Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Bum's Rush

I had an enjoyable, though necessarily short conversation this afternoon at my bank with the teller, a very nice young woman whom I have had similar conversations with in the past.  This one started out with her referring to a weekend trip to visit with her mother in ‘back country’ of our Southern California area, where the dairy farms are being phased out (she noticed by the lack of smell in the air); which caused me to mention the standoff going on up in ‘back country’ Oregon between the ranchers/farmers and the BLM - which she had heard nothing of - and which triggered my getting into the subject of Agenda 21.  Although leery of anything to do with ‘conspiracy theory’ (how effective that smear technique has been, for the perps), still she evinced interest in the general subject, of what’s going on behind the scenes in our national life these days.  As the bank was closing, we agreed to carry on the conversation when next I made a deposit.1  

Where to begin when next we meet.  Ah.  A good, and very timely, subject: the TPP.  As William F. Jasper, Senior Editor of The New American, has said in his ‘The Last Word’ column in the latest issue of said magazine, which it just so happens that I received yesterday, and just got around to reading in some depth today (upon returning from the bank):    

“A dangerous finale approaches.  On November 5, [Resident] Obama2 posted the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement on the U.S. Trade Representative’s website and notified Congress of his intent to sign the document,  The long-secret text was finally available for inspection, after years of ultra-clandestine negotiations that kept the American people in the dark while granting special access…to representatives of select corporations, labor unions, and handpicked NGOs.  Even members of Congress, the constitutionally elected representatives of the American people, were rigidly restricted in their ability to view the TPP draft text…

“Since [Resident] Obama and the Republican leadership in Congress teamed up last year to pass 
‘Fast Track’ (Trade Promotion Authority, TPA), the TPP clock is now ticking.   

“Under TPA rules, [Resident] Obama has to give Congress 90 days notice before signing the TPP, which means that he could, and most likely will, sign the agreement as early as February 3, 2016.  Then he must wait 30 days before submitting TPP implementing legislation to Congress, which means that Congress may begin taking action on TPP as early [as] March 2.  In a worst-case scenario, both houses would immediately approve the TPP on that day, March 2.

“With so many other important issues demanding our attention — the national debt, ObamaCare, federal gun controls, EPA edicts, Constitutional Convention calls,3 Planned Parenthood funding, and much more — why should we consider TPP a priority?…”    

And then he goes into some of those important points.  Among them:

“* Hidden dangers in the bum’s rush — This agreement is so massive [more than 5,500 pages] and involves so many legal, economic, social, and political issues, and is being pushed on such a ridiculously expedited schedule during a busy legislative period, that it is impossible for either the American public or our elected representatives to subject it to the careful study, analysis, and debate that such a complex document demands.

“* Global governance vs. self-government under national sovereignty — Continuation of the liberty and prosperity with which we have been blessed in America depends on our maintaining the constitutional limitations on the size, power, and scope of government…(T)he TPP promotes ’global governance’ by, among other things, creating a powerful EU-style commission, a new structure ‘which meets, appoints unelected bureaucrats, adopts rules, and changes the agreement after adoption’…”

What??!  Oh yes - it is to be a “living document” - like these self-same revolutionaries have attempted with the U.S. Constitution, thus to make it putty in their ideologically-shaping hands - and it gets worse, including having its own courts, and forcing immigration on the U.S. (with foreign workers as well), and…and…..and……… 

And something in particular that makes all of this timely and germane is the speech that Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch made to the UN General Assembly in September last, on the subject of what is called the Strong Cities Network.  This is a UN scheme to get a foothold into our local communities, and implement TPTB’s agenda for a New World Order.4  Lynch - who said that she represented “the Obama administration” - not the U.S. government - talked about including the U.S. in ”an alignment of nations as a global community,” in such as supporting the UN’s announced robbing of parents of their parental rights, and as being ”against violent extremism”.  What’s that you say, Loretta?  What’s your definition of “violent extremism”??  Oh - I get it.  You’re talking not just about the citizenry reaction to the invasion of Muslims into the country (to change the basic nature of the country; complete with Sharia law), but about the reaction that U.S. citizens - well, at least those ’patriots,’ and ‘Constitutionalists,’ and ‘Second Amendment supporters,’ and so forth (including now, ’Christians’), that you folks (of “the Obama administration”) have identified elsewhere as “potential domestic terrorists” - will put up against the UN takeover of their nation, by way of UN troops coming into our cities via the Strong Cities Network initiative.  To put down the expected insurrection against your tyrannical moves, to take us into the vaunted New World Order, of your masters…5              

One of the subjects that I touched on briefly with my conversation partner at the bank today was the one of ‘education’  - how our Founding Fathers warned us, that, in creating a republic, it was up to us to keep it operating properly, and that could only be done by way of an educated public.

Hopefully, you have been educated, at least to some extent, by this blog.  That is, really, why I post them, anyway.  Not for my edification.  I have already done my homework.

And continue to do so. 

For it is never-ending.

‘Open-ended’.  Like some would make the Constitution to be…………......


1 Leaving just enough money in my account to cover my donations to various worthy causes as I do; myself 'leery' of such subjects to go into with her as bank bail-ins.

2 Sorry; I can’t bring myself to referring to him by his purloined title.
   I could call him a number of names, some I have come up with (Obeyme, e.g.), and some amusing ones (Bathhouse Barry, e.g.) - and some not so amusing - that have appeared on Comments threads to articles in my emails.  But I’ll stay with Resident, to keep it ‘clean’.

3 The New American is dead-set against moves for a Constitutional Convention, for reasons that it has gone into and made very clear over the years, and which it goes into in this issue of their magazine as well.  It has to do, essentially, with the fact that there is no way to stop such a  Convention from taking on a life of its own, and amending the Constitution beyond the presenting subjects - or abolishing the Constitution altogether.
   Not to put anything beyond the machinations of these Dark-side people that we are up against these crucial days…  

4 a term that I recommended that my teller friend check out by way of Google, before our next meeting.  
   That, and the subject of Transhumanism.  As part of the Technocracy intention of such NWO groupies as the Trilateral Commission (TP).  Though I didn’t go into that detail with her at the time.  Didn’t want to frighten her off, into considering this all ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff.
   One step at a time.  Down into the rabbit hole…

5 And thus the reason why “the Obama administration” has stockpiled billions of rounds of ammunition for its executive-branch agencies and departments, and acquired nearly 3000 MRAPs; and is training its ’private’ army to shoot not at enemy soldiers but at armed civilians; and is spying on us via the NSA communications-tapping and drones (both unarmed and armed); and has both Exercise-trained and stationed in the country military forces from both Red China and Russia; and…and…..and………………
   Our youth have been brainwashed into thinking that Obama and his minions are the ‘good guys,’ for standing for ‘the environment’.  Right.  For the environment of one giant concentration camp.
   Believe me, you terribly misled ‘useful idiots’: Gaia has a better future than that.  Wake the hell UP.  You are being led into a trap.
   And of unfortunate necessity, taking your parents with you.  Some of whom know better.  Some of whom are yet to - as I say -
   wake the hell UP.

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