Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Parties' Over

Particularly now that we are verging on widespread access to 'free energy' devices - and because it is, simply, time:

It's all over but the shouting.

By way of a post-mortem:

The Democrat Party membership should be ashamed of themselves, for letting these current leaders of theirs, puffed up with perfidy and mendacity and chicanery and outright criminality, take over their Party.  The leaders will pay for their low-consciousness failure of duty - even if it was but part of the Drama being acted out, for educational purposes.  And so will the average member of the Party, for acquiescing in the takeover - of their Party, that was resulting in the takeover of the nation.1  And hopefully, the lessons in the exercise will have been learned.  By all concerned in the exercise.  Which brings up

the Republicans.  Whose deceit, and entering into of a conspiracy, to defraud the rule of law in the country - to say, the Constitution - was primarily responsible for the success of the Obama ineligibility caper, for their not doing their job, as the formal Opposition Party2 - 

in what has really been an attempt for some time at one-party rule in the country (or, as political commentator Devvy Kidd has called them, "nothing but two wings on the same bird of prey").  Whose behind-the-scenes rulers simply decide between them whose turn it is to hold the balance of power, and let the poor schmuck citizens just think that they decide such things.   

Well.  No more.  The lot of you.  You have betrayed your trust.  Out you go.

I, and those like me, will take over now.  To set things right.  Before we move on; out of the Illusion - out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death - and into the bright noonday sun of a New Day, dawning; for all of humanity.        

And leaving such belittling qualities behind.  To have been experienced; for their educational value.  And then released.  As no longer of value.  To a matured lot of eternal souls.  Ready - and readied - for their Next Steps.

Honed - by virtue of a strong Opposition force - to a fine cutting edge.  A cutting edge necessary for their breaking-through into the Next Stage.  Which is no longer of an Illusory nature.  But of the Real Deal.    

The Matrix having been perforated; in a successful operation, that just took a little Time, is all, to be not only completed.  But accomplished. 

That being the purpose of the whole Exercise.

Congratulations will be in order.  Once things are set right.  To be built on.  For the long haul.

You see, the New World Order of our erstwhile Masters and Controllers is a simulacrum of the Real Deal.  It is the bit of the Opposite in the Yin-Yang symbol.  Is the 'antithesis' stage of the process; not the full-blown Synthesis stage itself.  We are heading for a One World.  The One Planet - One Humanity - One Destiny way of being and motto of an old NGO that I worked with for a time and season.3  It is all part of what the political philosopher Friedrich Hegel, in tuning into the forces guiding humanity's evolutionary development, called the 'dialectic'.  And which theory Karl Marx used in coming up with his idea of 'dialectical materialism,' leading humanity ultimately to a classless society, of total equality.  He 'got it' partly right.  He just didn't have the proper ingredient in his belief system, to see it through to its more logical, Synthesis-state conclusion.  That ingredient being, in a word: Love.

As opposed to the ingredient of Force that the atheists have been trying to propel the process by.  That being all they knew or perceived about The Process, from their limited, materialistic perspective; Man operating by the 'laws' of the Matrix in which he has been embedded, even incarcerated. 

For lesson-learning. 

And for long enough, now. 

Ladies and gentlemen: We are on the verge of major Breakthrough.  Take it at its high tide.

It will be a long wait for the next such Time around.    

Speaking of how these things work.    



1 Obama & Co. are not just up to "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" into a Scandinavian-style socialist state.  They are going for the Full Monty, of a Soviet Union-style totalitarian state. 
     Or hadn't you noticed.

2 apparently because they were looking to break the same law for their own purposes; both parties knowing how difficult it would be to push through an amendment to change the 'natural born' citizen requirement for the presidential office (and now also including for the VP position), after having tried a total of eight times between them between 2003 and 2008 to start such a proceeding, and realizing that all that would happen with that approach to the matter would be just to open a can of worms.  Best not to go there.  Best just to reach a gentlemen's agreement between them: 'We won't say anything about your candidate on this score if you won't say anything about anybody we may well want to put up who is in the same [leaky] boat.'
     People, people……You do understand what will happen if you allow the nation's rule of law - i.e., the Constitution - to be breached, don't you?  Well, don't you??
     If you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind.
     As we are finding out.  And in spades.  With all the unconstitutional moves that the Usurper - in consolidating his ill-gotten gain - is making while in that position of power.  Put there by both the Democrat AND the Republican parties.
     Another relevant saying: Marry in haste, repent at leisure.

3 on a project in the early '80s called 'The Planetary Initiative…For The World We Choose'.  The purpose of the project being to help humanity come together, in a mutual enterprise, for looking at ourselves not only as citizens of our separate nations.  But as citizens of the planet.  The name of the NGO being - you guessed it - Planetary Citizens.
     As precursor to the Real Thing.
     (My fellow Americans: It's okay that we in America eat grapes grown and harvested in Chile, e.g..  We are part of the fleet of national ships sailing the seas of this planet; not an entity unto itself.  Our role is to help those ships be inspired, by our example, to give their peoples freedom.  What our Founding Fathers called 'essential liberty'.  As opposed to state-imposed 'equality'.  
     We will all be equal.  But the Right Way.  The way we are by our natures.  As 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  NOT as slaves to the almighty state.
     As sovereigns.  Not as subjects.
     But I digress.  A little.)   

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