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(...and what are YOU doing in YOUR state to help clean up the voting system in this country???  Which is such a disgrace…)

To: Secretary of State Debra Bowen
Date: April 4, 2014
Ref: My Email Letters of March 7 and 22 (attached)

Dear Secretary of State Bowen,

I refer to my above email letters.

It has now been almost another two weeks, and still I have not as yet heard back from you or your office on this matter.  We are having local elections on Tuesday, April 8, and I was hoping before that time to get this information from you.  Surely it can't be that difficult or time-consuming for you or someone from your office to respond to a basic and legitimate request from a member of the public in this procedural matter; to wit:

1 a) what procedures are in place in this state to clean your voter registration rolls of the likes of - 
deceased people; 
convicted felons; 
duplicate names; 
people who have moved out of a county; 
other ineligible voters, or even fictitious names; and

b) how often do you employ those measures?


2 why does this state not require a photo ID of voters to be shown at the polling places, to confirm that the person who shows up at the polling place -

a) is in fact the person whose name is on the (hopefully cleansed, and hopefully recently cleansed) voter registration roll, and

b) is in fact a U.S. citizen.  

This is all a crucial integrity issue.  I would seriously like to know what you and your office are doing about it.  Condoning voter fraud is a despicable act.  I want to make sure that your office is not engaging in that sort of shoddy enterprise - is, in fact, doing all that it can to counter such atrocious activity.  I don't want to engage in a farce, a charade, a meaningless exercise in deception.  I want my vote to be meaningful.

Please respond to this legitimate request for basic information from your office of responsibility in this sort of matter.

Thank you.


Duane Stanfield

[email & mail address supplied]


From: [email address supplied]
Subject: FW: Voting Procedures in CA
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 15:36:52 -0700

To: Secretary of State Debra Bowen

Date: March 22, 2014

Ref.: My Email Letter of March 7

Dear Secretary of State Bowen,

I refer to my email letter to you dated March 7, as appended herein.

It has now been over two weeks, and I have not as yet heard back from you on this matter. 

I simply want to know what measures you take in this state - 

a) to clean the voter registration rolls of invalid names (i.e. deceased persons, non-citizens, non-duplicated names from other states; etc.), and 

b) to keep them clean.

It is a simple and valid request.  

 I would also like to know why you don't require photo ID at the polling stations, to match a face with a name on your rolls, and to confirm that they are citizens.  After all, this state issues such ID cards (or driver's licenses which required a birth certificate to acquire; either of which is required to engage in all manner of transactions in life).  It seems a simple way to identify who is there wishing to vote, and if they are indeed a citizen, or not.. 

I await your response.

Thank you.


Duane Stanfield


> From:
> Subject: Voting Procedures in CA
> Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2014 15:57:09 -0800
> To:
> March 7, 2014
> Secretary of State Debra Bowen
> Ref.: Voting Procedures in CA
> Dear Secretary of State Bowen,
> My City Clerk's office told me I should contact you regarding a couple of questions I have regarding voting procedures in this state.
> Some background. I have been living out of the country for many years, and came back in time to register - in front of a local shopping mall's store - to vote in the 2012 federal elections. At the polling place they asked me to give my name and address, but didn't ask me for my State photo ID card. When I asked why they hadn't, the person told me that all I needed to do was 'confirm' that that was my name on the voter registration roll, and sign 'my' name after it. I was disturbed about this lack of clear identification of voters, and refused to vote under this sort of slipshod arrangement; determining to look into these sorts of questions further, having to do with election integrity.
> Since then, I have discovered that illegal voting is a huge problem in this country; which saddens me, and angers me, no end. Without going into all that, let me cut to my two main questions:
> 1) How cleansed can we citizens trust the L.A. County Voter Registration rolls to be of phony registrations? Not just of dead people's names still on the rolls (and people voting under those names, if they don't have to show either their state driver's license or photo ID card or a passport to vote);1 but of people's names on the rolls who haven't had to produce any ID along the way, just, at the most, tick on the Voter Registration Form that they are a U.S. citizen? In sum: What's the procedure for guaranteeing us citizens that our votes are not going to be swamped out by illegal voters' votes??
> 2) I see in our Local 'Official Sample Ballot' (elections coming up on April 8) that it has been printed in both English and Spanish. But I understand that to become a citizen of the United States, one must be able to speak and read English. What gives??
> I understand that there is a state law that official material has to be available in a number of certain languages (including Tagalog!). But VOTING information? Which is only relevant to CITIZENS??? 
> Your help in providing official answers to these legitimate (I feel) questions of mine would be very much appreciated. 
> Thanking you, I am
> Sincerely yours,
> Duane Stanfield
> [email & mail address supplied]
> --
> footnote:
> 1 And now I understand that Gov. Brown has signed into law legislation allowing illegal aliens to get driver's licenses. So that cuts out that means of legitimate citizen identity. Not a smart move. 

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