, whose intent was to bankrupt the U.S. with excessive 'social justice' costs so that it would fall into the hands of the socialists like a ripe fruit.  Sound, and look, and feel, familiar???     

8 Not only to make them independent of their husbands for their own 'human potential' development for its own sake (and more tax monies for the state, not so incidentally); but in order to  break down the family unit, and have the state fill that role, so as to make more people dependent on the state.  
     individuals need not apply in the socialists' utopia.  They are to be considered as the enemy of such a kingdom, and mentality.  Only those willing to be dependent on the state need apply.  The rest……... 

9 Abnormal sexual identity could have been cleaned up years ago, if TPTB had wanted to, because of its mainly environmental roots.  But on the one hand, that would eat into corporate profits (of both the plastics industry and the medical-pharmaceutical-complex industry); and on the other hand, that would not give the socialists a handy voting bloc.  So I am not meaning to paint only the Left as the bad guys in this scenario; this nation-destroying that has been going on, by shortsighted individuals on both sides of the political aisle.  

10 I am very angry with the Left for hijacking the environmental movement in order to achieve their ends.  On the one hand, I care for the wolves in North America, to be able to live their lives as best they can, without encroaching on human activity such as cattle-raising and such.  But I object to being used by environmentalist extremists in my concerns, who cry crocodile tears over the plight of the wolves basically in order to try to corral humans into their cities, and take over as much of the country by the central government as possible, as part of their UN-derived Agenda 21plotting.  
     Concern about the environment is one thing.  The fastening of tyrannical government over people is quite another.   

11 Actually, gender doesn't figure into the equation after a while; as we lock onto our soul groups, and move beyond the 'pull' of Separation.  So it's just a figure of speech, to refer to a soul as either/or.     

12 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; to give him due credit.

13 Quoting George W. Bush.  To give him his due credit.
      And as for what was the Constitution's "purpose"?:
      To help get us here.  A step - a very important step - in the process.  For honoring - elevating - the individual so.  As the Master of his fate, and the Captain of his soul.
     Just, now, to become community centric.  But from that level of awareness.  That we are facets of our Source.  Not cattle to be herded and treated as such.  Sheep to be sheared.  Mere ciphers, insignificant in our own right.
     Hey, our erstwhile Masters: We are powerful beings.  Deal with it.  As such.

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