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I'm Really Feeling It Today

from 'New Mexico plots criminal charges against feds in land fight' - May 23/24 - orig. posted at - May 21

Bob Roemer · Top Commenter

Uncooperative, unreasonable, unyielding and unfriendly to productive ranchers... what is the value of a jumping mouse? WTF... There are cattle are at risk and government is protecting a mouse? It reeks of "oppression" through "rigid policy" ... Is there no end to the stupidity of "government against the people"?

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  • Al Hanson · Top Commenter · Lake Superior College
  • not to mention ever evolving regulations put in place by politically appointed bureaucrats that further the agenda

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  • Theresa Coombs · Miami Springs High School
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  • Paul Powell · Top Commenter · Cal State
  • Theresa Coombs 
  • Read agenda 21 a big part of what s going on is in there.
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           Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University        (May 24) 

    Paul Powell: Nicely pointed out, Paul. 

    Americans really need to wake up to the fact that the New World Order crowd are well on their way to establishing their lock on the nation, in dissolving the federal constitutional Republic and turning it into a mere region of their totalitarian NWO. Even our reps in Congress have been ignoring the Constitution and its issues with this crowd of hijackers. The nation is no longer under the rule of law. It is under the rule of despots. And the king of those beasts isn't even eligible for the office that he is ruling arbitrarily from. He's rubbing our noses in it; hoping for the excuse he needs to declare Martial Law, and make his arbitrary rule 'legal'. And if we don't give him that excuse - no matter how hard we are goaded into it - he and they will enact their false flag op rationale for it. Our only hope, it would appear, would be a lightning strike from Oathkeepers, active and retired, in conjunction with the announcement of proof that Obama is a felon, having gained the office under false pretenses. 

    It really is time for Patriots to fish or cut bait.


And then the drive-by shooting last night in Santa Barbara; which is going to trigger the gun-control gang even more in their efforts to take weapons away from the public, read in particular the 'patriots,' so that the socialists can install their New World Order, of 'equality' over 'liberty'.  Liberty being such a downer (to them); which frame of mind allows people to trash the environment, and call people names, thus 'offending' them, which should be, according to the statists, outlawed; and so forth…

Do I really think so many weapons in the hands of so many 'crazies' is a good idea?  No.  But a worse idea is to establish Gun Free Zones; so that that mind-warped shooter last night knew he didn't have to worry about anybody shooting back at him…

It all goes to the fundamental fact that we can no longer live as though there were no God - and thus no real reason for being, other than just in and for itself only - as we are doing now.  It's axiomatic.  Either there is a God - something more than Man; and all that that implies - or there is not.  If there is not, then nothing really matters anyway, and one might just as well live one's life exclusively for oneself, independent of the effect of that pursuit on others, as not; for the end of the closed system of life can, then, as easily be seen as that as anything else, a presumed evolutionary value in some degree of cooperation, or whatever.  If there is a God, however, then certain things follow.

It follows, for one thing, that there is Plan in and Purpose to the universe.  And it would, then, behoove us to discover what that Plan and Purpose is.

Which we are about to do.  Ready or not.

So, yes, it is possible to get beyond a level of social being where there is no longer need for weapons of self-defense, against either individual thieves or the overweening government.  But until we recognize, as a social order of incarnate beings, that we have a fundamental identity beyond that bequeathed us just from our (present) bodies, we are just whistling in the dark, in thinking that there is any real answer to social matters in establishing strict and total control over people, in the total state.

That is to rob us of our sovereignty, as incarnate souls, subject to no authority but that of our Creator.  So it's time to stop being fools; wake up to the reality of our existence, essentially as spiritual beings having a human experience, in a land of Illusion.  And get ON with it.

'It': the transformative process going on, as we speak.

And I certainly don't mean along the lines of that process invoked and intended by our illegal Dear Leader.  Who needs to be evicted from that dishonored office just as soon as possible.  Before he does, 
and his Marxist comrades do, any more damage to the American Republic than he and his statist thugs have already occasioned, in their war against 
essential liberty.  The clarion call of our Creator, in having given us the gift of free will.

To use.

Or abuse.

Our choice.

But now, about to undergo a change.

As we move up a notch, in consciousness.  To take advantage of the fact that

it's that time.

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