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Who I AM

First of all, let me address the question of Who We Are.  And to do that, I wish to mention an interesting thing that happened to me on the way to this blog.

I found it interesting that just after I made the following late-addition comment on my blog yesterday titled ‘On Individualism Vs. Collectivism = ?’ before closing down my computer late last night/early this morning - quote:

...ultimately to release the controlling mind.

"To say: Let go, and let God.  (Or: be in sync with God.  Or: be in harmony with God.  Or: be in alignment with God.  Or.........whatever, along

"that line.)”  -

I then came across the following material in one of the books that I have ‘going’, titled ‘Christ In Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection’ by one Acharya S, the pen name for a woman who goes by the name D.M. Murdock; a prolific author, and indefatigable researcher on/into the origins of Christianity.1  A woman after my own heart (as they say), ever since I left university some sixty years ago now (precisely on the day of my ‘coming of age’ - my 21st birthday, as a matter of possibly interesting fact) to start what has become a lifelong search for Truth.  I started with the Christian religion, since that was part - a cultural part, more than anything else - of my upbringing.  And after reading all that I could get my hands on, in what I deliberately sought out and considered was ‘’the largest public library in the Western world’, in New York City (all the way across the continent from my then, and again now, home in Southern California), on Christianity in particular and religions/spirituality in general (and including ESP and UFOs), I gave up my active search at the time, to get on with my daily life;2 but it has always been a part - a leitmotif in the background - of Who I Am.3  Anyway; to my reading for the night, before hitting the sack, in the early morning hours (as is my wont these retiree days).

It was in a chapter entitled ‘Horus at the Ages of 12 and 30,’ and was dealing with (as a quick review of where I had left off, many days ago, brought me up to date on) Gnosticism’s treatment of, and incorporation of, ancient (even then) Egyptian mythology.  Quote (with emphases in original):

“Expert on ‘Gnosticism’ Dr. Michael A. Williams, chairman of the Department of Comparative Religion at the University of Washington, likewise analyzes the equation of Sophia [just previously identified as 'wisdom'; "abandoned to the sorrows of this world...a supplicant to the Father, because she has lost the unity of her origin"] with Isis in Plutarch, tracing inferences of the association to Philo:

     ‘…Plutarch also equates Isis with the ’receptacle’ of Plato’s Timaeus …that is to say, 
     with matter, and as such she receives the imprints of the Logos, Osiris…Isis seems to
     bear features similar to those of Wisdom or Sophia as found in Philo’s writings, and 
     this results in “an entity which is on the one hand fallen and imperfect ["deformed" has 
     been used elsewhere to describe the human condition as well], though filled with 
     longing for completion by the logos [earlier defined as ‘reason’] of God, while on the 
     other being the cause of our creation and the vehicle by which we can come to know 
     God,” which means that for Plutarch Isis plays a role analogous to the gnostic Sophia.

“As we shall see, Philo’s development of the Word bears a striking resemblance to Jesus as the Logos in the gospel of John, which by all evidence was written long after the Alexandrian Jewish philosopher lived…”  (pp. 228-9)    

And she goes on, drawing, in minute detail, the “connection between the Egyptian religion, Gnosticism and Christianity".        

The comments by these ancient learned men about matter being “deformed,” “fallen” and ”imperfect,” yet our bodies being “the vehicle by which we can come to know God” is a most intriguing, and enlightened, thought.  To cut to the chase and summarize the conclusion:

1) Our human blueprint has been tweaked out of perfect, or at least better, alignment.  (Another story.)

2) Our bodies - matter itself - would appear to be phantasmagoria - distortions; projections; interference patterns - in a field of Light.   (Such as our DNA interacts with.)  But substantial, for all that.  Substantial enough to appear extremely real in itself.  Considering all the mischief that we humanoids can get up to…

..interspersed with moments of sheer beauty.  Like sunsets.  And like the singing voice of Jackie Evancho.  Who is living proof, if there ever was, that there is a God.   

In sum.  Horus was the prototype for the later character Jesus.  Both of them fictions; both, attempts to enunciate and elucidate the astrotheological principles of the Mysteries that the learned of their times, in trying to make sense of their world, ‘sensed’ - intuited (sixth-sensed, then) - existing alluringly behind the material and visible realm that they found themselves embedded in, with dim memories of a larger context, that they had come from, and were attempting to figure out their way back to, and open that door to, through such as acts of piety.  Some really primitive peoples paid homage to the Volcano God dominating their space.  Some, more enlightened, paid homage to characters, like Isis/Osiris/Horus.  Mithras.  Apollo.  And, like, Jesus.

I AM none of the above.


And so are


If you will just awaken to

your real -

Higher - 


And help us graduate out of this matrix that we are running our numbers against each other in.  As if we actually were


to each other.

Rather than 


each other.

In an update to The Golden Rule, then.  Not: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’  But:

‘As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself - literally.  For, We Are All One.  And All IS


So: the answer to the opening question/statement, 'Who I AM'?:




Let me put it another way.:

First of all, and in ascending order, I Am:

An American citizen.

A lover of this country. (For its virtues.  Not its foibles.)

A human being.

A ‘spiritual being having a human experience’.

A seeker of Truth.  Which includes of The Plan.

A dutiful child of The Most High.

An aspiring embodiment of Limitless Love and Truth.

And that should do it.  For now.

For, The NOW is another matter.

Coming up.

As we speak.

As do our links with our galactic neighbors, and our Ascended Masters.  Who help light us -

with their Light -

on our collective



1 Horus too was ‘born of a virgin;’ the ages of 12 and 30 special to the designated god figure; a Baptist figure and ritual; three days/nights in the 'tomb;' three 'kings' (heralding the advent of a 'savior'), twelve 'disciples' - all mythological/ancient astrotheological themes ('As Above, So Below') later picked up by those who were championing the ’new kid on the block,’ a - presumed - itinerant Jewish preacher named Jesus.  Who some Jews - presumably - called their Messiah (though there is no independent word but Saul-turned-Paul for this; keep reading), but whose Second Coming was personified - and 'foreshadowed', in what became known as the New Testament story, in amazing, even intricate detail - by the new emperor on the block, Titus.  But that was obviously a messiah too far, even for the Roman less-than-enlightened citizenry of that time.  (The Jews not buying it from the git-go.  They were expecting a warrior-king Messiah, to lead them in battle in overcoming their enemies; not a ‘meek and mild,' ‘Render unto Caesar’ doormat to the Romans.)  So they didn’t buy that part of the story.  But the original story - which had been concocted in the first place (particularly by a Jewish historian of the Flavians named Josephus, aka Paul, of New Testament fame) to try to sell Titus as the Jewish Messiah, so that they would stop their incessant rebelling against Roman empirical authority - stuck.  (See ‘Caesar’s Messiah’: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus’ by Joseph Atwill.)  And got embellished on - as these things went, at the time - as time went on, with other motifs of other god personages attached to the new one.  A long, sordid, story; but attesting to the strength of the longing in the human heart for the something Larger than Life that they sensed, deep inside their material vessel.    

2 which consisted specifically then of going into the U.S. Army, in the draft of the time - this was circa 1958; a few years after the armistice of the Korean War/No-call-it-for-political-purposes UN Police Action - as a conscientious objector.  And picking up my search on the other side of that two-year hiatus, in Special Services in South Korea.  Another story..  

3 And is what caused me to join a ‘spiritual community’ in the north of Scotland in early 1975; and where I had lived for the most of the last 35-plus years, before returning in 2012 to live my retired life in the sun of my old home town, near the ocean, and within walking distance to its Main Library; where I continue my search, in addition to other sources - primarily purchased books, magazines, and the Internet.  And 'quiet time': meditation.  My  spiritual practice.

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