Monday, 19 May 2014

The TRUE End Of History

The federal government of the Marxist Obama - a Usurper in the office; another subject - continues its creep up on the American sheeple.  Things are not looking good, to get out of the process without a Showdown at the Not OK Corral.  A thought on the subject, before calling it a night:

from 'Police Now "Armed For War" Against Returning Veterans' - May 18 - orig. posted at - May16


Rick Kartis < The big question is, what are we to do with all the sheeple Liberals and outright Socialists if we do take back our Nation? We certainly aren't going to find any "middle ground" where we can both "just get along"! The Left isn't going to be happy if we start dismantling what they have built in the last 50+/- years - and we aren't going to be happy if we don't do it! The last few decades, at least, have shown us how the left operates; an inch here, an inch there, a law that benefits them, a court ruling by their judges! Knock them back without settling the problem just means they start growing again! To my way of thinking; the best solution is to "ask" those who have tried to ruin our Nation, to leave it! But, if it comes down to civil war, all bets are off! Leave it - or be buried under it!
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Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (May 19)

John F. Bergmann: You raise a good point: How do we put it all together 'after'. My 'take' on the matter, John, FWIW: It's all a part of a spiritual scenario. We are being faced with the need to go, neither to the Left nor to the Right. But Up. Taking the best of both sides of the socio-econo-political process with us, in a Synthesis of the main features of human life on Earth. Which will also lead us to the moneyless society that we have been heading for, after we engaged sufficiently in The Play, and learned our lessons therefrom. The main one being that we are 'spiritual beings having a human experience'. That life is a school, and the purpose is to graduate. No more atheism; no more Force ruling things. It's the end of history as we have known it, John. 

There's more. But that's enough for now, to give you a taste of my thinking on the subject. I basically just wanted to acknowledge that you raised an excellent point; and that it's time for my take on the matter to start kicking in. Before we take the process/The Play to its violent potential.

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