Friday, 22 January 2016

Calling All TRUE Conservatives

1) from ‘Is Trump Trustworthy?  Is Cruz Likable?’ - Lloyd Marcus - January 22
(Lloyd is solidly for Cruz,  To say, fundamentally, for his principles.  Being a hardcore Christian; and wanting to see the country get back to those fundamental principles.)

Lloyd, your take on this is impeccable. Except for just one thing. Cruz is ineligible for that office. 

Conservatives need to be careful about playing the 'morality' card if they won't do their homework, and understand just what the term 'natural born' means. It means, and meant to the constitutional Framers, a person born on the soil (jus soli; of the soil) of citizen parents thereof (jus sanguinis; of the blood). That's what makes it 'natural'. Cruz is no more eligible for that particular office than Obama is. A matter which this nation is STILL going to have to face up to. Or it is finished, as a constitutional republic - to say, operating under the rule of law. And has fallen under the rule of men ('Words mean what I say they mean'). Aka arbitrary law. Aka tyranny. 

Oh - and another little matter under the general subject of 'morality': TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. 

Come ON, Christians. Wake up to your responsibility in this matter. Live by morality. Or die by compromise.

I should perhaps have said, at the end:  ‘Or die by suicide.’  

No.  On second thought, I’d leave it as how I put it.  ‘Compromise’ with the devil, and you sup with the devil.


2) from TeaPartyC.C.: ‘Republicans kick National Review magazine out of February debate’ - posted by Natl Dir. Dee - January 22 (orig. posted at - David Martosko - January 22)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago (January 22)

As a former subscriber to the NR I feel I can say with all fairness and personal experience that It was a "dead paper" when it failed to call Obama on his ineligibility for the office.  But then, that showed its true colors.  It was founded by Trotskyites; it is still run by Trotskyites.  Who in this day and age are called proponents of the New World Order.  

R.I.P., NR.  You are irrelevant, to the REAL answers for the future.  Of this nation.  And the world.


...and further on the subject of the NR and its current issue on Trump:

from ‘False Conservatives Desperately Cling To Influence, Status Quo In Attack On Trump’ - Rick Wells - January 22/3
(Rick skews Rich Lowery and the writers of the articles in the NR issue trashing Trump)

Stan // January 23, 2016 at 3:35 pm //  (act. January 22 11:37 pm PST)

I have had no respect for either Rich Lowery or the NR ever since they sold out the rule of law – the Constitution – by buying into the pretense that Obama was and is a ‘natural born’ citizen, when he clearly does not fit the ‘original intent’ of the term, and those ‘intellectuals’ at NR should have known that. That they don’t, or are pretending not to, speaks volumes about their ‘conservatism’. Their brand – perhaps best described as Neoconservatism – will lead us right into the New World Order, via such outlandish, sovereignty-destroying actions as the TPP.

Those people are internationalists, and you were right to describe them as such. Well spotted, and remarked on, Rick.

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