Tuesday, 29 April 2014

…And Then He Said…And Then She Said...

from teaparty.org: 'Report: Holder Authorizes Drone Strike on Bundy Ranch' - April 28 (orig. posted on InfoWars.com)

('Information could be a ruse to scare supporters away from Bunkerville…(Oath Keepers founder Stewart) Rhodes entertained the notion that his source could have been given erroneous information in order to"get us all wound up"…')

Timothy Sollers ·  Top Commenter · NNPTC
If this happens, then its game over. If this happens, and I hope not, then we will see our entire nation descend into open revolt and civil war.

Dustin Long · Manufacturing Engineering Support at Liburdi Engineering Limited
If our country ever authorizes the use of military force of this nature against an American civilian on American soil, I guarantee it will be game over, Patriots will rise against tyranny, and Mr. Holder will be held personally accountable and will be charged with treason against the American people.

  • Moore Papa Jeff ·  Top Commenter
    My fear is this is wat the present administration wants for America, a civil war

  • Marty Reyburn ·  Top Commenter
    Our nation already has...or have we forgotten what Janet Reno did at Waco and Ruby Ridge??

  • Richard Bergman ·  Top Commenter · Shawnee High School
    Moore Papa Jeff: they want war so when the Americans in the middle give up to Obama they will allow him to get rid of the constitution.


Gary Lombardo ·Follow · Works at Writer

Even if this is a bogus threat and nothing happens, civil war is on the horizon. How much more can conservative Americans take?
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Follow · Top Commenter · Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI)

If they used a drone strike on US citizens, for any reason.
They have opened the door by declaring war on it people.
If that happens, the Goverment will fall apart and complete havoc will Prevale. There will be millions of armed Americans, cleaning up business.
You thought "Red Dawn" was a movie, well hold on.
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" - Wait a minute.  Hold on."


"I was just thinking.  If reincarnation is a fact - which I have been reading about recently, and there is a lot of evidence to support the concept.  Then…"

"I think I see what you're getting at, where you're going with this."

"Do you see?  If we just keep coming back…just playing different roles……"


"…then I'm on this side of something this time, and then on that side of something another time…"


"…and so…"

"And so we're just playing roles."

"Right.  There's that.  But there's something else.  Something more, in this…"

"I'm listening."

"Look.  If we just keep coming back, in different roles, then we are…just……one another.  Do you see?"


"We are - just - each other.  No; that's not what I'm trying to say, trying to get at.  What I'm trying to get at, is…that……"

"Go on."

"That…we…are……just………One.  The same - thing.  Just playing different parts…...Do you see?"

Got it.

And hopefully enough of us get it in time to head off civil war in this country.  That would be an example -  a terrible example - of not getting 'it':

The essence of the Drama.

Which, once having been gotten, allows us to


To a whole new level of reality.  In which we cease playing parts.  And become

our essential Selves.

Having experiences.

To continue to grow from.

Just starting on a higher level.  The level

of graduate school.

Where we understand - really get - that

We Are All One.

Of One Source.

Within which we built an Illusion in order to experience a sense of separation and individuation.

And which allowed the One to experience Itself.

Come.  Let's return to the One, in this reality.

And leave the play-acting behind.

Having learned the essential lessons on this level.

Having had them brought to us, to learn from.  Or, more precisely:

Having brought them to Ourselves.

And now - of our own volition - returning

Home, again.

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