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I have just received in the mail (well; yesterday, but just getting around to it today) my state's 'Official Voter Information Guide' for our Primary Elections coming up on June 3rd.  And I have to say: That's it.  No more.

I was already aware that, in this state, all you have to do to vote is show up and sign your/a name after your/a name on the registration roll.  I say 'your/a name' because under this system of accountability, you could be anybody.  When I queried this form of you-should-excuse-the-expression 'voter identification' at our local elections recently, I was told, by the person in charge of the polling place, that they check the signature against the one they have on file for you/that person.

I didn't believe it then, and I don't now.  And especially not now; because of what I have found in this Information Guide, regarding 'State and Federal Voter Identification Requirements'.  

First of all, all of the questions regarding voter ID (you know: dead people voting, and phony addresses, and duplicate voters, and felons, and other illegals/non-citizens) could have been cleared up simply by requiring the person showing up to vote under the name of someone on the voter registration rolls to SHOW THEIR STATE PHOTO ID CARD.  This state - California - has such a thing, and in order to acquire either it or a driver's license in this state, one has to produce a (certified) copy of their birth certificate.  Simple.1  

Now, I know that some on the Left of politics in this country argue that requiring a person to show such ID in order to vote is discriminatory against 'the poor'.  In response to which argument I say: bollocks.

A person has to have their state photo ID to conduct all manner of business - cash a check, and even to receive welfare benefits, for heaven's sake.  Please don't give me that malarkey.  It is to insult my - and our - intelligence.2

So there is nothing legitimate to keep such a requirement from happening.  But now, get this, as the official position of the State of California in this ID Requirement matter:   

"In most cases, California voters are not required to show identification before casting ballots.  If you are voting for the first time after registering by mail and did not provide your driver license number, California identification number, or the last four digits of your social security number on the registration card, you may be asked to show a form of identification when you go to the polls.  [my emphasis]

"Following is a partial list of the more than 30 acceptable forms of identification… [my emphasis]

* Driver license or state-issued [photo] ID card  [Note: No longer the driver's license?  Or will it continue to be allowed??]

* Passport  [Check.  Required a birth certificate to acquire it.] 

* Employee ID card  [Any requirement for a birth certificate in order to acquire one of these???]

* Credit or debit card  [Not sure if a bc was required to acquire one of these forms of ID.  Presume so, since the person may have had to show their state (photo) ID card or a driver's license to apply.  With a driver's license now being unacceptable, if proof of citizenship is required to obtain these items.]

* Military ID  [But I understand that non-citizens are allowed in the military - ???]     

* Student ID -

Hold on.  Now this scam has definitely gone too far.  The children of illegal aliens are in our schools.  

Ah.  But some people think that the children of illegal aliens born here, during their illegal stay in this country - perhaps even because of their illegal presence - are citizens of the United States, and thus automatically eligible to vote here.

Wrong.  And I'l go into that argument in some more detail later on in this treatise, this just-short-of-simmering-anger retort.  But for now, to continue. 

This has all been by way of saying:

All illegal aliens: Out.  No more under-the-table jobs.3  No more 'free' - to say, taxpayer--paid-for - education for their children.  No more taxpayer-paid-for medical services.  No more welfare benefits of any kind.  Because of the cost.  But particularly because 

I will not have the votes of U.S. citizens undermined and diluted in part by your illegal presence on our voter rolls.  You do NOT have a proper voice in our politics.  Go! 

Now, I understand that a lot of Americans are responsible for seducing The Illegals into 'breaking and entering' into the country by promises of 'looking the other way' and of support and such.  And they will have to take responsibility for their actions, too.  But The Illegals still need to take responsibility for their actions as well.  They broke the law; they need to take the consequences.4  

If they want to come back in, the legal way - to say, the way to become a good, law-abiding citizen - they need to go get at the back of the line of those from their home countries desiring to enter this country and join us in nation-building.  Not nation-bashing.5  So the sooner The Illegals go back to their countries of origin and join their nation's queue for emigration to this country, the better for them.6

As for the children of Illegals born here; the so-called 'anchor babies'.7  First and foremost: they are NOT U.S. citizens.  There has been a misunderstanding - a deliberate misunderstanding, I  would say - of the 14th Amendment in this regard.  Quote: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside…"  The children of illegal aliens are not "subject to the jurisdiction of" the U.S.  They are the citizens of the home countries of their parents, and are subject to the jurisdiction of that home country. 

I have so much more to share, about The Setting Of Things Right, in this country, and the world.8  But for now; the bottom line:

If somebody is going to be a law unto him- or herself in this country, it's going to be me.

Because this is my country.      

Imposters need not apply.


And having said all this, in my pique of anger at how the voting in this country has been so atrociously corrupted, until it is - has been - virtually meaningless, a game, a charade:

Everything is going to change anyway.

But only those of a far higher consciousness than what is being so widely exampled at this time need apply, for the 'high' end of that change.

The rest of you, can lie in the bed that you made.  At least for awhile.  Until things get sorted out.  For more permanent living arrangements.

Made, with you.  Or without you.

Your choice.

As always.

As I take this country, and the world, into the realm of a higher law than those we have been living by, as pale reflections of The Real Thing.  



1 Unfortunately, just recently the governor signed into law the allowance of an illegal alien to get a driver's license; so that eliminates that form of ID as a legitimate form for voting purposes.  But it hardly seems to matter, given the rest of this issue.  Read on.     

2 How the Obama Administration's Department of Justice has been able to get away with this argument in state lawsuits all over the country - trying to eliminate photo ID requirements for voting -  I don't know.  Their position should have simply been thrown out of court, as without merit.  But such is the degree and depth of corruption that has crept into this country.  Grrrrr…...
      Just as a Note: In some states, the truly poor don't even have to pay for their state ID card - and AG Holder and his gang of DoJ thugs are still after those states to rescind the ID requirement to vote.  
     A dead giveaway that this - along with so much else going down in our day - is not about discrimination.  It's about civil war.  
     Anyway.  To continue.

3 With any employer offering an illegal alien a job subject to stiff fines and/or jail time.
     We've got our own citizens out of work - hadn't you noticed???!!!
     As for the argument that 'American citizens won't do the sort of work that the Illegals do': If they want to eat, they will work for it; just like everybody else.  No more molly-coddling of the unemployed in this country.  A different, albeit allied, subject.

4 This, after all, is how we learn the lessons that we are here to learn.

5 I understand that there is an element amongst the 'Hispanics' who want to take over portions of the U.S., in their La Raza movement, and turn the Southwest states into what they call 'Aztlan'.  I've got something to say to them, too:  
     Not my country, you won't.    

6 But common sense needs to apply: Three strikes and you're out.  Maybe even just two: two times caught in the country illegally, and you're a) imprisoned, and b) deported; never to be given such leniency again.
     As for those queues: they need to be administered with more efficiency.  I have no doubts that, as embedded as the far Left, outright socialist denizens have proved to be in the political workings of this country, many of those in these sorts of bureaucratic positions are there to push their cause, and in this particular case, have dragged their bureaucratic feet on purpose: to give 'juice' to the creation of a large number of - an actual socio-political class of - Illegals.  
     Class warfare being their specialty, and identifiable M.O..

7 And I know that some far Left politicos have said, in trying to quash the perceived stigma of calling illegal aliens 'illegal aliens,' in favor of the more delicate 'undocumented workers,'  that 'there are no illegal people'.  To which I say -
     No.  I've already said that.  So, to move on.  

8 including how voting information and materials - at leas here in California - are provided in 9 languages other than English, even though immigrants need to be able to read and speak English in order to become a citizen.
     I say ENOUGH of this nonsense.  Speak and read the language.  Or you Do No Pass Go.

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