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The Climate Change Cometh

When I returned to the U.S. in 2012, after spending over 35 years living abroad, and was accused by a former friend from that time of using 'hate speech' when I questioned Obama's eligibility on an e-network site of my former spiritual-community mates,1 I was stunned.  Flabbergasted, even.  (Me/? 'Hate speech'?? It didn't compute.)  Now, after 'getting acclimated' - digging deeper into what has been going on in my beloved home country, I understand.  It is all part of a political ploy.  (Also with the sneering accusations of 'racist' and 'bigot' and such, leveled at the 'right'.)  The goal: to keep the 'right' off-balance long enough, until the far 'left' socialist revolution is so far advanced/well entrenched that it would be too late for the Right to do anything about it.  And the takeover of the nation would be cemented in place; the revolution complete.  With the Left  chuckling at their expertise, in using deceit - in applying 'community organizer' Saul Alinsky's perverted principle, of  'By Any Means Necessary'.  'Whatever It Takes.'  The End justifies the Means.  Any and all means, in a relativist, to say atheistic, world.  The philosophy of tyrants and other assorted scoundrels since time immemorial.

Well.  No more.  Those times are over.  At least, on the level of consciousness that many of us - most of us?? - are going to rise to now.  And leave the lessons of the 3D matrix behind; this illusory Stage we have been on for so long, acting out our various parts.  For other souls on their spiritual paths (as are we all; facets, fractals, aspects, extensions, points of view of our Prime Creator Source, The All That Is), not ready yet for an Ascension experience to a higher dimension, level of consciousness, it will be the same old, same old.2  Until they get 'it': what it takes, to truly 'progress'.  Which is, in a word, Love.  As opposed to, in a word, Force.                  

I could go on, into all the dots that have been and are being assembled, evidencing the plan of the Usurper Obama and the Left for takeover of the country.3  But here, I'll just cut to the chase, in a recent little vignette of the process unfolding: the story of the police chief of a small town in New Mexico, who 'ran afoul' of the federal authorities on his way to a convention (in Las Vegas) of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA).  It highlights how Obama's federal authorities can keep people from traveling out of their home states, as part of the 'slowly slowly' takeover in process.  But I'll let my Comment to the story tell my take on the matter:    

from 'Feds Shut Down Entire Police Force!  Martial Law Is On The Horizon!' - Clark Kent - Jan. 31
by Gueriila Girl Ashley, The Pete Santilli Show & The Guerrilla Media Network

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University

As noted in these comments, there was some question about this police chief's ID. So far, so reasonable enough. But what is this business all about regarding 1) the federal agent telling the sheriff that he was "a person of interest" to them; 2) that agent wanting to know where he was going and why; and 3) after attending the Convention, signing the Resolution, and returning home, the sheriff being told by his County sheriff superior [that he was putting him on administrative leave and for the chief] to [disband] his police department?

Logical answer: This isn't about an identity confusion. This is about the Feds knowing all too clearly who they were targeting. 

The public has every right to rise up in indignation over this matter, and demand some answers. If there is "more to this story," Sammy, we need to hear it, and quick. As Bryan responded to you, that "2-names story" that you posted "does not justify what happened". Hopefully, sites like this will clear this matter up asap. There is a tinderbox out here in the country; it would not take much to set it off.

Of course, the Obama admin would just love that sort of thing. Anything, to give The Usurper an excuse to declare Martial Law, and thus suspend-on-the-way-to-[dismantling] the Constitution, in fact as well as in deed.

 · 2 seconds ago  [Feb. 1]


All, by way of re-enacting the likes of another left-winger, FDR, who wanted the U.S. to get involved in the war against Hitler, but needed an excuse to do it. As John  J. Dwyer said in an article in the Jan. 20th issue of TNA magazine (entitled 'FDR vs. Lindbergh: Setting the Record Straight'): "In the run-up to the 1940 presidential election, Roosevelt sought to outstrip his Republican Opponent…with solemn pledges to the public to steer clear of war.  'I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again,' Roosevelt assured American mothers and fathers, 'your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.'  Yet privately, he sounded a different tune.   'Of course, we'll fight if we are attacked,' he told staff members.  'If somebody attacks us, then it isn't a foreign war, is it?'  And he did everything in his power to make sure America was attacked…" And then, of course, in our time, there was the example, from the ostensible other side of the political aisle (but with the same nest of vipers at the top of the pyramid of power), of the NeoCons under Bush Jr. setting up their desired "new Pearl Harbor" of 9/11, for TPTB to gain hegemony in the Middle East; on their way ultimately to rule the world.

All, by way of saying that the takeover scenario seems about to play itself out to a crescendo...

May we come to our better senses in time, to head off major confrontation between the 'right' and 'left' faces of the thesis-antithesis (aka action-reaction) dialectical process going on.  And accomplish the crowning Synthesis since The (real) Fall, in grand style. 

Though I am not taking any bets.  Given humanity's historical track record.

Over and over, and over, again.  Ready, now, for a Change, if it ever was. 



1) I lived in said community (the Findhorn Foundation, in Scotland; a 'New Age' community & workshop center) for some six years in the first leg of my time overseas, then spent a year back here in the States, living in a mini-community near New York City of the handful of us working for an NGO connected with the UN called Planetary Citizens; then back to Findhorn for some 11 years, then nearly eight years in retirement and a relationship in Australia, and then - also for not really feeling ready for a retired life - I felt called back to Findhorn, where I spent the last ten years of my time abroad, before returning to my old home town here in Southern California, on the beach.  
     Where I have time to surf the net.  Not really sure I want to 'surf the waves' of the Pacific, with the Fukushima disaster making the Pacific Ocean, and West Coast of Canada and the U.S., problematic healthwise.  But that's another matter.  Connected, with what's going on in the larger picture of things.  But not relevant to this particular blog.       

2) In some other place, to act out their Wheel of Karma lesson-learnings.  For Gaia - Earth -  is ascending with those ready for the move up in vibratory rate.  
     Because it is astro-theological Time. 

3) Although, in truth, the main PTB behind the scenes are the same ones on the other side of the illusory political aisle as well; at the top of the human pyramid of power.  Playing out their pitiful little games.  But in doing so, giving souls an edge to hone themselves against, in their multiple trips through this realm of duality and polarity.  Hopefully not to get stuck on the Wheel of Rebirth, but to use the time to grow in spiritual stature.  
     Illusory though it may be, it has served its purpose.
     Ans hère we are, about to experience the proof of the pudding.

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