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The Sword Has Two Edges

from ''Fire Harry Reid' becomes rallying cry heading into '14 elections' - posted April 25 - orig. from - April 23


Back in the 1800s people the commited treson were hung from a tree that's why they called it treason along with horse and cattle thives. This Reid is nothing more than a modern day cattle thieve. He should be convicted of this crimes and prosicuted to the fullest extent of the law. WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America need to make citizen arrest and arrest this criminals and prosicute all of them!
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Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (April 25)

I can sympathize with your sentiment, Bert, but I am appalled at the quality of the education that you received at the hands of the liberal teaching Establishment. Your sharing had so many misspellings in it [and improper English] that I would hardly know where to begin to draw them to your attention. Please use a spellchecker at every opportunity, so that you don't put people off with the level of your education in this regard. You want people to 'hear' you, don't you?? Yes, I 'heard' you, but i was also put off by your lack of attention to detail.  Spelling correctly is a sign of a trained and honed mind. Haphazard spelling is a sign of a lazy mind, the person not caring for the detail of things.  The liberals are the ones whom we should be accusing of that trait; not ourselves. Anyway; the bottom line: Yes, it is time, and almost past time, to 'string these people up,' as it were.  Agreed, Bert.


As for my comment about the liberals being "the ones whom we should be accusing of" [the trait of]  "not caring for the detail of things": I had in mind the likes of the obvious definition of the term 'natural born Citizen" as found in the Constitution as an eligibility requirement for the office of the presidency.

You are aware of that sore subject, aren't you?

Aren't you??




If you are still there, you may be interested in seeing the P.S. I added to the above comment:

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Moments later)

P.S. I realize that I should probably have clarified what I meant by the liberals being the ones "not caring for the detail of things". I had in mind the way they 'interpret' the Constitution into meaning whatever they want it to mean, rather than going by its 'original intent' when drafted and codified into law; precisely like a contract. 

And take the term 'natural born citizen,' as it appears in the Constitution as an eligibility requirement for the office of the presidency (and that federal office ONLY). There is all manner of evidence that it means, and meant to the constitutional Framers, a child born on the soil of two (U.S.) citizen parents; thus, a person having been born without DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. It was the Framers' way of trying to make sure - at least as sure as THEY could - that the candidate for the presidency - who would also potentially become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - did not have those traits compromising him (or her).

Which includes the Usurper in that office today. Who, by having been allowed to get by the opposition party, with their not calling him on his lack of eligibility for the office in the '08 election campaign, is showing us precisely why that requirement made a huge amount of good sense; with his continued trashing of the Constitution, for his not having a primary loyalty to this nation, and its form of government. 

But then, that also evidences the failure of the Republican Party honchos to call him and the Democrats on that oversight, doesn't it. So that failure can cut both ways, politically…

…and unfortunately, the Republican Party is showing signs of wanting to use the same 'strategy' to put up a candidate, or candidates, for the office who ALSO fail the 'natural born citizen' test; in trying to make two wrongs make a right. 

I had better stop here. The rot - of a lack of attention to detail; of fuzzy thinking - of self-serving thinking - has obviously gone further into the body politic in this country than I had, at first blush, noted…..


As I have said before: A pox on both their houses.  Both major political parties have to go, for having become so corrupt.

But then, it's time for something new, anyway.


P.P.S.  Some of you who have been following my blogs for awhile may be thinking that all I care about is Obama's illegality in and for the office of the presidency.  But I assure you, and one and all, that my concerns go much further than that.  They, for example, extend to the phenomenon of our erstwhile Keepers, along with putting lithium and fluoride in our water supplies, upping the ante by having concocted an artificial bacteriophage - delivered surreptitiously by vaccines - that selectively eats neurons in the human brain, reducing us to the cattle that it is all they want us for: a mind-numbed work force, apathetic, docile, devoid of human emotion, simple service units, to be dispatched summarily at the end of our value to them.  So really, I am more than just a Johnny one-note.

Although there is actually just one note involved in all this dark-agenda stuff.  Which could be put, simply, as that

God will not be mocked; you lamebrains.  


P.P.P.S. And a little final add-on word, for this evening:

from 'Obamacare Could Destroy Us - Here's Why' - Young Publius - April 25 (orig. posted at - April 21)

Arizona Don 6 hours ago (April 25)
I just wonder why these liberal progressive democrats hate America. It just doesn’t make sense.


  • kibitzer3 Arizona Don a few seconds ago (April 25)

  • 1) They don't like anybody thinking that they are better than themselves because they make more money. It's an 'equality' thing for them. (Notice how the battle, when you come right down to it, is between 'liberty' and 'equality'??)

  • 2) They feel that people, left to their own devices - as in a 'free country' - will trash the environment, and so need to be controlled, by those who are 'more caring of the environment'. (Even though private property ownership creates better care for the environment, by and large, than if it is owned by 'everybody', i.e., the federal government.)

  • But what it all really comes down to is People Control. They don't believe in free will. They believe in strict authoritarianism. All are equal; and some are more equal than others.

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