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If I Were The King Of America

Since the Usurper (who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama, but his real, to say legal, name is still a mystery.  And why is that, Citizen??) and his political party - and the Opposition party, by and large - have raised the ante for an American president now to be a law unto himself, it might be an interesting exercise for The People to dream into what kind of dictator they would be, if they held that office and position for even, say, a day; what would they do, with such power.     

I've got a few ideas along that line.  So: If I Were the King of America, I would -

* First of all, suspend the Congress, for dereliction of its duty - for not doing its job, in letting the Usurper get away with his arrogation of the office in the first place, let alone of the power he has illegally consigned to himself while in it.1  
     As for the subject of new elections to take the place of the dissolved 'parliament':

* Any state that refused to a) clean its voter registration rolls of all illegal names, and b) require photo ID at the polls, I would declare that their votes for federal offices would not be included in the federal results.  And I would hope that their citizens - who are also American citizens - would raise a monumental stink about it, and vote their state governments out of power, for disenfranchising them, until they were so enfranchised.2
     It thus should go without saying that I would keep the federal form of a national government.  Not only are individual states excellent laboratories for trying out various socio-political structures; but such a principle of 'subsidiarity' keeps too much power from being concentrated at the top.  Which otherwise makes it easier for those so inclined to take over a country, in one fell swoop, rather than having to go laboriously through each state.
     Which is one of the reasons that a Constitutional Convention is being pushed (either by name of an Article V Convention or a Convention of the States): there are powers that wish to bring down the Constitution as it is, since 'as it is' is a stumbling block to their political desires, to control the people even more than they already are.  To not have to listen to them.  To be, in a word, their sovereign; all over again.  
     But you are acting like a king, you say?
     Indeed.  To point all these sorts of things out.
     But to continue.3  And along this line, of illegal names on the voter registration rolls:

* Illegal aliens.  -
     need to have their access to various goodies - jobs, food stamps, education for their children, health insurance, subsidized housing, and other welfare handouts - as far as the federal government has any say in the matter - cut off.  Period.  (That's taxpayers' money for the citizenry of the nation, for heavens' sakes.  Not for the world at large, to come and get it.)  
     Anyone offering them jobs 'under the table' needs to go to jail and/or be fined enough so that it hurts, and thus helps them remember not to do it again.4  
     This is a national emergency and wrong that we are facing, this schizophrenic-like business of welcoming illegals into our country on the one hand and trying to keep them out on the other.  Madness; utter madness.  A failed, and immoral, exercise.  And not fair to them, either.    
     I can only imagine that Pres. Reagan bought into the amnesty argument in 1986 because he was promised by Congresscritters that (among other possible promises) they would beef up border security, so that it - amnesty, and all that goes with it - didn't become a magnet.
     Bad decision.    
     To be learned from.
     By an intelligent species.
     And speaking of that - i.e., the learning process in all this:

* As for the children of illegal aliens, and a tough policy hurting them, for their having to go packing with their parents back to their parents' home countries (for not having a honey pot here anymore to attract them); my answer is short and simple: Dear Illegal Alien Parents (and Bleeding Hearts in this country, who have helped them slip into this country illegally, as economic refugees; from whom the nation has a right to protect itself, for having enough on its hands with its own people's needs): You should have thought of that.  You will learn to take responsibility for your actions.  Or you will    
a) suffer the consequences, including to your 'innocent' children (they bought into this on some level); and
b) not advance, to a higher 'step' (frequency level) on the stairway to the heavens.  
     (This latter point is one of the most basic of the purposes of the life experience itself.  If one can't 'get' that one, one is stuck on the Wheel of Rebirth; just going around again, and again, and again, until one does finally get it.)5  
     So, go; and get in the back of the line, for legitimate prospective immigrants into the - my - kingdom of America.6
     My sympathies lie rather with those prospective immigrants - and prospective good, law-abiding  citizens - who have been waiting patiently their turn to enter this country legally.  So don't play the boo-hoo card with me.  It won't wash.
     And while on the subject of children:

* Not another child is going to be born and raised - in poverty conditions - on the federal taxpayers' dime.  What individual states do regarding their citizens in this 'welfare' business is up to them - to say, is up to their voters.  But in my kingdom, The People have lessons to learn.  One of the most important of those is, as I have said, the lesson of learning to take responsibility for your actions; and yourself.  Another is the value of a child being raised by both its mother AND its father.  Besides this being one of the most, if not the most, civilizing of experiences for the male incarnate, it is extremely important for the psyche of the child, to know both of its (responsible) parents.  
     So, Single Moms: Not on the federal taxpayers' dime anymore.  It's not a lifestyle that serves anyone but you.  And that's plain selfish.  Not a high-conscious quality.7
     And further on the subject of children:

* The education system has been taken over by the far Left crowd of dedicated ideologues, imposing socialist principles on the upcoming generations.  (Part of their strategy called 'the  long march through the institutions'.)  And so?  If socialists have taken over the education system, whose fault is that?
     Get busy, conservatives.  Meet the challenge.  That's what differences are all about; and fundamentally for.  

I'll begin to wrap this overview up.  This could go on for days.  But one more important point, If I Were The King Of America:

* I would rid the executive branch of most of its departments.  They are unconstitutional to begin with.  Something like the FDA could remain, because the federal government is responsible for "regulating" commerce between the several states (and "with foreign Nations"); and that can legitimately mean as well its safety; not just taxes on it.  But for most of it: out.  It has become just a way to control The People anyway.8
     If the Citizenry wants some of this big-government stuff, in my kingdom, they can propose amendment(s) to the rule of law - the Constitution (yes, even in my kingdom.  That's the sort of ship of state that I would run) - to that effect, or those effects.  But we will return to the rule of law in this country.  There will be no more fudging in that regard.

In order to learn that lesson.

And then - and only then - can we move on.    

Oh.  And on that note; and to finish: a word about

The Debt. 

You have allowed The Debt - in your name, remember - to become so humongous that it will never be able to be repaid.  By rights, you should have to dig your way out of it, spoonful by spoonful; in order to learn that lesson.  

But there is Change afoot.  In this land.  And in the world.

Fundamental Change.  Related to the larger, Cosmic Change.

Which will bring in, ultimately, a moneyless system.9  And our Ascension, to the next level up, on the pathway to the higher realms.  Just waiting for us.

Or at least, for those of us who are ready for The Transition. 

Meaning, those of us who have learned our lessons in the realm of Duality and Polarity sufficiently to make the move.

I would hope for as many of you to make it, this go-'round, as possible.  For, we are all brothers and sisters, under the guises we have taken on, of various races and religions and nationalities; of sexes; of princes and paupers.  To learn lessons from The Drama that we have been engaged in.  For so very long.

And in point of fact, are more than that.

To say, more accurately, less than that.

For, We Are All One.  In essence.

Otherwise, it's just

back to the same old, same old.


Not here.

Gaia is going Up, as well.

With us.

Or without us.

Your choice. 

P.S. And be aware of the ramifications of this Truth, about The Drama.  One of the biggest things we 'Good Guys' will have to do is say to our Nemeses:

'Thank you for being such a forceful adversary.  You have really made us dig to uphold the integrity of the American form of government - of the ideal of self-governance.  Of people taking responsibility for themselves.  Well done!

'You can stop the playacting now, and come over to the side of the Light.  For it's that time; to call a halt to The Drama. Recognizing it for what it has been.  And start living the Real Thing.'

…if they have not gotten so caught up in their roles that they can't release them - as simply what they were: roles - and reclaim their true identities.  As fractals - the same as you, and you, and you - of The One Holy Being; the All That Is, behind the whole experience.

And sharing deeply in that experience.

For purposes of Growth.

Yes; even 

The One.

Celebrating with us our accomplishments.

And feeling the pain of our struggles.  Ultimately, to free ourselves from the Matrix.  The classroom; in which we chose to experience a degree of Separation.

In order to prove ourselves to ourselves.  That we could find our way

Home, again.

With a little help from our friends.  In the exercise with us.

P.P.S.  Almost forgot a very important issue: guns.
     Once we have moved beyond The Drama, and into the End Game for real, guns will disappear of their own accord (since we will realize that We Are All One; and there is a higher purpose for all this).
     Until then - when wolves still prowl around, and are trying to take this country over, to make it merely a region (nothing special about lit; no 'exceptionalism') of their despotic New World Order:
     Keep your powder dry.
     As a deterrent.
     And make it a good one.
     Some people take a little time in their coming around to understanding who they really are.



1 To clarify: The current Congress, and the one immediately preceding it,  were and are derelict in their duty for letting BHO get away with being an ineligible candidate for the presidency in the very first place, and then letting him assume the mantle of the office a second time as well.  
     BHO is an illegal president.  Aside from his arrogation of power whilst in the office, he was ineligible for the office to begin with, for not being a "natural born" citizen.  There is a legal definition of that term, according to the meaning understood by the constitutional Framers; which meaning can be ascertained by giving the facts - all the facts - to a 6-year old, and letting him or her come to their considered conclusion on the matter.  The matter not being rocket science.  A 'natural born' citizen, as opposed to a naturalized citizen or a dual citizen, is one born on the soil (jus soli) of two (U.S.) citizen parents (jus sanguinis).  The whole purpose of the exercise on the part of the Framers was to make sure - at least as sure as they could make it - that the person occupying the office of the presidency - AND THAT PARTICULAR FEDERAL OFFICE ONLY - had NO CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  Like a naturalized citizen.  Or a dual citizen. 
     Like -  ta-da! -  His Royal Highness, Barack Hussein Obama.
     (This eligibility requirements was in particular because the occupant of that office was also to become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces.  And we can certainly see, in our day, and under this present administration, the wisdom of that concern, and requirement, on the part of this nation's Founders.)          

2 The worst of these sorts of states reluctant to clean their voter rolls and establish a meaningful identification process at the polls are already disenfranchising their citizenry, by thus rendering their votes essentially meaningless.  
     It's time to Clean House, people.  Big time.
     And if many of you people in this country are so childish that you have to have a finger dipped in purple ink at the polling place - to keep you from voting more than once; as is done in relatively/developmentally immature democratic countries - then that is what it will take.  And I hope that you become rightfully embarrassed by it. 
     Don't like it?  Tough.  For remember: I Am the Law, and What I Say, Goes.  You created me.  By not paying sufficient attention to your responsibilities, in a democratic form of government, operating by way of a rule of law; in this case, your Constitution.  
     It's that.  Or the Overseer.  Whether King or Prelate or Oligarchy or outright Dictator.
     Otherwise known as Kids' stuff.    

3 By the way and while on the subject: To any leftists who might see fit to complain about my assuming of dictatorial powers, I'd say, 'You were happy to give these sorts of powers to one of yours.  So, what's the problem?'
     What's sauce for the goose…
     And speaking of the dangers of an Article V Convention or a Convention of the States: a better way to go would be a Nullification movement throughout the nation; states simply nullifying any unconstitutional moves by the federal government.  The Constitution needs to be enforced and restored; not revised.
     Come on, folks; be serious.  If the Congress is already ignoring the Constitution, why would they pay any attention to any further tinkerings with it??
     What is it that Einstein is supposed to have said, about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result???…

4 And concurrently: 1) Reintroduce the old Guest Workers' Visa program, for Temporary Workers to work in the fields in particular during harvest time; 2) Increase the number of immigrants allowed in yearly, and in particular if they are willing to work in the agricultural field for x number of years; and 3) Don't allow the Unemployed to stay on the dole indefinitely.  Once they have turned down two employment opportunities (especially in the agricultural sector), the are off the rolls.
     All of this is going to change soon anyway, under the New Management.  But there is a principle of consciousness involved here, that it would pay us to acknowledge.  Basically: There is no free lunch.  Or at least not until you have earned it.  Consciously.  Learned the lessons that lead up to such a level of consciousness.

5 If you don't believe in reincarnation by now  - that this is a just universe; not a haphazard one - you just haven't been paying attention.  Which is no one's fault but your own.

6 The Usurper has even admitted, to select audiences (not to the American public in general), that the deportation figures that he and his administration use - to try to scam the American public at large, that they are doing something about the 'undocumented workers' issue - are padded, by using a category never used before in this statistical determination: the figure of those attempting to enter the country, but caught at the border and turned back.  (What a phony this guy is.)
     Not a 'policy' guaranteed to get one very far in the larger scheme of things.  Or, to describe it in one word: deceitful.  And in another: corrupt. 

7 It never should have been allowed in the first place.  I have been out of the country for many years, so I haven't been aware of what precisely has been going on here; but I thought that this sort of thing was supposed to be only for families - already established families - temporarily in need of financial assistance - NOT that a whole cottage industry was going to be birthed; by politicians BUYING VOTES.  Seducing people into becoming dependent on the state; and for generations.  On purpose.
     See 'the Cloward-Piven Strategy'.  Creating a welfare class for political gain.  Including, ultimately, takeover of the whole (thereby collapsed) free-enterprise system, and installing in its place a socialist system.  Of no more essential liberty, but a whole lot of (state-imposed) 'equality'.  Skewed towards favored minority groups.   
     In any event; the bottom line: I will not condone such irresponsible behavior, as females having babies on the taxpayers' dime, for the taxpayers' dime.  Get thee behind me, Satan...  

8 Are you aware, oh just for example, that TPTB have laced vaccines with substances, not only to sicken us (with autoimmune disorders, and such).  And not only to render us sterile (after having trialed it in some Third World countries).  But to kill us?  No??  Why not???  The information is available.
     Oh, not in the MSM.  That's part of the Establishment Order behind all the shit that is going down in this day and age.  But you already knew that.
     Didn't you?  If not, why not??  As I say (and reiterate; for a purpose): The information is available.
     You just have to take some responsibility for your life.  As a good member of a polity that (the Founders of) sounded the note of self-governance for the world, should.   

9 Until then, all we will need to 'do business' with one another is to have a system of credits and debits; much like a LETS system (and thus do away with interest-bearing money - and thus debt - and fractional-reserve banking; the two training wheels of learning to live together, and make the vehicle work).  Until we get the hang of knowing how to manifest whatever we want out of the energy ocean that we inhabit.  The sea of consciousness that makes up the known universe.  Built up on geometric, and thus rational, and solvable, principles.
     But all of that is another subject, to the one at hand here.  So, to carry on here, for now.
     But just to say one thing in this regard, of a basically 'geometric' universe:  Nothing is random; all that happens has meaning.  Therefore, Justice is built in to the very essence of the universe.  (And, Justice can be tempered with Mercy.  But the basic template is Justice.  Not Chaos.  I don't know what kind of universe you personally may think you come from.  But in this universe, As you sow, so do you reap. It is The Law.)
     This is all associated with the fact that time is in its essence cyclical, along precise lines.  With a vast, cosmic Intelligence at work.
     Much like the Masons have intuited.  Or, rather, have inherited the understanding of.  From earlier incarnations of

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