Tuesday, 19 January 2016

On Licking The Hands Of Your Masters - Or Not

Further on the last point I made in my posts yesterday; to wit:

1) further on the TeaPartyC.C. article on Ted Cruz's candidacy:

Reply by Terry Weston 2 hours ago (January 18)

This is the bottom line folks. We take the bait on this silly. I REPEAT ! Silly Birther CRAP. We're toast in November. Stop doing the liberals work for them FFS. IMHO After going on eight freaking years of the total incompetent fool we have in the Oval Office. I DON'T CARE IF IT'S GOOFY nominated at the convention. Hell even GOOFY could do a better job that this left wing LOON Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack (Nothing is ever my fault.) Obama !

   You keep this up. You let the left wingers come in here and stir up a tempest in a teapot over a birther issue. Then we deserve to lose in November.

   Get over it and start fighting the liberals and not each other. Forget about freaking Ron Paul. That is a dead issue. Rand has the same problem. We stay home again over this silly and stupid birther crap ? We get the Hildabeast and for more years of chaos. That's if we're lucky enough for Barry not declaring martial law. 

   So get over this and let fight to win in November and save this country. That barbarians are at the gates. The southern border is being overrun with a new wave of illegals. They know that if Barry leaves office the southern border may be shut down. Not to mention all the muslum this idiot is allowing in to kill us. So stop this nonsense.

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (January 18)

Ah.  I see.  The rule of law - the Constitution - doesn't matter to you.  Just move along folks, nothing to see here.

You think that "barbarians are at the gates" now...wait 'til you see the barbarians WITHIN the gates, when there are no more rules.  Or, that is to say, when there is only the rule of men.

Aka tyranny.

Permalink Reply by Terry Weston 3 hours ago (January 19)
Stan ! We already have NO RULES ! Barry Soetoro broke them long ago. If Barry Soetoro can sit his incompetent behind in the Oval Office for going on eight long depressing years. I'll give Ted Cruz a chance. Like I'll give Trump a chance or Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina. BUT I WONT VOTE FOR Jeb BUSH ! or Rubio ! They're now IMHO part of the RINO rot in the republican party.

  So you keep on doing the liberal lefts work for them and we lose in November !  If we let the Bloody Bit*h of Benghazi win because of this birther non-sense? There will truly be NO rules. You will see true tyranny. Here is your sign !
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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 6 minutes ago (January 19)

I totally sympathize, Terry.  But we must stand firm with and to the rule of law.  Or we are no better than our enemies - that is, the enemies of the Republic.  Since two wrongs do NOT make a right.

And that all means that the Usurper in the Oval Office needs to be arrested (by Oathkeepers, including Constitutional Sheriffs) and held for trial - on a whole host of charges by now; including fraud, perjury, and treason - in a court of law.  And that's a LEGITIMATE court of law.  Not this Maritime Law stuff that has been foisted on us, somewhere along the way.  [N.B. Based on Vatican Canon Law.  A whole other story.]

And thus endeth our lesson.  Which is, specifically: Never to go asleep again, on our watch.  In a Republic of self-governing individuals.

2) further on the wnd. article by Joseph Farah:


The constitution is like the IRS's tax code a wet noddle [sic] that can be twisted any way the powers that be want to twist it . In the end you can't fight city hall. they have more guns.

  • kibitzer3 ericsiverson a few seconds ago (January 18)

  • If "you can't fight city hall" on this issue - an issue as important as the eligibility of who occupies the Oval Office, and commands all that power - then this nation is dead. Over. Finished. And the barbarians take over.

  • Which is what happens when you cease to run your affairs by the rule of law, and resort to the rule of men. Aka arbitrary law. Aka tyranny.

  • Rise up. Or lick the hand of he who feeds you, slave.

You see, my fellow Americans: The reason that this brouhaha over the NBC eligibility requirement for the office of POTUS is 'a big deal' is because, if the Constitution is merely a guideline - or as the Left has called it, and keeps trying to make it out to be, 'a living document' - there is nothing, e.g., to stop Obama from being put forward by his legions for another term, or terms, in the office - and getting away with it, in a realm operating no longer under the rule of law, but by - as I said above (twice; as if to underscore the point) - the rule of men.  Aka arbitrary law.  Aka tyranny.

Obama the despot.  Has a familiar ring to it.  Doesn't it.  A certain word-of-warning ring...

Let me call it precisely for what it is.  We are living at a time and in a place where some Dark-side souls have surreptitiously been tightening the noose around Americans' necks.  Which statement, and description, gives away their identity, to a certain extent.  They are not our 'fellow Americans'.  They are our erstwhile masters.  And so, who are 'they'?

'They' are: first and foremost, what are called 'Rothschild Zionists'.  Aka the Khazarian Mafia.  Wishing to rule the world from their august perch in Jerusalem.  But the rot goes further, and deeper, than that nest of vipers   'They' are also: Jesuits.  Members of the CFR.  The TC.  The Bilderbergers.  International banksters and industrialists, in the corporate-government complex aka fascism; and so, a combination of socialists/communists (down in the trenches) and fascists, with the fascist element sitting at the very top of the (erstwhile) pyramid of power, with their All-Seeing Eye trained on every move we make, and even our thoughts.  And even, now, with the ability to plant thoughts in our cattle-like heads.  And control the weather.1  And even cause earthquakes...

As someone has said (even though specifically in regards to the imminent meltdown of the monetary system):  This is it.   We have no more room to hide.  From 

the consequences of our actions.  Or to say as well:

the consequences of our inactions. 

We, now, must face up to the fact - the fundamental fact - that

we are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

Or perish.  

At the hands of some benighted souls.  Some who just don't realize that they have been actors in a Drama; and will come over to the side of The Light, once all is revealed.  And some who have truly bought into the Dark side.  

More fools, they.   

Who will still - still - be given a chance to release their dark-side identities (and intoxication with the spirit of Power Over).2 

Because the God is a God of Love.

Not Force.

But - and as always, in this Creation:

their choice. 



1 The California Drought, anyone?  The 'Breadbasket' of the country??  So that food prices are about to take off.  To cause food riots.  To create the conditions for the imposition of martial law.  And takeover. 

2 These devious bastards in this country have 'spiritual' antecedents; are at work in the same way that undercutters of the Roman Republic undermined the rule of law there, in order to establish one-man - pharaoh-like - rule, which is easier to take over and bend it to your interests (or become yourself), than in the separation-of-powers structure of a republic.
   Those who don't learn from history...

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