Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Parts Of The Main

Reflecting on my last comment in these pages - which I could just as easily have titled 'A Piece Of The Continent' - I  didn't mean to belittle what we have been going through by calling it "play-acting".  It has been as real to us as real can be in this trial-run realm of gods in the making; this school for aspiring Creators in their own right.

I am also moved to make some remarks on this subject because of all the mailings I am starting to receive regarding petitions to various political parties for an impeachment trial for Barack Barry Obama Soetoro; and how do I feel about that?

A: I am not in favor of an impeachment process in this case.  You can only impeach a valid president.  This man, whatever his real name is, is not the president of the United States.  He is a charlatan - an illegal, ineligible Usurper in and of the office.  He is a liar, a cheat, a faker, and a deceiver.  He is, in Nixon's blunt word for it, a crook.  He doesn't need to be subjected to the impeachment process allowed constitutionally for a validly sitting president (instead of an Imposter squatting in the office).  He simply needs to be removed from the office (or resigns, seeing the writing on the wall), and to be held in custody for trail in a legitimate court of law, for crimes of a felonious nature.

And thus, every piece of legislation that he has signed into law, and every ukase that he has issued, whether it has been in the form of an Executive Order or a Presidential Directive or whatever, and every appointment that he has made while illegally in that office (including to the Supreme Court of the United States), is rendered null and void.

For Justice will be served.    

So no, I am not for impeachment of this man.  But half a loaf is better than none.  And if the American people will not rise up and demand his outright resignation or removal, then we need to take the next best course of action.

Short of civil war.

So I am making it very clear, that I do not advocate that course of action.

We can do better than that.

We can demonstrate that we are what we essentially are:

gods in the making.

As sparks - facets, fractals, aspects, points of view - of our Prime Creator.

Who wishes for us the highest.

Not the lowest, of our potential.  As free-willed entities.

Facing graduation from this school.

Or having to go through it, all, all over again.

And again.  And again.

Until we get it.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. I love being right always. Anyone who hate Barack Obama IS a racist, bigoted, black-hating klansmen T-bagging scumbag, and this disgrace claims he doesn't want to serve an "illegal" where really he is leaving because he doesn't want to serve under a "Negro"!


Most Criticisms Against Obama Is Racist … No dobut about it. Hatred of Obama does come from racism, and YOU are proof of that!

“He has to be doing it because he hates America.”

No, that’d be you and your RecessiCon friends in all those money-sucking Red states.

is a Christian, not a Muslim. He is not holding office illegally as it
has been proven that he was born in Hawaii which has released official
documentation proving his birth (but can’t say that for all of the
Congress members). Hawaii is in the United States. He is not a traitor
to America as he is facing staunch opposition by the House Republicans
who have met secretly and have vowed not to support Obama’s efforts to
establish jobs and improve America and they have also shamelessly
altered documentations, made excessive embassy security budget cuts and
blamed it on Obama, wasted millions of dollars on unfounded
investigations and withheld the truth of the investigations of no fault
from the public; have moved voting districts in their favor by
gerrymandering; have participated in unlawful voting practices; and have
filibustered more against Obama than any President in our entire

Obama is not destroying America, Congress is because this
is the worst Congress in our entire history with the lowest in life
approval rating and they are bound and determined to punish those who
voted for Obama and to punish Obama for winning his re-election. He is
not homosexual, a Marxist, Socialist, nor does he hate America. The lead
investigator, Issa, who was appointed to investigate Obama has a vast
criminal background more vast than anyone he has investigated (including
suspected arson to obtain insurance money, auto thefts, gun charges,
etc.) and was livid when a Committee member revealed that there was no
targeting by IRS and no illegalities performed by Obama. And. . .he is
not a racist being that his mother was White and his father was African;
he was raised by his White grandparents and he is bi-racial. Evidently,
your information is coming from false sources. Also, think about it, it
was some House Republicans (Cruz, and Rand Paul, etc.) who shut down
the government and voted not to fund food stamps for our pregnant women,
our honorable Veterans, our disabled, and our children through WIC
during the shutdown. These are the people who hate America and their
carless and callous actions indicate they are not of the people and for
all people–they are only for themselves and should not be re-elected.

Oh, for Christ’s sake, this “the president is anti-American” just makes
your side look more like the clowns you are. Criticizing ones country is
hardly a sign of dislike; it’s the opposite. And you fake patriots are
an embarrassment when held up to whatever warped antiquated view you
have of what this country was decades ago.

If you query people on racism, they’ll deny it. Of course I’m not a
racist! On the Daily Show, they even had a news clip of a couple of
robe wearing KKK members who denied they were racists. Heck, some of
their best friends are black!

Racism is always couched in
various issues. The absolutely ridiculous charges that Obama was not a
U.S. citizen and that he was born in Kenya despite all facts to the
contrary. Would these charges be made against a White candidate? Why did
they go on for months. Racism? Nope, merely questioning whether a
particular person has the right to be president.

I don’t know if Republicans are necessarily more racist than Democrats. I
suspect that they are more free to express their negative attitudes
towards race because they can hide it as merely opposition to the

Literally, No doubt in my mind Obama-haters are racists that just won’t admit it!!ere