Thursday, 14 January 2016

Message To Congress

After my appearance with The Donald on prime-time TV, I will then go to Washington, D.C. to address a Joint Session of Congress; to wit:

‘Twenty trillion dollars in debt.

‘Twenty TRILLION dollars, in debt…

‘It certainly didn’t seem to make much difference to have a two-party system in this country.  You obviously both sing off of the same song sheet.  Are on the same page.  Maybe a little difference in your parts, here and there.  But no fundamental difference…’

(shakes head; then:)

‘I certainly wouldn’t want any of you lot having anything to do with running any enterprise that I had anything to do with.   So - go home.  Because:

‘You’re fired.’

And walks off.

Into a press conference.  Where I will say something like:

‘There will be no need for a Congress in my kingdom.  Which will be a lower kingdom in God’s Holy range of kingdoms.  A kingdom dedicated to, and in alignment with the will of, God.

‘The One Holy Creator Source of us all.

‘So you see, the only ‘opposition’ in such a kingdom is the ephemeral opposition of the Dark side.  Its having been used by God to further the Plan of Perfection, that we have been engaged in, for many ephemeral lifetimes.  Getting ‘it’ right.  And now, facing our graduation time.  Not just to a higher classroom.  But to a higher level of very being.

‘So: Welcome to the rest of your soul’s life, on the stairway to the heavens.

‘For those of you who are going to be moving on, that is to say.  Moving on, and up, in the Light.  Some of you incarnate souls unfortunately are not going to make the grade.  Having engaged in too much Dark-side stuff, that has stuck to your auric field, become embedded in your essence.  You would not be able to withstand the purity of the Light of the realm to which the rest of us are going.  Ascending to; in frequency.  And to say, consciousness.  You still have some more seasoning to engage in, in a realm of duality and seeming separation.  Somewhere else.  Not here.  Gaia is moving up, as well.  As the live Being that She is, also.

’So: Everybody - ready yourselves for

‘the Transition Time.  Which is upon us.  As we speak.

‘That will be all.  For now.  Thank you for coming.  And hopefully, accompanying the majority of us, on the rest of

‘our journey 


‘having slipped the surly bonds, not only of Earth; but of Time and Space as well.’

Or something to that effect.  Because

It's that time.


P.S. Just got a mailing from the Carson camp, on the back of which they printed a quote of his; thusly:

"I believe deeply in every word of the U.S. Constitution and the Judeo-Christian values that form its foundation.  As your President I would swear to preserve, protect and defend it."

So, a message in this blog to Dr. Carson as well:

'Dear Dr. Carson:

'Research the background of the term, a 'natural born' citizen.  Understand what it means, in terms of its 'original intent'.  And what it, therefore, implies:

'that not only are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio ineligible for the top job (and so need to drop out of the contention for the Republican Party nomination; and be told to do so).  But so is Obama.  And so, the Usurper not only needs to be called on it.  But needs to be arrested, by Oathkeepers, and held for trial - on a whole host of charges by now.  Including fraud, perjury, and treason.

'Are you man enough for that job, Dr. Cason?

'If not -

'Drop out.  And be quick about it.  The nation is waiting, to be


'by the right person, or persons, for the job.

'Which actually entails even more than that.

'Much more than that.

'It entails a fundamental change in the governance on the entire planet.

'If you are the man for the job:

'Prove it.'

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