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Is The Constitutional Republic of America Finished?

I am getting royally disgusted with the apparent bulk of today's Americans.  First, a specific vent today, to get it out of the way:

from 'A Tainted Award for Greenwald's Anti-NSA Stories' - by Cliff Kincaid - April 3  
(It calls Snowden a "leaker" and a "traitor".*  "There is no evidence, despite Snowden’s claims, that the laws regulating the NSA were violated. But there is abundant evidence that Snowden violated several laws. He is charged with “unauthorized communication of national defense information” and “willful communication of classified communications intelligence information to an unauthorized person,” brought under the 1917 Espionage Act. The other charge against Snowden is theft of government property…The Espionage Act absolutely prohibits the publication of classified information in the area of communications intelligence. That would include programs of the NSA. The law does not include a loophole for self-proclaimed journalists who cooperate with spies to violate the law."
What Snowden did was admirable.  Therefore, what Greenwald did was admirable.  Knock it off, NeoCons; and get back to the Constitution.  Or butt out.
"The award helps bring attention to the corruption in the journalism business that affects the national security of the nation."  And what trashers of the Constitution do is admirable??  You NeoCons live in la-la land.)

Stan says:
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If you people can’t recognize that what the NSA was doing was grossly unconstitutional, regardless of who it was who blew the whistle on their gone-too-far activity, then you’re not my kind of people.
If something is something that I support, what difference does it make where it comes from? If something is something that I DON’T support, what difference does it make where it comes from? And I certainly don’t support the U.S.A. becoming locked down in a police state.
Shame on you. You’re not constitutionalists. You’re bloody fascists. Get thee behind me, Satan.

* “I’m a proud graduate of the University of Georgia Henry W. Grady School of Journalism, and have practiced journalism in Georgia—both print and television—spanning four decades,” media consultant Phil Kent told Accuracy in Media. “But I’m disgusted that my alma mater is presenting the McGill Medal for Journalistic Courage to a pro-Russian propagandist, Glenn Greenwald, who received and published stolen American national security documents from the traitor Edward Snowden.” 

Keep breathing, Stan……

Here's my take on human history. It's basically Hegelian/dialectical (without being limited to the 'materialism' part) in nature: action-reaction-preliminary synthesis, which becomes the thesis to kick off another round of action-reaction-preliminary synthesis - preliminary, because the ultimate stage had not developed.  Until now.  When we are almost there.  But it looks as though a lot of souls are going to blow it.  Not make the cut.  And will just have to start the process all over again, in this educational state of Illusion, on the Wheel of Karma; for not having reached the degree of consciousness needed to lift themselves off the wheel - having 'got it' - and move on, into a more rarified realm.  Take a step higher on the stairway to the heavens.1 

Example.  The 'Democrats' - the Left - by and large, are supporting voter fraud - massive voter fraud - to accomplish their end,2 of turning the American republic into a socialist state; thinking that 'it' will give them a better deal than the current form of government in this country.  The 'Republicans' - the Right - by and large, know that there is this massive block in their way to regaining federal power; but don't have the cojones or drive to get out and force a cleanup of the voter reg rolls all around the country before the 2014 elections.  Which will be their last chance to do anything about the lockdown that the Obama administration is putting the nation under.        

This is not an administration that is just a leftist one.  It is an ideologically socialist one; and if 'true' Americans don't wake up in time, they are going to hand the nation over to these ideologues; and a dark cloud will settle over America, and "transform" it beyond recognition.

No more Constitution.  Just a "damn piece of paper".  And there will go the rule of law; and the country will morph into a dictatorship, with 'the rule of men' holding sway; although it will be, in reality, the rule of one.  Said dictator.

Now.  This is all part of the dialectic going on.  (Bush Jr. and the NeoCons set it in motion, by going for the same sort of thing on the 'Right', but being 'seen' and raised by Obama & Co. on the Left.)  But now, what needs to happen, to kick 'the system' of human society up an evolutionary notch, is for this all to be recognized for what it is - and how a lower form of consciousness is characterizing it than the possible higher one - and for us to go, neither to the Left nor to the Right.  But Up.

If the Constitution - the strong symbol of the rule of law - is to be left behind, it has to be left behind for the right reason.  As a 'symbol' that we are now ready for a new, higher road to take.

Which we are not at present.  It's still 'business as usual' at present.  With neither the Left nor the Right 'getting it'.  Seeing the larger picture.

Yes, you on the Left: There is a better way to live. than the one that humanity is currently reflecting.  But sacrificing other people to yourself: Don't you get how wrong that is, as a philosophy??  

That is the philosophy that Lenin used.  And Stalin. And Mao.  And Hitler.  The individual sacrificed 'for the greater good of the whole'.

Precisely - precisely - what the American Constitution protected its individuals from.  In establishing Liberty as the keystone of its form of government.3

Not state-imposed Equality.   Where all are equal; but some are more equal than others.

As is going on in America today, with, e.g., all sorts of 'civil rights' decisions forcing minority 'rights' on majority opinion.4  

And so forth.

I could go on.  To indicate how close we in this country are to disaster, on the evolutionary scale of things; with America, having survived a preliminary scare, of dictatorship, from the far Right (the NeoCons), now facing being taken over by the far Left.  When neither of those ways is the way to go into the future, now, and for humanity as a whole.  Were just part of the process, generating a - the - true Synthesis.  

There will be changes.  But they must not be changes that play into the low-consciousness scheme of things that is running things right now.  

Our federal representatives, from both sides of the political aisle, having run the nation so far into debt that it will take a Jubilee - and more; an entire change in the currency and financial system - to get out of the hole, and The People having gone along with it, because they decided they wanted some of that good free federal money themselves……and……and……and……...

…and so forth.  Not good signs of a people mature enough to make the grade, to a higher level of civilization, and their potential spiritual future.

I had hoped better for more, taking responsibility for their actions.

But there's still time.


P.S. Some - many - in 'spiritual' circles are saying that everybody will make the imminent Ascension into the first of the higher realms of reality.
     I say:
     No way. 
     The gap is just too far for some souls currently to make the cut.
     They'll just have to go through another round of the Wheel of Rebirth, tying them to the duality-polarity realm - classroom - of Illusion, before they are ready.
     I urge you to take a deep look at yourself, and your mentality.  To say, your consciousness. 
     And make a clear choice.
     Is it to be Up for you.
     Or just Around, once again.  And again.  And again………
     …the old curriculum.  Been there, done that.  How boring.  But if that's what you really want……... 



1 This all presupposes the existence, and functioning (i.e., the law of karma), of reincarnation.   For which there is so much evidence in now that if you don't believe in it, you just haven'g been paying attention.
     And why would a person - an incarnate soul - want to continue to play that 'game,' once they had 'gotten it' - understood it.  For what it is: To experience, and see, things from all sides.  As part of the spiritual maturing process, of we fractals of The All That Is.  And were ready, then, to move on???

2  'By Any Means Necessary' - the philosophy of Saul 'Rules for Radicals' Alinsky (one of Obama's far left - or outright communist -  mentors).  'Whatever It Takes.'  The end justifies the means.  The philosophy of tyrants.

3 "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." - the Preamble to the Constitution for the United States of America.
     And not so incidentally, the reason why some people are trying to bring in so-called Con-Cons: in order to change the Constitution without the built-in difficulty of its own amending process.  'They' have tried that - eight times in the five years between 2003 and 2008, e.g., to change the eligibility requirement for a presidential candidate, to get around the 'natural born' citizen requirement for the office, with both the Democrats and the Republicans behind the attempts; all of which failed even to get out of committee.  Apparently on the grounds of the committee persons realizing how difficult it would be to get such a change through the given process.  So what did they do?  They have tried an end-around on the Constitution, by agreeing between themselves simply to ignore the requirement - and to demonize anybody who tries to say nay to their sordid, corrupt behavior.
     A clean sweep now being necessary of both political parties - out of business.  Tried - in a decent court of law - on RICO statutes, of conspiring to commit a federal crime.  And the United States returning to the rule of law.
     In many ways.  But - another blog.    

4 E.g., the LGBT assault on the basic rights of girls and boys not to have to share locker room and toilet facilities with kids of the opposite biological sex but declared same 'gender orientation'.
     People, people: Don't you understand that gender disorientation is a canary in a coal mine - is due to environmental factors that are skewing our brain identifications; and thus, we should be paying attention to that factor, and not just to the effects of this environmental pollution going on?
     Read the book BrainSex by Anne Moir, Ph.D. and David Jessel.  Skewed sexual identification is caused by a number of adverse conditions.  Faulty adrenals, of either or both the mother and the child; endocrine disrupters/estrogen mimics in the environment particularly from plastics; stress (there is evidence that more homosexual babies are born in the wake of wars, e.g.); but particularly devastating is the effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant female without sufficient regard to their effects on the developing fetus.  We need to clean up our act.  Not just let the Cabal running things  continue to hide this factor, of environmental pollution, so that they could use its effects to create another minority group, to use as cannon fodder to push the nation further under their control.  (And breaking down the family unit in the process; another block to their takeover.)  
     Heads will roll, when the clean sweep of the executive branch of the federal government - in particular; but including the legislative branch, of bought politicians - takes place.  As it will.  In the meantime: take responsibility to do your homework.  You can not trust 'the experts' to make decisions for you.  They are largely part of the problem.  (As with vaccination information, e.g.)  
     This will all be cleaned up, when the Big Sweep takes place.  But the key issue is:
     Take personal responsibility for your life, and the lives of your children.  
     What do you think this whole exercise, of life in Duality Land, has been all about????  

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