Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Darnedest Thing

 I first heard and then saw the darnedest thing on the homeward leg of my daily constitutional today.  I was cutting through a parking lot, as per usual on my 'daily,' when I heard a squawking ruckus coming from behind one of the parked cars.  When my walk took me on by it, I saw there two adult seagulls attacking their images in the sleek bumper of a newish all-black car; first pecking at their images, in their indignation, then strutting away a short ways, then coming back for another go, with a flying attack at its enemy this time.  Then a really interesting thing happened:  They both began taking to walking around the side of the car, as if to see if they could go around these arrogant assaulters of their territory (or whatever was going on in their aviary minds) and get at them from behind, since a frontal assault was,  curiously (I'm sure, even to their mentality), doing them no good.  

It reminded me of chimpanzees that I have seen, who, when faced (literally) with a mirror, would first of all 'get' to go around the mirror, looking for the 'who' that was in it; and then, sometimes, a particular chimp in the group would get it even further, and, while looking at the image, start feeling its own face, and having a Eureka moment. 

How long will it take us to have such a moment, a little further along the evolutionary path, when realizing - really getting - that We Are One Another?  That As you do to others, so do you do to yourself - literally.  For We Are All One.  And All IS One.   

I am particularly reminded of this 'lesson' today, because of one of the letters that I mailed on the outward-bound leg of my daily.  (It usually consists of my walking to the Main Post Office; to mail letters and buy more stamps, but mostly for the exercise.)  It was a donation to an organization called the State Department Watch, with a signed survey that it intends to send to Governors, Senators and Representatives, of both parties.  The title of the survey is 'Stop U.N. Agenda 21 Emergency Survey'.  Haven't heard of Agenda 21??  You should look into it, if not.  It is a socialist attempt to 'save the environment' on the surface of it; but what it is really about is doing away with private property altogether, in the implementation of the Left's plan for global Marxism.   

What Obama & Co. are quietly implementing, step by Fabian-style step.*  

Softly softly, because an awful lot of Americans are still caught up in the dangerous ideas and attitudes of free enterprise, private property, individual liberty - all that old-time stuff.  When what the planet needs now - according to their ideology - is one big totalitarian regime, ordering the people to be 'good', according to the lights of the Left. 

And so both the Left and the Right are caught up in a pecking game at 'the enemy'.

As I said at the bottom of my copy of the Survey to the Chairman of SDW, Carl Olson:

"Thanks for standing up so well for the concept of essential liberty, Carl - for the 'law' of free will to operate on Earth.  We 'will' have One World - but under God.  Not under oppressive Overseers, of their chattel."   

I hope you understand fully that the Left - the socialist-communist nexus - thinks in terms of Force.  And so does the far Right - the fascists - in their version of a New World Order.  When that is really the old way of doing things.  With humanity thinking in terms of duality.  Of polarity.  

When what we are really heading for, now, is our Oneness, under Love.  Recognizing - at last - that which pervades the Creation; beyond the Matrix of this 3D 'reality' - this classroom - wherein we think of each other as 'other'.  As separate from ourselves.  As potential enemies.   

When what we are really doing is pecking at ourselves.    

Until we get it.


The bottom line:

There is nothing wrong with helping people to look at the consequences of their actions.  That is, in fact, a  very healthy exercise.  But to take away their private property rights, thus giving them no 'exercise' of free will in the matter - treating them like children; or worse: like chattel - is another thing entirely.  I won't have it.  And I hope you won't, either.

We have a better future awaiting us than being a mere colony of ants.  We have, really, come further than that; on our path back to true - enlightened - Oneness. 

It's the exact same thing with the stealthy moves to impose 'equality' in the 'redistribution of wealth' schemes being pursued by the Obama administration.  Read my lips, you of the Left: You have no claim on anybody else's income.  You are trying to make of the government a thief, a robber.  I won't have it.  

That is low-consciousness stuff.   I know that you can do better than that.  There is an additional step in the process going on.  Take it. 

Or be left behind; for some more seasoning in a 3D-realm classroom, of polarities.  While the rest of us go up a notch, towards full consciousness, of who we really are. 

Of who you really are.


* It is what is really going on with the current Bundy Ranch standoff in Nevada.  The federal government is trying to take over more and more of the countryside, in order to lock more and more of us up in the cities, where they can keep an easier, closer eye on us, with smart meters, and such.

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