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And It Grows Bigger, And Bigger - To…???

1) from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: BUNDY RANCH: Militia Threat Matrix and the Shadow Corps - April 13
(Radio iv w/Mike Adams of Natural News blog & Gary Franchi of The Next News Network/video)

kibitzer3 says:
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Great additional point uncovered in this interview: the minerals aspect; the role of the military-industrial complex in this caper.
This is a BIG thing. Definitely more to come on it.

…and very much bigger; this: 

2) from 2012/'real' truth?: 'Bundy Ranch: Fed Retreat was Psyop Next Wave Soon…(This comes as no surprise, and I'm sure the militia is aware of this.') - April 13 
('DHS Insider Reveals: BLM Stand-Down Was Psy-Op'
("URGENT: New developments in the Bundy Ranch standoff. DHS insider reveals the Federal retreat was complete Psyop to study opposition to crush rebellion in next assault.
"Source: Canadian Free Press
"All of our lives are going to change in a drastic way, if this is true… From Doug Hagmann")

By Clint Richardson:
A basic tenet of the implementation of United Nation’s (Agenda 21) world-wide program entitled “Sustainable Development” is to replace the many declarations of rights and privileges called “constitutions” of the many countries with one global charter. This constitution of the Earth, called the ‘Declaration of Human Rights”, has one very important distinction between itself and that of the U.S. Constitution: the critical altering of individual rights so that the good of the collective people and the state have absolute rights over the individual people. In essence, the concept of natural or God-given rights are erased within this global charter.
In essence, the rights of the people to have private property must be eroded or stripped, making all ownership of any property a part of the “community”. Only then can the global Agenda 21 Sustainable Development take a root where once there was individual rights and property. And only by making private property into public (community) property, can the State and local governments justify the legal theft of that property in the name of the people.

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  • Jean says:
    April 13, 2014 at 9:50 pm

  • Thanks, Doreen . . . this property rights situation is for many people coming out of the blue, and people need to understand. Hugs, ~Jean

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  • Very good post, Doreen. Thanks a lot.

  • We’re really getting down to it, now…
further from The Master Plan: Agenda 21 In Action - - April 13  (orig. posted April 18, 2012):

"The “Master Plan”, as stated above, is one of the most useful tools in this takeover and subversion of private property rights for individuals.

What is the Master Plan?
Each municipality (city), county, and State government generally have something called the Master Plan on file at their offices or city halls; a literal drafted blueprint for the future construction of roads, bridges, schools, and other “public” and “private” infrastructure for which the government has planned to build.
The only problem is… the Master Plan and its creators don’t care if your land, home, or business is located where this future construction is planned to be built. And through the use of the abusive powers of eminent domain with the BAR’s “due process” establishing “just compensation”, the governments of the States, counties, and municipal corporations (cities) grant themselves complete autonomy and overpowering authority to take the property of anyone that stands in the way of completing the Master Plan – all in the name of “community development”.
Like anthills or moles holes, the property of Americans everywhere is being pre-meditatively squashed for the crime of having their foundations within the future expansion of the Master Plan.
Now, it is very important to understand where this idea stems from, and that it is fully supported from the highest levels in government; up through to the federal government and the United Nations. In fact, this practice of legally stealing land and property from the people is actually one of the standards and practices recommended by the Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA) – a very powerful organization.
When we go to the GFOA website, we find that this non-governmental organization (NGO) is a private association for which many local, state, and federal financial officers hold membership within. And we also find that this organization is heavily steeped in United Nations and Agenda 21 planning principles.
This particular link brings us to the recommendation by the GFAO to local and state governments on how to use their Master Plans as a standard and practice (best practice) for stealing the peoples private property for future economic development:

So, this is down to the nitty gritty of the matter, now.  Yes, various big-time players have their fingers in the pie (in this case, for a solar power plant, or oil/fracking rights,  or water rights, or mineral rights; or simply federal takeover of former private/State property, on its way to imposing the UN's Agenda 21 on the nation).  But the ultimate piece is now being recognized, and played: 
Our erstwhile Controllers are making their move to overthrow the U.S. Constitution - which stands for individual rights over and against the power of the state - and replace it with a UN 'Charter,' of group rights prevailing over individual rights.
Because individuals, if allowed to be free, trash the environment, you understand.  This is all for a worthy cause, you understand: the power of the human collective, as personified by the UN, and the bodies that it works with to run its operations.  Including the likes of communists on the one hand and fascists on the other.  All of that 'detail' stuff to be worked out, after the American citizenry's guns have been rounded up (under the cover of false flag ops), and the federal state has taken over the former sovereigns in their own country, and reduced them to mere cattle.  Also known as chattel: owned and branded by TPTB.   
So, as near as I can see: we are that close to the Synthesis stage of the operation.  The whole operation, now.  The operation, of human life, in the arena of Duality and Polarity.  Where choices are made; and the consequences of those choices are played out, on the Wheel of Karma. 
To clarify: It has now come down clearly, on the global level, to the difference between individual rights - the whole thrust of Western civilization - and group rights - the template of the all-powerful state throughout history, whether it be by Royalty or Church or Oligarchy or outright Despot.  It can't get any bigger than this.  For the whole world's cultures, now.  One or the other - 
when the Synthesis answer is both-and.   
But only in a spiritual consideration of the matter.  The extra dimension to the linear, merely materialistic illusion.  The dimension, of 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  And learning lessons therefrom.
And now, faced with the biggest lesson of all.  On the one hand: Of the individual soul understanding that it is part of a larger whole.  The larger Whole of our mutual Source.   And wishing for that Will to be done.  (That Will, that is.)  
And on the other hand: Of those who would impose the collective's will on the individual, from simply a materialistic point of view, allowing the individual soul to make its own choice in the matter.   
Of Quo Vadis.
And that's why I say, that, as near as I can see -
We're there.   
At the end of our human road.
And I hope that we will all, in our moment's incarnations, give thanks for the gift that we have been given.
The gift, of Free Will.
Of, in a word: Growth.  
Of Freedom.  
To do 'it' Our Way.
In the proper, holistic setting for such a collective decision.
That we have all been pieces of the same continent.
Part of the same main.
Now, about to return to
our fundamental Oneness.
Hallowed be our mutual Name.
The Name, of That of which we are all a part.

(Or, as it has been said, anciently: Tat tvam asi.)


P.S. And for those of you who don't see this larger picture that you are embedded in, and a part of, I have just thing to say:
     Open your eyes, Man.
     People like me can't, or shouldn't, do it all for you.
     That's precisely what you are here for:
     to find out your true Self for your self.

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