Monday, 19 May 2014

While America Dozed Off In Front Of The Telly

The first thing that we have to accept, in looking at the condition that America is in today, is that there is no real rule of law left in the country.  Obama has become a law unto himself, governing by executive fiat - choosing which laws he will enforce and which he won't, and making up some as he goes along.  Such arbitrary rule is the very signature of tyranny, of a despot at work.  And that spirit, of the imperial presidency, drunk on the fumes of power, is carried out in his executive branch departments by his minions.  The whole lot of them need to be thrown out and put in jail for a long, long time.

And especially including his Attorney General; head of the Department of 'Justice'.  What a mockery of the rule of law is going on in our time and place.

Realize something well, Citizen: Obama doesn't, and this lot don't, even need an excuse - whether in the form of a false flag op or not - to declare Martial Law, and thus dissolve the Constitution totally, and put the entire nation under a 'state of national emergency' footing.  Since Obama has taken on the law-mangling mantle of being a law unto himself, he can just declare Martial Law - and obviously would, if he thought he could get away with it.  But that may well seem to him to be like a bridge too far (don't scare the peasantry), and he will make sure that he's got a good excuse in order to go that far, in the overthrow of the American Republic, and the installation of a collectivist dictatorship; however best, most accurately it can be described.  Some sort of combination of socialism and fascism.1  Whatever: the 'fundamental transformation of the United States of America' that he alluded to towards the end of his first campaign for the presidency.

His first illegal campaign for the office.  Which is what makes this matter so galling.  The man was not even eligible to run for that office in the first place.  But a combination of a colluding opposition party2 and Mainstream Media3 succeeded in pulling the wool over the eyes of most of the electorate.  A sad, sad state of affairs, and commentary on the alertness of a people entrusted, by the Founding Fathers of the nation, with their own governing. 

It's time for the American people to take over the running of their country, instead of leaving that responsibility to the professional class of politicians that has grown up in the country, and to the media, that has been bought off, by The Powers That Be.   

Or rather, The Powers That Were.  In my book.

Are we in the same book, let alone on the same page, in this challenge, Citizen??

I dearly hope so.  A lot depends on your response to that question.

Including your individual next steps.  As a spiritual being having a human experience.  And facing The End of History as we have known it.4 

Why do I say that?

Besides all the socio-political conditions pointing to it - our having gone as far as we can go on this level of consciousness, without stumbling into appalling calamity - there is the little matter of free energy devices.  Our erstwhile Keepers have been trying to keep this information from Joe and Jill Public for a long time.  But it is too far 'out there' now (rather than too 'far out'), to be able to be kept hidden any longer; a secret only for our Wranglers to know about.  Gotta keep the herd docile and in their place, doncha know…

I'll stop here, in this particular blog, before I begin to get really angry, and, as it were, lose my place in the story.  The story, of Humanity's long climb out of the shadows, and into the light of a New Day.

Suffice it to say, that

we're here.

And it's time - and almost past time - to wake up to it.  

Before we over-identify with our roles.

And make some huge mistakes.

As we have done before, on this planet.

And of which, we carry a memory.

A dim one.  But it's there.  A niggling, of consciousness.

To help us avoid the same mistakes.

And inherit the true kingdom.

Just waiting for us, to wake up to it.

And out of this nightmare one that we are in.  

As we speak.



1 As Mainland China has entered into; and which TPTB would attempt to meld the U.S.A. with, in their New World Order. 

2 obviously in on the shady deal for their own purposes; having realized, from eight attempts between 2003 and 2008 to start a constitutional amendment process going through Congress on this very issue, and failing each time even to get it out of committee  

3 I have spoken elsewhere of the CIA's involvement in all this, and their takeover of the MSM.  They are beholden to the same Masters who wish to be Masters over We, the Cattle.

4  As I alluded to in my last blog, of early this morning.

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