Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Devil's Advocates...

…The Seduced, And The Sovereigns: A Choice

I have seen
For too many years now
      the CIA
Is up to its tricks
In the media equivalent
Of the NSA:
Of the body politic…

small news item:
'Liberals quietly push for repeal
Of the 22nd Amendment…'

This is where I need to be:
Fighting for my country
Against its enemies
And domestic.
And we'll see where
We go from here
                  and what
Happens next.
But I know this:
We are being offered a choice
                   To make
The most of it
The least.

Listen up.

Those who want the state
To run your life for you -
       and to do the same
For everyone else -
         go stand over
On the left side.
And for the rest of us
There are other plans.
To go up
The higher reaches of consciousness
At the end of this Grand Round.
            For the others
      there is the consequence
Of just going around
For another round
In Illusion
For some more seasoning
              in the school
Of Duality.
A bleak consequence
In comparison.
                   But -
Your choice.
As always.

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