Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The 'Leaky Creaky Vessel' Of The Constitution...

...Of The Good Ship U.S. of A.

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House and for the National Republican Congressional Committee, has sent me (under his covering letter, at least) a ‘2016 Presidential Preference Ballot’ to fill out - and, of course, a request to make a financial contribution for Republican House candidates.  My response, covering both aspects of his letter:  

‘Paul: Is there some good reason that the Republicans don’t understand what ‘natural born’ means?  Or at least, meant to the generation of the constitutional Framers??  & as taught in their universities???  From E. de Vattel’s ‘The law of Nations, Or Principles of Natural Law’????  & why they required the office of POTUS to be filled with that particular kind of citizen - & that particular kind ONLY?????
‘see, e.g.: puzo1.blogspot.com         Take me off your mailing list.’

Two things that it’s a shame for.  1: It’s a shame that we don’t have a way on blog sites to show a) double underlines, and b) progressively larger-sized question marks.  And 2: It’s a shame that such as a national constitution has been allowed to be punched so full of holes that it can no longer act as a vessel for a people to sail their ship of state by.  

But then, it’s time to leave it behind, anyway; and ‘graduate’ to another, better form of travel, into the new New World.

And maybe, that’s why.  If it were still seaworthy, to some extent at least, it may be hung on to, for a while, beyond its practical use; just for the sake of a knowledgeable vessel, if for no other reason, and with some aspects of it still making it seaworthy. 

But when both major political parties in a two-party system have decided to engage in its destruction, can its total  lack of seaworthiness be far behind???

Now, you can say, and argue, that political parties were never a part of the picture in the beginning, and we should go back to such a pristine time.  But that is to fail to understand how things unfold.  They take on a bit of a life of their own along the way, and, like the Second Law of Thermodynamics - which ‘says,’ in effect, that 'You can’t unscramble eggs' -  can never be turned completely back to an earlier time.   Too much energy has been invested in the process, for it ever to be able to be un-unfolded. 

No.  We are here.  For better.  Or for worse.

And fortunately - there being a God, and all - it will be for the better.

For the lessons to have been learned (hopefully; and admittedly to varying degrees) along the way.

And for the reward to be reaped.

As we have matured, in awareness, from

The Process.

P.S. I do understand that there are some folks who are attempting to bring about a Convention of the States (a COS; or Con-Con - for Constitutional Convention - as it has been variously called), in order to try to do just this: ‘fix’ the American ship of state, by inserting a Balanced Budget amendment in it, e.g..  But, for one thing, some of the folks behind that movement cannot be trusted, are in league with the New World Order crowd.  (Including a well-known 'conservative' who is widening the hole in the hull of the ship from non-'natural born' citizens being let in to become the Commander in Chief.)  And for another:

It’s time to move on, anyway.

For the whole world.  Not just the once-free people of the former U.S.A.  Whose ship of state had already been hijacked, right from under them, even before the current piratical action.  Was transformed into the subtle, and sinister, form of a corporation.  Which has made of the former free, sovereign citizenry mere wards of the ‘state’ - the corporation.  In effect, the property of the state.  And that’s why - for example - TPTB think that they can force parents, not only to have their children vaccinated, but to have to submit to vaccination themselves.  And so forth.   

And then, when those former sovereigns wake up and realize that they are being branded, and herded into culling chutes, and try to escape from not only the specific chute but from the corral itself, they will be forcefully put down.  Relatively speaking.  Of permanently so.

Because that’s what Owners do. How they think.  When possessed by a Power-Over mentality.  (Power Over Others.  Rather than Power With.  Because We Are in actuality One.)

So, as I say:

It’s time to move on, anyway.

Out of this hellhole.  Which interest-bearing - that is to say, debt-based - money has made, led us into.

And into, rather, 

The Light

of a New Day.


As we speak.

In alignment with

our true


as spiritual beings having a human experience.

For now.

And moving on from there.


our higher


In the lower reaches - to begin with - of

the heavens.  Above this dimension.

A new sea to sail, indeed.  Incapable of being sailed by

such as

the leaky, creaky vessel of

the good ship U.S. of A.

Which has seen better days.  And is to be honored, for its yeoman service to humanity, in championing the individual, and the individual's journey; and for all the good men and women who gave their lives and were wounded, in many ways, in service to it.  But which now needs to be released.  To give way

to a better, more fit-for-purpose vessel



Neither Left.  Nor Right.  But


In summary.

The questions about the constitutional basis for such SCOTUS decisions as the Obergefells one, on same-sex marriage (with the presence of two illegally-appointed judges helping to put it over into the majority column, and one of whom should have been recused anyway, along with another of these overly sanctified presences) - based, reportedly, on the ‘equal protection’ clause of the 14th Amendment - are all disregarding the very real questions regarding a) the faulty ‘principle’ of ‘incorporation’ - that all of the Bill of Rights was ‘incorporated’ into the 14th Amendment’s shift of power from the States to the federal government (no such thing was either intended or really took place, except in the minds of shyster-lawyer types; ‘the Constitution is a living document’ types) - and b) the actual/legal ratification of the Amendment as well.  (Answer: It didn’t happen.  Nor did it happen with the 16th.  And quite possibly others.  Speaking of a leaky vessel.)  But it’s all moot now, anyway.  Because - with the Usurper having hijacked the presidency of the U.S., and in that purloined position having helped bring the unfolding historical Process to the global level, to say, to the level of Completion - I will be taking over now, anyway.  The long slog in - seeming - separation over; The Play to its Conclusion.  Or at least, to its concluding Act.

For most of us.  Those who can’t release their Dark-side roles, in the Hegelian-like, 'dialectical'  balancing-out act that has been taking place, getting us to Congruency, will have some more seasoning to engage in, in another 3D classroom somewhere.

Not here.  Gaia is going Up as well.  

As the most of humanity graduate, from this classroom level, on a free-will planet.  And head for the higher grades.  

A ways to go, yet.  To total


But heading in that direction.   

No longer to get lost, or sidetracked, in the Drama along

The Way.

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