Friday, 24 January 2014

The New Paradigm - Part 2

from '2012: What's the 'real' truth?' - Jan. 24

10 Responses to PressTV: Can’t we move to a world beyond war?

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  • nan says:
    January 24, 2014 at 9:09 pm

  • money is the route [sic] of all evil!!!! ”we don’t need it we need each other” to thrive, and kick these cockroaches to the kerb. Love to all

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    • Jean says:
      January 24, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    • No, Nan, I do not think you understand money at all. It is not the root of all evil! It is the love of money that is the root of all evil. It is the fact that we fell asleep and did assume responsibility to keep it honest. Money is simply a symbol used as a medium of exchange. . . Please check this out icon_smile.gif Hugs, ~Jean


kibitzer3 says:
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A little further thinking here would not go amiss. You’re both right, and both wrong. If money were “simply a symbol used as a medium of exchange,” that would be one thing, and you would be right, Jean. But when the practice of usury entered the picture – and I mean by it, the ‘principle’ of adding interest to the medium of exchange (not just ‘excess’ interest, as many people have been led to believe the word means; the very principle itself) – then the concept of making a ‘profit’ entered into the picture, and out went the pure purpose of simply “a medium of exchange,” when money was simply a tool of creating community.
Ultimately, we will do away with ‘money’ entirely, because the new paradigm is characterized by 1) Love (doing things for each other for the sake of it, not for the profit to be made from it), and 2) Abundance, as we learn how to manifest all our needs from ‘the Field,’ the sea of energy that we live our 3D lives in.  In the meantime, yes, we will need a medium of exchange; but simply to keep a record of [debits] and credits (goods & services given to & received from each other). Like a local LETS system writ global. But that is money without interest; and without a fractional-reserve banking system attached to it, whereby ‘money’ is simply created out of thin air. (Which should have given us a clue as to a next step in our spiritual progress.) Those two features need to be left behind, as we Ascend to a new, higher level of consciousness - of 'coherence,' with ourselves, each other, and Gaia.  Just awaiting us, as we speak.
So, in answer to the question posed as the title of this piece – i.e., ‘Can’t we move to a world beyond war?’ the answer is Yes – because we are ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ – but not as long as we continue to think in the lower-energy way of attaching interest to our medium of exchange, i.e., looking for a profit on our exchanges, rather than engaging in them simply to create community between ourselves - 'coherence' - as incarnate souls, on our common, spiritual path.
This is not ‘communism’. Communism requires the stick of a Big State, because it treats people like slaves TO the state, as being no more than chattel. I’m talking about our inheriting our true identities.
Just awaiting us.  As we speak.


Two comments.

1) What does it 'profit' a man to gain the whole world, and lose his soul?

2) And thus do we emancipate ourselves from the control of the 'banksters' - and in one fell swoop.

Does one have a hard time in believing that 'it's that time'??  If so for you, I encourage you to sleep on it, and see what you get, when you pose the question to your Self:

Is it time to dissolve the financial system for the planet as it is, and move into a New Age, of higher consciousness??

To live our lives by Love: that's the price of admission to the New Age.  The Love of the Prime Creator for that Being's creation.

And vice versa.

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