Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Misplaced Sympathies

An otherwise very conservative candidate for Congress in a toss-up district passed on in her financial appeal letter a quote from a newspaper article about her (admittedly from a you-should-excuse-the-expression liberal rag) wherein she said, regarding the 'immigration reform' question, that she wants to see our borders sealed first, before we look at the other issues involved (or words to that effect).


There should be no question, for a staunch, principled conservative:

No Amnesty - Period.

Look what it got the nation under Ronald Reagan's attempt at being 'nice':1 Not only more of the same, but far, far more; and stretching into the future, until either the takeover of the nation by the Left is complete, or the Right rises up and throws off this challenge, in a looming, catastrophical civil war. 

As I wrote on my return form to her (I can support her because she's got the rest of the basics down pat; she's intelligent enough to come through on this issue as well) anent this point: "You do not reward wrongdoing; or you encourage wrongdoing.  Duh."

Let me be frank, and crystal clear on this subject.  Yes, there are issues of 'humaneness'.  But my sympathies rather lie with those erstwhile immigrants to this country who have been abiding by the rules and waiting their turn to enter; making a good start thereby in proving themselves to be potentially good, law-abiding citizens.  Contrary to those who sneak, or think of sneaking, into the country.  

And have been helped by people in this country, cutting corners, and allowing them to stay by doing such things as 'looking the other way,' and giving them jobs, and such.2  

It's the same with those bureaucrats who have deliberately held up legitimate benefits for returning Vets, for political purposes.  They too will be rooted out, and made to face their wrongdoing.3  

As for the children of illegal aliens, who are presumed to be innocent in all this: 

Their parents had a major opportunity to learn one of life's major lessons: that actions have consequences, which often go further than just to and for the perpetrators themselves of those actions.  The children of illegal aliens are certainly going to learn, or at least experience, the effects of that foundational life lesson.4

And in the context too of the fact that there is no such thing as 'anchor babies,' as far as citizenship goes.  And so, also to learn the consequences of their actions are those deliberately misguiding souls who sold illegal aliens a pack of lies in that regard.5  And I use the term 'souls' here with some difficulty; since they have been exceedingly poor reflections of their Creator into matter, embodying as they have been such negative qualities as deceit and chicanery.  Such qualities are allowed, in  this realm of duality and separation (and Illusion), in order for us humans to learn lessons, in the expression thereof.  Not to get caught up in their expression.  To see what we are made of, as the expression has it; and only as it were.  Not 'made of' in truth, as I say.  For our Source is not of these sorts of qualities.  We are simply allowed them, in our classroom of Life.  For our edification.  

It's called growing up.

And really, we've had enough of that lower-grade-school stuff, now.  

Or hadn't you noticed.  

Brainwashed as you have been.  

By and large.


Past is Prologue.

We have other fish to fry, now.    

Let's see if we're made of the Right Stuff.


Of course we are… 

In the meantime; the message:

Any nation - like any person - has a right to set its boundaries. 

And before we move on to humanity's Next Steps, we need to recognize that fact. 

To learn that fact.  To demonstrate that degree of consciousness.

Before we can move on.

For, it goes to our maturity.

Our lesson-learning.  In the life experience.

What 'the life experience' is - has been - very for.




1 And probably giving in to the Chamber of Commerce crowd of Republicans; who are as responsible for this 'illegal alien' mess as anybody, for 'looking the other way' at the jobs that they fill.  How terribly, disgustingly shortsighted.  They couldn't be doing a better job of destroying the American Republic than the far Left crowd are, with their Cloward-Piven Strategy. 

2 And with our level of Unemployment!!!
     (Yes yes, I know: 'They do jobs that Americans won't do' and such nonsense.  1) Restart the Bracero program, with temporary visas.  2) Stop mollycoddling our Unemployed, especially the malingerers, who think to live off the taxpayers' dime 'for a living': Two strikes and you're out.  Turn down two job opportunities - including agricultural work - and you're off the dole.
     And no more of females having babies on the taxpayers' dime.
     The Gravy Train Doesn't Run Here Anymore.  Or hadn't you noticed the national Debt???
     And that goes for the hotshot erstwhile Masters of the Universe on Wall Street, too.  Those arrogant banisters, with their bonuses on the taxpayers' dime....
     All, another story; but appropriate at least to mention in this blog's context, to give a more wholistic 'lay of the land' picture, of The Answer.)    

3 The same with the whole lot of governmental appointees who are in their positions in order to deliver political or financial results for their masters; be it in the form of 'scientists' selling Big Pharma positions on scientific issues, or lobbyists for other commercial adventures, parachuted into those regulatory positions for a purpose, and then to return to their cushy jobs in the commercial world to which they are beholden.  The broom and dustpan to the lot of them. 

4 As I said above, regarding Amnesty specifically:
     You do not reward wrongdoing; or you encourage wronging.  This is not rocket science.

Birth citizenship follows that of the father.  
     Come on, folks.  As I say: This stuff is not rocket science.  What the hell has been the matter with you?????  You seem to have turned over your smarts totally to your erstwhile Masters.
     Well, perhaps not totally.  But close.
     Too close for comfort.  

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