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On Actions Having Consequences

I get mail…

    On The Fact of 
Obama’s Coronation

The California Republican Party has asked me to join them as part of their Membership Apeai for 2016.  My reply:

‘Dear Jim (Briulte, Chairman),

“The moment - the very instant - that the Republican Party does its job, as the opposition party of record, & declares Obama to be an illegal occupant of the Oval Office - for not being a ‘natural born’ citizen* - I will consider your request.  Oh - and that means, of course, that neither Cruz nor Rubio are eligible for that office, either.  Inconvenient truth that, isn’t it.

* see for the historical background to this issue - & never subsequently changed by constitutional amendment.

On The Consequences
  Obama’s Coronation

1.  The U.S. Justice Foundation, in one of its many mailings to its followers, has just pointed out the ramifications of the UN’s Small Arms Treaty that the Obama administration is quietly positioning to get ratified by the U.S. Senate; pointing out that “…all Treaties…shall be the supreme Law of the Land, and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby…”  What the USJF’s Executive Director didn’t point out in his letter was that the Obama administration, in connivance with the present sitting Senate, has turned the Constitution on its head with respect to the ratifying of treaties.  The Constitution requires that treaties must be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate present.  What your current batch of senatorial representatives has done, quietly and sinuously, like a snake in the grass,  has been to amend that requirement to ‘read’ that it takes two-thirds of the Senate to overturn a presidential veto of a treaty/‘agreement,’  which could have passed the Senate by a simple majority vote.  
     Sweet.  And deadly.
     And on this same note, of its particular consequence:

2.  The only ‘legitimate’ reason that weapons of self-defense in the hands of the citizenry could be a problem for the Obama administration - other than via the concocted business of needing to tighten down on their availability because of all of the manufactured mass shootings that have been going on in the country (some not even true events; another story) - is if said federal government was plotting to overthrow the Constitution, and “fundamentally transform” the nation into, not just a socialist dictatorship, but a mere part of the New World Order, by hijack.
     Manufacture a ‘state of national emergency’ (action), declare Martial Law (reaction), and hey presto! - overthrow (solution).  
     These people behind all this business have not just been beady-eyed little termites.  They have been busy little beavers; setting things up beautifully.  For their best-laid plans…

3.  Another example of the Consequences of having elected - and his political opponents subsequently acquiescing in the act of subversion - a person to the highest office in the land who thinks of himself as a law unto himself (well, of course he does; he got away with his initial lawbreaking act) is how he has both weakened and demoralized the nation’s military forces, as its Commander in Chief.  Weakened manpower-wise, and demoralized political-correctness-wise, with 
   a) the move to put females into frontline combat positions (not only weakening the physical-strength requirements in the course of the PC action, but jeopardizing the unit morale, in introducing jealousies and sexual competition into the ranks); 
   b) the move to put LGBT personnel in positions of authority over ’straights,’ and revenge being played out often;  
   c) the move to fill the ranks with illegal aliens; not just resulting in their having thereby an inside track for citizenship and thus effective amnesty, but compromising the military, if push comes to shove regarding the presence of so many illegal aliens in the country; and 
   d) the moves not only to ban Bibles from the enlisted personnel, but to keep chaplains from being able to minister to their flock according to legitimate needs and wishes.  

Another example, and then I’ll leave a possible whole handful of such examples in order to move on to my conclusion; of this litany of grievances, and this statement emphasizing the adverse Outcomes of grievous Actions:

4. The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Obergefell case - the same-sex marriage case - which relied for its ’victory’ on the votes, not only of two (illegal) appointees by the Usurper in Chief, but the votes of two SCOTUS judges who by rights should have either recused themselves from the vote, for having demonstrated prior bias in the most flagrant way possible - by having presided over same-sex marriages themselves - or been recused, by a morally upright Chief Justice.  This smacks of defiling the “good behavior” requirement of the Constitution by such judges.  
     But then, so does a lot of the decision-making that has been handed down by Obama appointees to the various benches of the judicial branch.  
     And this all is even disregarding the serious question about the actual ratification of the 14th Amendment, on which this decision was based.*  

But it is all moot now, anyway.  

Because with the Usurper and his minions and his masters having ‘raised the ante’ to the global level, of control, and governance, I and the flock that I am a part of will take over now, and bring The Process to its conclusion.  Replacing the Dark side - the reverse side - of The Process.

Having played its part.

The long slog in - seeming - separation having come to its state of stasis, from preliminary states of unfolding; theses and antitheses, resulting, in their interactions with each other, not in the final Synthesis along the historical Way, but in another level of unfolding to take place, as another thesis, generating a reactive response to its constituent elements.

All stages done now, with the raising of the Outcome to the global level.  Under the control of the Dark.  Having invoked its opposite ’spin,’ as it were; physical-law speaking.  To say: the Light.  To take over, now.  And from here on.

For most of humanity.  Those who can’t release their Dark-side roles, in this balancing act, this Drama  that has been taking place, will have some more ’seasoning’ to go through in a 3D classroom.  Elsewhere.  With Gais moving up also.  

With us.  Or without us.    

Those God aspects who are moving on and up:

Pray for these, your lost sibling sheep, stuck in various thickets of their making..  They are only momentarily lost - in Time - for having over-identified with their (oh-so seductive) roles.  If they can’t release their roles:

their choice.

Me?  I feel as though I’m in for the duration.  Some of us are.  Pray for us, too.  As we keep trying to separate more of Us from their thickets in Time.  And get them to start responding to the intuitive calls - the ’still small voice within’ - from their Higher Selves to get with

the agenda.

And speaking of this latter business - of the ’still small voice within’ - I feel dawn to end this Conclusion blog on a more positive note.  Thus:

I am not privy
              a lot
  of information.
        I am privy
        only to
My intuition.
And my intuition
             tells me
     it’s Time
                     to do
      such things
                     as to

           your body.
  it came from
         it’s a thing
         of intricate

        And it’s going
        to get


And having said that:

I now command you Dark-side minions to CEASE AND DESIST.  

For, we are


And I pronounce The Process


And thus, I DO NOT CONSENT to any more Dark-side stuff.

It is FINISHED.  And done with.

With appreciation for its role in our unfoldment, towards

our True Selves.

Having now broken out of the chrysalis of


to move on, into 

the eternal NOW.

And the start of its many levels, of consciousness.  As we engage in further rounds of Self-realization, and reclaim thereby our higher-frequency Light Body.

With which we can commune with our Creator more directly, than through these poor imitations of

the real thing.       

* On the ‘equal protection of the laws’ section of said Amendment.  A basis dubious at best, on which to overthrow centuries of precedent regarding the institution of marriage, including its religious underpinnings. 
   To have opened the door to marriage between anybody, or thing -  a man with a sheep, or a woman with a dog, for example; since the criterion now is no distinction to be allowed in law about marriage with ‘who (or what) you love’ -  is to court total decadence.
     But then, that is where we are at.  And is the point of my conclusion.  Coming up.

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