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On Identity

I wasn't sure just how bad the 'election integrity' issue/situation in the U.S. was.  I knew it was bad, with all manner of evidence of widespread voter fraud - many districts with more registered voters than there are eligible adults living in them; statistically impossible results; obviously 'softwared' voting machines; etc. etc. etc..  But I have now come across an ingenious Catch-22 on the part of the Obama administration, that is, simply, a bridge too far in this scam.  

I'll let Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch - which monitors this sort of thing closely - tell the story as he did in his Weekly Update report today to his e-newsletter subscribers, and then make comment on the situation.  For, as long as we are still in the current paradigm, it is our duty as moral beings - aspects of our Source - a) to live a moral life, one of which we can be proud, and which reflects our origin in Spirit, and true identity; and b) to clean up corruption wherever we find it.  There has been a lot of scamming going on in the voting 'business,' and as long as we continue to live within the current paradigm, of sovereign nation-states and voting and so forth, the voting process needs to be properly conducted.  Else the whole 'democracy' thing is a sham and a delusion.  And I for one won't stand for that sort of compromise of the dream, of a self-governing 'class' of human beings, taking personal responsibility for their free-will decisions in life, rather than having the state doing all that sort of 'detail' stuff for them - precisely the sort of thing that we are here to do.  To learn from; and to grow from.    

The relevant segment of the current Weekly Update of the JW is as follows:

It's Time for the Obama Administration to Stop Blocking Ballot Box Integrity

What a wonderful change of pace it would be if the federal government actually began protecting the integrity of the ballot box, instead of being one of the nation's leading defenders of practices that can lead to voter fraud and stolen elections. As a reader of the Weekly Update, you know that Barack Obama and election fraud are fellow travelers. Judicial Watch has fought tooth-and-nail nationwide to prevent Obama and his acolytes from thoroughly corrupting our electoral process. 

JW's most recent move to defend free and fair elections from federal assault came early this month, when our expert team of attorneys took on a little-known agency known as the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC).  In finest Orwellian fashion, the EAC seems intent upon "assisting" in elections by assuring that noncitizens - both illegal and legal residents - are able to cast bogus ballots. 

So, on January 3, JW filed comments with the EAC in support of efforts by Arizona, Kansas, and Georgia to compel the EAC to amend its National Voter Registration Voter Registration Mail Application (a federal form) to require voter registration applicants to provide proof of citizenship. Arizona and Kansas have sued the EAC to force such action; Georgia has issued a formal letter of request. 

By way of brief background, the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) requires the states to accept the "federal form" to register individuals to vote. The EAC maintains the federal form, which fails to include any requirement that registrants provide proof of U.S. citizenship. 

Kansas first requested that the EAC update to its federal form instructions in August 2012, following changes in the state's election law requiring evidence of U.S. citizenship when registering to vote. Arizona, since 2004, had required an Arizona driver's license, a U.S. birth certificate, a passport or other similar document before the state would approve the federal registration application. 

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Arizona provision requiring proof of citizenship. In Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona Inc., the Court said the 1993 NVRA trumps the state law. The ruling affected Arizona, Kansas, Georgia and Alabama.

But the court left the door open for Arizona to assert its arguments through separate litigation, a possibility mentioned by justices during oral arguments in April. Writing for the majority, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said that Arizona could still challenge the current EAC form in court or ask the commission to include the citizenship requirement on the federal form in the future. At that point, both Kansas and Arizona sued the EAC to amend the federal form. 

Filing in support of the state actions, Judicial Watch argued that "Under Section 8 of the NVRA, states are under a federal obligation to assure that non-citizens neither register nor vote." It added, "A failure to allow states to require such information would undermine Americans' confidence that their elections are being conducted fairly and honestly, and would thwart states' ability to comply with the election integrity obligations imposed by federal law."

We then pointed out that there are "good reasons to believe that the public needs to be reassured on this point":

In poll after poll, for some time now, large segments of the American populace have expressed their dismay with various aspects of our electoral system. A Rasmussen poll from August of 2013 reported that only 39% of Americans believe elections are fair. In 2012, a Monmouth University poll reported that more than two-thirds of registered voters thought voter fraud was a problem. In 2008, when a Gallup poll asked respondents around the world whether they had "confidence in the honesty of elections," 53% of Americans said that they did not.

And JW's lawyers argued that "routine failure of certain states to comply with their voter list accuracy obligations ... is quickly becoming a national, nonpartisan issue," adding: 

For example, the Pew Research Center on the States released an astonishing report in 2012 noting that "[a]pproximately 2.75 million people have active registrations in more than one state." That same report observed that "24 million - one of every eight - active voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate," and that "[m]ore than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as active voters." Non-citizen voter registration fraud is a contributor to this problem.

We also cited the outrageous failure of the EAC to have a quorum as a further factor strengthening the arguments of Arizona, Kansas, and Georgia that they be granted a federal form amendment. Unbelievable as it may be, the EAC has not had a quorum since December 2010, has had no commissioners since December 2011, no executive director since then, and no general counsel since May 2012. To add insult to injury, the EAC is using its own ineptitude as an excuse to block changes to the federal form. So, we turned the tables on them, commenting: 

Judicial Watch notes that only a quorum of EAC Commissioners can refuse the states' requests. An Acting Director lacks authority to take official regulatory action for the Commission. See 42 U.S.C. § 15328 (action by the EAC can be authorized "only with the approval of at least three of its members."). Because there is no quorum of Commissioners, the EAC cannot reject the states' request.

As I said at the time we filed our comments with the EAC, "For the EAC to use its own inability to convene a quorum as an excuse to contravene the right of the states of Arizona, Kansas, and Georgia to protect the integrity of the ballot box is a travesty. Gladstone's axiom that 'Justice delayed is justice denied' has never been more obvious than in this situation. And the EAC ought to stop its stonewalling and let justice proceed." (These EAC comments are not the first time Judicial Watch has intervened on this issue to protect election integrity. In December 2012, Judicial Watch filed an amicus curiae brief in support of Arizona's proof of citizenship voter registration law.)

On August 21, 2013, the states of Kansas and Arizona jointly filed a complaint against the EAC asking the federal court in Topeka, Kansas, to force the agency to require proof of citizenship in the state-specific instructions on the National Mail Voter Registration Form. On August 1, the state of Georgia sent a letter to the EAC asking the same. The EAC had rebuffed previous requests for modifications, blaming a lack of quorum on the commission.

In filing their lawsuit, Kansas and Arizona cited the June 2013, Supreme Court decision in Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona Inc. While the Court ruled that the NVRA "precludes Arizona from requiring a federal form applicant to submit information beyond that required by the form itself," it also stipulated that states are free to petition the EAC to add the proof of citizenship requirement and, if the EAC does not act or rejects the request, take it to court.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on this effort to protect the integrity of our elections.

Until next week....

Tom Fitton 


Got that?  "The EAC had rebuffed previous requests for modifications, blaming a lack of quorum on the commission."  And who is responsible for that state of affairs??  Itself.  Via the highest reaches of the Obama administration.

"For the EAC to use its own inability to convene a quorum as an excuse to contravene the right of the states of Arizona, Kansas, and Georgia to protect the integrity of the ballot box is a travesty. Gladstone's axiom that 'Justice delayed is justice denied' has never been more obvious than in this situation."  Just so.

"And the EAC ought to stop its stonewalling and let justice proceed."  

The EAC.  Or its parent in corruption, the highest reaches of the Obama administration.  Whose corrupt 'voting fraud' gambits don't stop there; with the Department of Justice, under the guiding hand of Attorney General Eric 'Fast & Furious' Holder, going around the country fighting off grassroots proposals for 'truing the vote' by way of such legitimate, integrity-inducing measures as voter photo ID cards.

Which 'voter integrity' measures used to be able to be taken care of by presentation of a driver's license, since normally one has to present one's birth certificate in order to obtain one of those photo ID cards.  But now, with the likes of California's governor Jerry Brown authorizing illegal aliens to be able to obtain a driver's license in that -  my home - state…

Disgusting stuff.  And including the Republican Party's scamming measures along these same lines.  Although they are certainly being outdone, by the progeny of ACORN.  And the 'community organizers' behind such corrupt, Whatever It Takes/By Any Means Necessary, entities… 

Ladies and gentlemen: You can do better than this.  I know you can.

Because I know your origins.  Before you got corrupted, in the realm of free will, by the weight of the karma you have amassed.  

Now to be left behind.

For those who are reedy to release the Play.  And get on with the ultimate Purpose.  Of reunification with your ultimate - Prime - Creator.

Of inheriting your true Identity.  (There's that theme again…)  

Not as a Facet off the old Crystal; as you have seemed to have been, in the state of apparent separation of the matrix realm - the world of appearances - of Duality and Polarity.

 But as One WITH your soul's Source.

Oh. But you have to believe in the reality of such a thing.  Don't you.  In order to get there.

Well.  All I can say to that is:

Hurry up.  

Time's a'wastin'. 

And it waits for no mere man.

And especially not the corrupt kinds that have being governing us.  For far too long.

For long enough, now.

With the change in paradigms upon us.

As we speak.

Start getting used to it.

And a very good way would be to clean up the voting 'act' in your state, and country.  

So that all can see what you are really made of.

And who you really are.


P.S. And further down the 3D rabbit hole:


Members of Congress from both parties are listening … but they need to hear from you!
Members of Congress:
Congress can and must act without delay to strengthen the Voting Rights Act in the wake of Shelby County v. Holder. Please do your part and support legislation to make sure the Voting Rights Act continues to be an important and effective tool in protecting the right to vote.
Last year’s 5-4 Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder gutted a vital part of the Voting Rights Act and kicked open the door for a new wave of voter suppression laws around the country. But Congress has the authority, and the responsibility, to fix it.
This is a major progressive victory we can achieve this year.
As contentious as things are on Capitol Hill, and as stubborn as the Republican leadership has been about letting any reasonable legislation make it to a vote in the House, the Voting Rights Act gives us the opportunity for a very rare win for the American people in this Congress. That’s because it was recently reauthorized -- in 2006 -- with overwhelming bipartisan support … and pressure has been building from Americans across the country and civil rights organizations like PFAW and our allies.
Members of Congress from both parties are listening … but they need to hear from you!
Thank you for standing up to protect voting rights and defend democracy.
-- Ben Betz, Online Engagement Director

Dear Ben,

"Thank you for standing up to protect voting rights and defend democracy."

Would that be the Left's attempt to suppress measures, gathering momentum, to clean the voter rolls of names that don't belong there, Ben?  And the likeminded attempt to keep them clean, by such 'election integrity' measures as registrants being required to have a photo ID?  As is needed in order to do many, many, many things in society these days?? Is that what you mean by defending "democracy"???  Or do you really mean, by defending your scamming procedures...

Shameless stuff, Ben.

'Stan' Stanfield
a citizen who wants his vote to mean something.  Not be canceled out by the votes of dead people, and multiple voters, and illegal voters of all sorts, including outright illegal aliens.  
I weep for thee, America. 

A Person for the former American Way.

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