Friday, 18 April 2014

My Kind of Nation, America Was

One of our Founding Fathers said it well:

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

That was John Adams speaking.  And in the same vein, and from another of the Adams clan, this one cousin Sam:

"If ever the time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced Patriots to prevent its ruin."

Having fallen into such a time, I would like to offer a course correction for the American ship of state.  It would consist of such corrective measures as dealing with the following examples:

* the voting public.  The citizens of each state are also citizens of the United States.  I would not allow their vote to be diluted and canceled out by illegal votes.  Each state must decide its own voting procedures.  But in any federal election, it must have been conducted with a) cleaned (and verifiably updated) voter registration rolls, and with b) a photo ID card presented.1  
     If a state is going to allow absentee ballots, it must meet federal regulations concerning the acceptance of those absentee ballots; i.e., the absentee voter must have had to produce, at some point in the process, a legal photo ID card in order to qualify for said way of voting.
     If you are going to act like children, you need to be treated like children.  Which measures may also have to include a voter having a finger dipped in purple dye - as in a banana republic - to keep multiple voting from going on, and perverting the process that way.
     And speaking of other countries:

* Inasmuch as immigrants need to learn to speak and read English as one of the criterion for obtaining citizenship in America (an excellent criterion, by the way; for building a national identity), ALL VOTING MATERIALS - AT THE LEAST IN FEDERAL ELECTIONS - will be made available ONLY IN ENGLISH.2 
     This brings up the subject -

* of illegal aliens.  Briefly: We should close down the honey pot that attracts them here: jobs (heavily fining, if not jailing,  anyone offering them employment), education for their children, multiple welfare categories. 
     America, like any country, has a right to protect itself.
     What about the children of illegals born here?
     A quick answer: My sympathies are rather for those who are and have been waiting patiently their turn to come into this country as legal immigrants and, ultimately, fellow citizens; NOT with those who have snuck into the country (what kind of good, law-abiding citizens would they make, with that start???).  And especially not with those among them who want to take the United States over, and turn it into a socialist basket case, before they help break it up, and cheer the creation of a return to Aztlan in the Southwestern-state areas.  Say they, whose ancestors are more Spanish than indigenous... 
     'Give them a break'??  Give me a break.  (N.B. The economic issue is about to change anyway.  Another subject.)          

Moving on, to more general subject areas:

The Left has put in place measures to bankrupt the nation, in order to have an Opportunity to take it over and make it into a socialist state; which, by its nature, would dissolve the federal contract as it is - do away with the Constitution, with its championing of individual rights - and turn the nation into a Marxist state, of collective rights, where majority rules unchecked (except by a bunch of Overseers of the chattel).  To that end, the Left has put in place a number of measures that need to be corrected.  Among them:     

* Having a child is the most civilizing experience that a man can have.  A woman wanting to have a child on her own is being selfish.  You can do that if you want; but not on my/the taxpayers' dime.  
     Helping out families on a temporary basis is one thing.  Creating a welfare class - to be used in a form of class warfare (see the Cloward-Piven Strategy) - is another.3  No more.  And that includes

* a cleaning-up of the unemployment scene.  No more state-sanctioned idleness.  As far as any federal monies is concerned, no one goes 'on the dole' if they have turned down, say, two potential jobs.  
     There are jobs available now, even as the nation experiences a high rate of unemployment (when it's easier/more profitable to stay unemployed than get a job; with all the welfare goodies that attract some to idleness).  The federal gravy train is to operate no more.
     And that includes such modern innovations - as part of conditioning the public to expect the central government to take care of them, and thus to be beholden to it  - as food stamps.

I could go on (including an attack on the 'Right' for such immoral acts as big bank bailouts - using Main Street/taxpayers' money to cover the excessive 'mistakes' of Wall Street hotshot 'Masters of the Universe' gamblers.  Privatising the profits while socializing the losses.  Grrrrr….).  But you get the picture.  The picture, of a nation cleaned up of its erroneous ways; having been allowed to develop that way by nefarious-minded people, wanting to run a big plantation of chattel on planet Earth, and operating on an ego level.  To say, a level of arrogance and lust for Power Over.

We have a different way to go into our future here.  Consisting of stepping onto the first rung of the ladder out of the 3D Matrix that we have been embedded in - have embedded ourselves in - for so  long.  And we do that by honoring the individual - with one's free will as a facet, fractal, point of view, experiencer of our mutual Source.  The All That Is.  Our Prime Creator.  

Decidedly not as sheep to be sheared, cattle to be culled, by oppressive Overseers. 

Lift up your eyes; contemplate the hills of human progress.  From whence cometh your help.  Deliverance is definitely at hand; as we move in collective consciousness from duality to Oneness.                     

And I'll let the last word in this blog go to that most eminent and quotable of statesmen, Thomas Jefferson; who said, in this case:

"Whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthorized, void, and of no force."

Barry: You're called.

It's time for Change, all right.

Just not the one that you are trying to implement. 



1 When I went to vote recently, upon my return to the States from many years living abroad, all they asked me to do was sign against my name on their rolls.  Wait a minute, I asked; why aren't you asking me for my photo ID?  It has my signature against my picture, and address.  (California issues such, or a driver's license; both of which require one to have produced their birth certificate to procure.  Although this state is now going to allow illegal aliens to acquire a driver's license.  Go figure.  Anyway, the point is that we have such ID ready to hand.  You have to show your photo ID to do all sorts of things in this state.  Including receiving welfare goodies.)  The answer to my query?  'They check your signature against your previous signature.'  1) Really?  Somehow, I seriously doubt that.  And anyway:   2) Why not just ask for a person's (photo) ID, which has all of that info right on it?  Reply:  'This is the way that we do it.'  Ri-i-i-i-ght...  
     The bottom line: those lefties who say that having to produce a photo ID to vote is a block to 'poor people' (see above) are talking arrant nonsense.  Hear me, Barry??
     (I understand that the Usurper is perfectly happy with the voting arrangements the way they are, except for those states that require an ID to vote; saying recently that that is "a block to voting".
     Well; he would say that, wouldn't he.
     What I would say to him:
     'Well; yes it is.
     'To the wrong kind.
     'To say: to the illegal kind.
     'The ones you are trying to get to help skew the vote.  To stay in power.  To accomplish your mission.  Of "fundamentally transforming the United States of America".  Into something that I for one don't want to see it be transformed into.
     'And that's the real 'block' going on here.  Between patriots, who believe in essential liberty.  And socialists, who believe in an all-powerful government, running people's lives to within an inch of their lives.'
     'So, back off, Barry.  Or there will be hell to pay.
      'Oh - and get out of the White House anyway.  You are a Usurper there.  We're going back to the Constitution - to the rule of law.  Whether you like it or not.
     'I understand from your actions that you don't; that you wish to be a law unto yourself.
     'I have just one thing to say to you about that trait of yours, Barry.  And that is:
     'Not in my country, you don't.  Go play your games elsewhere, if you want to continue down that road.
     'Say, in Kenya??' )

2  When I went to vote, and asked several questions about the procedures of the person in charge, she couldn't answer me when I pointed out that, in this country, in order to become a citizen, you have to learn to read and speak English, so why were all the materials in various languages?  Actually, I knew the answer, but wanted to check it out on the coal face.  (It's a federal requirement.  Got that? The same political body that requires prospective citizens to be able to speak and write English, is sending them a mixed signal.  
     The mind boggles.  At the least.  At the most, it gets very, very confused; which state of mind translates into the emotional body as anger.
     At the least, for this good citizen, of the late, great America.  Being taken over by moral pygmies.   

3 And is an especially despicable 'social change' tactic when many taxpaying families can't afford to have their own children - and are doing the honorable and responsible thing by not doing so; instead of breaking up and the mother applying for the basket of welfare goodies that are enticing Americans to break down the family unit, in order for the 'social change agents' to have their way in this country.  Disgusting, disgusting stuff.   

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