Saturday, 19 April 2014

A Wakeup Call

from 'White House Counterterror Chief: "Confrontational" Children Could be Terrorists' - Info Wars - April 18

"White House counterterrorism and Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco gave a speech this week in which she urged parents to watch their children for signs of “confrontational” behavior which could be an indication of them becoming terrorists...

"Over the last decade, the federal government has broadened its definition of what constitutes potential terrorism to such a degree that the term has lost all meaning and is clearly being used as a political tool to demonize adversarial political activism.

"Indeed, only yesterday Senator Harry Reid caused outrage when he labeled supporters of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy “domestic terrorists”.
"Although such tactics pre-date the 2009 release of the MIAC report, the Missouri Information Analysis Center document was perhaps the most shocking in that it characterized a whole swathe of conservative Americans as domestic extremists, including Ron Paul supporters, people who own gold and people who display political bumper stickers.
"A Homeland Security study leaked in 2012 upped the ante even further, demonizing Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists…"

"Suspicious of centralized federal authority" - check.

"Reverent of individual liberty" - check.

Meaning…I am, and patriots are, the enemy, to the current administration.  Because the current administration is the enemy of the federal constitutional Republic, for which it is supposed to be standing.  

Could it be any clearer, ladies and gentlemen?  

The current administration is not engaging in just 'liberal' or two-party policy-making.

By its own words, it is engaging in a revolution.

I really think that we need to wake up to that fact.

And soon.

That this is NOT just 'business as usual'.  

This is a takeover.

The answer - the meaningful answer - to which, from all true Americans, must be:

Not on my watch.



Are their changes afoot on Earth?


Do we need to go forward, not (just exclusively) back?


How do we need to go forward?

With a sense of Synthesis, of the competitive strands of human development.  For example:

with a reverence for the concept of individual liberty - as over and against the controlling power of the omnipotent state - but with a sense of 'all of us in this together;' i.e., reverence for individual liberty (i.e., the spiritual 'law' of free will) in the context of a One World society.  

A world, and society, dedicated to the Most High. 

Not to despotic, materialistic Controllers.

Patriots are not the only ones who need to wake up.  A lot of individuals on the Left, who have been seduced by the platitudes of their erstwhile Masters, need to wake up, too.  

So, we are engaging in a process of mutual Awakening.  To a better world (and the need for our creating that better world) than the fractionated, incomplete one that we are leaving behind.

Steering between the rocky shoals on the Left and the whirlpools on the Right.

Everybody: One -- Two -- Three -- 


to where we are at.

In our time.

On our watch.

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