Wednesday, 13 January 2016

On The New World

My Wish...

Donald Trump would read my letter to the country, making whatever comments along the way that he chooses to; and then introduce me, to come out on stage.  (From the wings.  As it were.)  And there I announce, simply:

‘I hereby declare The Play over.  And the beginning of The Real Thing on this level.

‘And with that: It’s a wrap.’

And I walk back off stage.

My job done.

For that moment.

What will the New World - some call it Nova Earth - look like?

First of all, to comment on the Dark, and the Dark forces.  

The Dark forces should be embarrassed. if not humiliated, to know, realize, that they are merely tolerated, to further the cause of the Light.  That they owe their very existence to the Light.  Light casts shadows; shadows don’t cast Light.  Moreover, Light casts shadows only when it is blocked by heavy - to say, opaque - objects, in matter; in material form.  As such objects lose their heaviness, and become more translucent - to say, become more and more of the Light - the darkness simply disappears. 

Which is going on - and has been going on - as we speak.  Because you see, you atheists, and other benighted souls, amongst us: We were made to dream.

So: Begone, you creatures of the Dark.  You have had your day in the sun.  It’s time now for the Light to reclaim its kingdom - to take over totally, in human consciousness.  Which will result in their no longer throwing - creating; emitting - shadows.  All will be purely of

the Light.

Now.  As to the difference between the Old and the New.

Well - the difference will be like the difference between night and day.  First, to speak of the ‘night’ - of what we have been living in, by and large.  The values that we have been living by.  (As I say: by and large.)

Generally speaking:

The socialists and communists think that they know, and have, the answers.  They believe, e.g., that Americans - a people championing the spirit of entrepreneurship; of what people can do when they really put their minds to it - should not be allowed to, let alone be entitled to, live ‘higher on the hog’ than the rest of the world; that just because they created the world’s greatest, most affluent economy doesn’t mean that they deserve the benefits, the fruits of their labors, actions, efforts; that they used - some would say, stole - the world’s resources to do it, and thus the attitude, ‘we Americans owe them’ .  And there ls some truth in that attitude.  But the socialists and communists (a difference only in degree, not in kind) would offer to the matter, of the (acknowledged) great gap between the very rich and the extremely poor, the answer of brute Force and Power: simply to take away (that is, steal) from the Haves and give to the Have Nots.

Robbin’ Hood and his Merry Band of thieves.

A ‘redistribution of wealth’.  ‘Make everybody equal’ is their battle cry.  Nobody should have more than anybody else.  Why?  Because if someone has more than someone else, that creates the likes of envy, covertness, jealousy, resentment.  And thus, Friction, in the - potentially - well-oiled machine.  

Well; yes.  And…

Feelings like envy and covertness and jealousy and resentment are just that: feelings.  Emotions.  Which one chooses to feel.  Has (varying degrees of) control over.  So, by definition, it is your choice to choose them - or not.

Unless your emotional body is ruling you…

I am saying, bottom line, that you don’t change what’s in the human heart merely by changing the external conditions.  Eliminate the triggers, and those emotions still lurk in the heart, until the individual deals with them there.  Not just by eliminating the triggers for them to surface.  

But, back to the ideal-society discussion.  The ideal society, I would submit, is one that runs on Love.  What does that mean, specifically?  It means sharing goods and services with one another - and giving of your best in the process - out of a better, higher motive than either the ones of the carrot of ‘profit’ or of stick-enforced ‘equality’.  Out of the highest motive that there could ever be: 

out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  

And that’s all that you really need in the way of motive.  The concept of a ’profit’ is not a law of physics.  It is a concept only.  And we can choose our concepts to live our lives by.

Just like we can choose the emotions we wish to live our lives by.

It is all in our hands.   

If we choose to live by Love, things will flow.  If we choose to live by Envy and Hate and Force, things will stutter and shake and collapse into a warring heap.  

I repeat:

It is all in our hands.

And hearts.     

Oh.  And yes:

in order to work

of course

it requires us to believe in a God.

In the existence of something larger than Life.

A meaning to Life; beyond just in and for itself only.

I’ve done my homework in that regard.

Over to you.

Your choice.


And waiting.



For you to

get it.

P.S. A lot of people are going to have to change their beliefs.  On both sides of the ‘picture.’  In the light of


New Day



New World.

But then, that’s progress for you.



Not as in ‘progressive’.  Another word for which is statist.  Collectivism.  As opposed to individualism.

Both, to give way to



Integration.  Beyond Polarity/Duality.

Equilibrium (historically speaking).  And thus:


The Still

Turning Point.


At last.

The long slog in the mostly dark:


It is the turn, now, of

the Light.

The All There Is really,


And Love.

Of our Source.

Drawing us



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