Thursday, 7 January 2016

Enemies Of The State...Sort Of

A friend of mine from overseas has asked me what I think of the Oregon 'thing'.  Here was my response to him:

It's a multi-faceted thing.  Dutchsinse has pointed out that both the Bundy Ranch in Nevada & the Hammond's up there in Oregon are sitting right next to extinct volcanoes and a ton of such precious metals as diamonds, gold, and uranium, which he thinks the Bundys are actually after in all this, but methinks the BLM is, and that's why they have been trying to drive both families off their lands.  Plus it quite likely involves the Chinese, whom the U.S. owes a ton of (our debt) money to, and who have been quietly 'buying' up a lot of U.S. land & assets around the country.  So: complex.  Plus there is talk of an FBI agent provocateur in the Bundy 'camp' up there, trying to stir things up from the inside, to give Obama's boys their excuse to start shooting, and, hopefully - to them - give them the excuse Obozo needs to declare martial law & thereby the end of the American constitutional republic, and the installation of the beginning stages of the NWO.  However, there are also signs that there are White Hats in the U.S. military & other 'agencies', who have realized that Obozo has been backing ISIS (see, e.g., Seymour Hersch's latest article), and they are none too happy with their C in Chief for that, if for no other reason (like, say, patriotism; seemingly a small commodity in U.S. oath keeper ranks these days), and there may very well be a quiet insurrection in the ranks (as it were) building up behind the scenes, to the NWO takeover plot.  Also see Benjamin Fulford's latest, along that line.  More and more people seemingly waking up to the Khazarian plot for global takeover.  So: a full hand being played, as we speak.


P.S. I see snippets of Alex [Jones] occasionally (I don't subscribe to his sites).  I feel that he has been reporting a good take on this Oregon thing.   
     Some people think that he is a controlled opposition (because he is married to a Jewess, I think is the argument).  I would like to say to them: If you had ever done even half of what Alex Jones has done over the years to wake the public up to what is and has been going on, you might have some reason to comment on/charge him.  Otherwise, keep your effing mouth shut.  Put up or shut up.     


A couple of comments.  Yes, Alex Jones has a big mouth, and talks over his guests a lot.  And, I would want him on my side, any day.

Second.  Avarice - and an impossible debt load to pay off; but debtors need to show some good faith in their attempts to placate their debt holders, before the leg-breaking starts - is not just the reason why the BLM is trying to drive more and more ranchers off their lands.  There is also the Agenda 21 thing; which has now morphed into the 2030 thing (and the Obama admin beginning to line up UN troops to come into our cities - under the Strong Cities Network 'agreement' - and enforce all the shit lined up to come down the pike at us U.S. citizenry). 

But anybody who bothers reading my blogs would be familiar with all that sort of thing.  So I'll close this particular blog with just this one point, of awareness:

Every action generates an equal and opposite reaction.  Until one gets to Completion - the completion of The Process.  


The Law.


P.S. No, one more comment, at this point: on the 'arson' business, used to railroad the two Hammonds into jail.  
     As someone in this whole sorry business has pointed out: for something lo be considered 'arson' you have to have, and prove, intent.  A controlled burn on a rancher's land, that the wind takes over onto some neighboring land before it can be put out (and does no substantial damage there to boot), is NOT ARSON -  is not an intentional act of damage.  
     And BESIDES, the BLM ITSELF has done the SAME THING - AND has never paid for livestock death and property damage (including to buildings) that IT has caused.  
     The BLM needs to be taken to court - to a legitimate court of law - on 'arson' charges, too, then.
     And let's get this shit over and done with   So we can move on. 
     Into a better world than this one.
     And not soon enough.

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