Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Speaking of Unsavory Men, And Principles

Speaking of Unsavory Men:*

Working, and acting, on the principle that energy follows thought, I’m going to put out into the ethers some ideas on any governance that I will have anything to do with, in taking over from The Powers That Are trying to rule the world from the Dark side of The Process.  The Process, of unfolding us humans - by way of submerging us in an illusory state of separation from the Godhead, in order to give us the free-will experience of duality/polarity, for ‘seasoning’ - to our fuller potential, as ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’.  Not as cattle, robots, slaves to/subjects of our erstwhile Masters, who have bought into The Drama designed to separate the Most High’s sheep from Lucifer’s goats.  

I will speak from the point of view of the United States of America - the ‘New World’ of its day; championing the rights of the individual, as exemplified in the Declaration of Independence, referred to just previously; and the success of such an endeavor, on many levels, acting as a magnet for the world’s peoples, and unfortunately, in the wrong hands, as a place of Power from which to take over the world for the Dark side, in their ‘best-laid plans’ for a New World Order, demonstrating the length to which the ‘principle’ of Power Over will go.  Which is the length of the entire human experience itself, in a planetary takeover attempt.  

And thus, the Smart Meter grid that gives the Cabal massive control over their (erstwhile) subjects, both in monitoring them and in shutting them off from their utilities; the same with the deluded subjects’ Smart Phones, which, among other adversely-usable features, plot their location perfectly; the same with neighborhood WiFi antennae nests, which broadcast mind-control tech into the populace; the same with vaccines, which not only are designed for mind-control purposes but for culling of the herd; the same for weather-control technology, which can induce earthquakes/tsunamis/droughts/floods etc. - and have; and so forth, on the Dark side of the Earth’s inhabitants.  (Including especially the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex; long due for an overturn, and a return to natural forms of health care.)

Now, for the other side.  

For awhile, we need to Set Things Right.  So, in this country, that would look like:

+ the Usurper in the Oval Office - out (arrested by Oathkeepers, and held for trial on a whole host of charges by now).  And all the legislation that he has signed into law, and all the E.O.’s and P.D.’s that he has issued, and all the appointments that he has made - up to and including the SCOTUS - go with him, into the trash bin.  For, it needs to be as though he were never there.  As he has not been legally;

+ other members of the federal government, present and past - including Hillary Clinton, and members of the Congress - who have broken various laws - to be arrested and held for trial as well.  And in legitimate courts; not the use of Maritime Law that has been fraudulently in use (another subject; as is the corporate U.S.), rather, in Common Law courts;  

+ illegal aliens - out.  Who have been a burden for too long now, on our criminal justice system, schools, and social programs - welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, medical care - all on the taxpayers’ dime (to say, more accurately, the national debt, backed by the taxpayers); which ‘entitlements’ have bred in their numbers a degree of arrogance that is both appalling and outrageous.  
   The question of children born here to illegal aliens is a more complicated question, for the IAs were lulled here, by sinisterly-minded people, and to have children here, under false pretenses - that their children would be citizens of the U.S.  That is a fraudulent reading of the 14th Amendment, by devious Americans (the Cloward-Piven Strategy, anyone??), so it is not entirely their fault.  However, those souls who incarnated as their children born under those circumstances chose to take their chances (as we all choose our incarnations, in the Grand Costume Drama on this planet.  Now coming to an end); so we will have to deal with that factor in a further process.  But it is all ameliorated anyway, and will be rendered mostly moot, by the factor that

+ the fiat-money, interest-bearing and fractional-reserve banking system is to be taken down, with a new monetary system in which ‘money’ - or a credit-debit system of whatever details - will flow more freely, and Want will soon be a thing of the past.  Along with War, which is a facet of Want.     

Note that the same ‘moves’ that the Cabal were/are going to use to bring the herd under their control, in the way of a meltdown of the monetary system - so as to force everybody into the corral of a cashless system, for control purposes (the role of corrals, after all) - is to be used against them, in bringing humanity ju jitsu-like out from under the control of the old Babylonian interest-bearing system of money into the light of the New Day of a cashless system designed for Light-filled purposes; on its way to a moneyless system altogether, functioning, not on the profit motive, but on a higher motive: on the highest motive that there could ever be:

on our gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  On, in a word:


The People (not ‘slaves,’ or ‘subjects’; but incarnations of souls on a Pilgrim’s Journey) sharing goods and services with one another - and giving of our best in the process - out of that ‘principle’.  As we begin to incorporate into our ‘economy’ (on its way to a state of Abundance) the high-tech abilities that already exist, and will soon exist, in the way of free-energy devices, and replicators, and tele-travel, and so forth; as we go neither Left nor Right.  But Up.

Aka Ascension.

In summary:

There is nothing wrong with global structures and policies per se.  It all depends on whose hands they are in.

Choose well, Friend.

Oh; and P.S.: the influx of Muslim 'refugees' will, of course, be stopped.  Cold. Designed, as it has been, a) to slip jihadis into our countries, awaiting Der Tag; and b) to dissolve the existing cultures of the West, create mayhem (Crisis = Opportunity), and break down the nation-state system, in order to merge the world into the Dark side's New World Order.
     There will be a merging of the world's peoples, alright.  Just not in the form that the Cabal has in mind.
     As I say: in their 'best-laid schemes'.  Of mice.  And rats.
     Aka vermin.
     For thinking the way they do; 'merely' playing a part in The Drama or not.  They still have to answer for their actions, which they believed at the time were real.  Not part of an educational/evolutionary process; a Play in which to catch our consciences, as it were.  In this Theatre of the sometimes absurd.


* ”We are all Americans on this stage” said the artfully deceitful Ted Cruz during the last Republican presidential candidate debate, in a stunning and appalling use of duplicity, by employing a greasy-lawyer’s trick of trying to draw the jury’s attention away from the real facts of the matter, which threaten to blow your case to smithereens.  
   (Ted: No one is disputing that you candidates “are all Americans”.  We truthseekers are disputing your eligibility for that particular office. And that of Rubio as well, for that matter.  So: that is the shell which the pea is under, and not the one that you are attempting to lead our eyes and minds to.  Acting as if we had pea brains.)

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