Thursday, 7 January 2016

On Individualism Vs. Collectivism = ?

from / ‘ Howard Dean And Hillary’s Husband Bill Attended Communist Party Unity Meeting In Europe’ - Rick Wells - January 6 
(Howard via video & Bill via himself speaking to a European Socialist confab in 2009, with 'rightwing' commentary thrown in by Lord Monckton)

  • stevor // January 6, 2016 at 3:41 pm // Reply 

  • Would somebody please explain to me how the commies took of the country and why the corporations, which would seem to be taken over under communism, are going along with it?
  • What about the banksters going along (as was evidenced when they tried to get General Smedley Butler help them overthrow the government decades ago?

  • 19ec25d450ddb86ee12de46533f2b8a2.jpg Kathy // January 6, 2016 at 8:50 pm // Reply 

  • These people have to be either out of their minds, just plain evil, or perhaps both, to want to destroy freedom!! Why, what do they think will happen to themselves and their own if and when God forbid they should succeed?

  • 45017dc20ce2dd468632e1029df454c2.jpg Stan // January 7, 2016 at 3:50 pm // Reply (Jan. 6 at 11:50 PST)

    Stevor and Kathy: TPTB behind this whole movement enlisted our youth in a cause for the planet, well-meaning by our youth but totally manipulated by the ruling Power of the planet. Our youth (and other ‘classes,’ like Women’s Lib) are the cannon fodder, paving the way for the takeover, which they think is socialism, but which in reality is fascism – a corporate-government complex, Big Pharma and Big Ag & cheap foreign labor & so forth. Those on the front lines want to “destroy freedom” because they think – have been led to believe – that when people are free, they trash the environment, don’t look out for the youth’s education, are selfish, etc. etc. etc. Well; yes, and. They are free because they are free-willed human beings. Not automatons; slaves to the Almighty State. It’s an attempt to replace God, who/which the collectivists think is simply an outmoded concept, having thrown the baby of Spirit out with the bathwater of Religion. And thus, having cut themselves off from their own higher Selves, and destiny.

  • It is a Turning Point time. Hegel described the historical process well. We are coming to a ‘state’ alright: a state of Synthesis. A state, in other words, of Completion. A balancing of the individual and the collective. It has all been how we learn our lessons, in this classroom of Life.

...ultimately to release the controlling mind.

To say: Let go, and let God.  (Or: be in sync with God.  Or: be in harmony with God.  Or: be in alignment with God.  Or.........whatever, along

that line.)

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