Friday, 18 April 2014


Dear Glenn,

I understand that you have 'put down' the Bundy Ranch standoff as an "insurrection".

Well; yes, and no.  It is an insurrection against a tyrannical federal government.  Nothing wrong with that.  A lot right with that.

There is more to this story than you are either looking at or wanting to look at, Glenn.  It's the same with your unwillingness to look at - really, deeply look at - the case for the Usurper's ineligibility for the presidential office.  (About which I won't go into detail here.  I have gone into detail about it elsewhere in these blog pages.)  I guess you can, then, be fairly considered to be part of 'the controlled opposition,' whether deliberately that or not.  (Time will tell.)

Your slogan is 'The truth Lives Here'.  It pains me to say it - I have bought a fair number of your books, and have read some of them, and found them very worthwhile.  And I have caught some of your shows, and have found them very worthwhile, too.  But in all fairness, you should change your slogan to read, and have it said, that 'The Partial Truth Lives Here'.    

You are a fair-weather patriot, Glenn.  Not really in it for the hard yards.  (That 'Rules for Radicals' Alinskyite technique of ridiculing your political enemies certainly seems to have buffaloed you.  Ratings, and all that ego stuff; eh??  They certainly seem to have your number.)  A shame, really.  But there it is - a fair assumption, given the appearances.  You have made your bed.  Now you must lie in it.   

Along with those other liars, in the current, illegal administration.  Who may feel that they have the country's best interests at heart.  But they're wrong.  Or rather, only partially right (as part of an unfolding historical process; and not the Synthesis part).  But a miss is as good as a mile.  Especially in such a serious matter as this one.

P.S. Oh; and speaking of the 'truth' of things.  The Bundy Ranch resistance to 'authority' is really not, properly speaking, an insurrection.  An insurrection, according to the dictionary, is a revolution.  The revolution in this instance was entered into by the Obama Marxists (when they captured the high ground in the nation, and have been consolidating their gain ever since).  The Bunkerville Resistance is, properly speaking, a counter-revolution - an example of the 'reactionary' forces beginning to take on their role, in the classic scenario.  

The Obama camp knows that.  As being ideologically out to 'fundamentally transform' the American federal constitutional republic into a centralized socialist system. And what they are intending by it is not a Scandinavian-style, 'social democratic' system.  Or even a democratic socialist system (with the emphasis on the 'socialism' part; not the 'democratic' part).  They are out for blood; totalitarian style. 

Or hadn't, really, you noticed.  

But then, it's true: you have demonstrated a lack of attention to detail. 

More's the pity.  Especially  given your position.  As a mouthpiece.  For -

what, exactly, Glenn??

Certainly not - at least yet - the Truth.

Up for a Truth in Advertising citation, Glenn???  And not in the positive sense of that word, either.

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