Sunday, 19 January 2014

Keeping My Oar In

A couple of items having come my way today.

1) In my pile of mail from yesterday, just being gotten around to today, a letter from Senator Marco Rubio, asking for financial help to his 'Rubio Victory Committee' in particular to help "retake the Senate majority in 2014".  My reply:

"Dear Senator Rubio,

"When you admit that U.S. citizens like you and Ted Cruz and Barack Obama are not eligible for the office of the presidency - for not being 'natural born' citizens,  i.e. born on the soil of two U.S citizen parents - I will consider your request for financial support.  But the Truth of matters must come first."



2) In my pile of emails from today, just being gotten around to, a message from the Tea, highlighting some recent comments from the Usurper.  My response:

from 'Obama: "I'll act on my own" agenda' - Jan. 18

The Emperor speaks.  "We're not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we're providing Americans the kind of help they need.  I've got a pen and I've got a phone."
  (the erstwhile Emperor during this week's Cabinet meeting)  

Deb Bobka · Top Commenter · University of Virginia


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  • Stan Stanfield
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  • Your suggestion, Deb, has the double benefit of 1) publicizing that impeachment is not the way to go because that is for legitimately sitting presidents, which he is not (on the NBC issue; persons running for that office needing to have been born on the soil of two U.S. citizen parents (fault the Repub Party for not standing up for the Constitution and the rule of law on that constitutionally fundamental issue)); and 2) negating all the legislation that he has signed into law, and rendering null and void all the appointments he has made, including to the Supreme Court. Impeachment would not accomplish that full sweep of his illegal presidency. Which is what is REALlY needed, to do the job properly. 
  • His having stayed in power this long is a disgrace to the nation - to the current generation thereof, who apparently have been too busy in their individual lives to keep a proper eye out for their country. Folks, this nation stands for individual liberty and personal responsibility - self-governance. Let's get cracking on the latter, so that we can have the former. 

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Which is in jeopardy as we speak..

A word of clarification.  I understand that the erstwhile emperor could have meant that he was going to put his 'pen and phone' to work within the legal limits of his office.  And he has broad authority, in that office, to run a bully pulpit.  But he has demonstrated, from his past performances with those instruments, that he is not above going beyond the authority of the office, and 'straying' into the legislative branch's territory.  And you could say that that's their business; that they are the ones who need to call him on his arrogant behavior.  But if they don't??  

In this country, ladies and gentlemen: The buck stops with We, the People. 

And it is time to prove it.

And as for the 'natural born citizen' issue:  It is really very simple.  If anyone tries to tell you that it simply means a 'citizen,' set them straight, by saying such as:

"Come on.  It is common sense:  The constitutional Framers didn't want anyone in that office - who is also, not so incidentally, the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - who might have dual loyalties or allegiances.  That is precisely what a dual citizen would have, or at the very least, run the risk of having.  And especially one with dual citizenship with England, which considers such a person a subject of the Crown. And has been angling to get back into power in this country ever since.  By Any Means Necessary.

"This man Obama obviously had dual allegiances from his birth.  Where his loyalties lie, it's hard to say.  They certainly don't seem to lie with the American republic.  They seem to lie with a soviet socialist republic form of government; or a part socialist, part capitalist form, like the current Red China.

"In any event, he is not a 'natural born' citizen.  He should not be in that office.  He should be removed from that office, and forthwith; for that crime, and various crimes he has committed whilst in the office.

"And let the chips fall where they may.  For, nothing - nothing - is more important than the Truth.  And that means, in this instance, that it is up to us - this generation - to uphold the integrity of the American form of government."  

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