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On Finding One's Audience

from 'Marco Rubio is Back!  Watch Him Destroy Democrats' Love of Cuba' - Onan Coca - Feb. 27 (posted Feb. 28) 

SoWhatBubb a day ago (Feb. 27)


The Despicable and Deceitful Back Stabber Rubio
is afraid of CONSERVATIVES.

The Back Stabber Rubio is looking for cover.
Rubio has already sold out America on Amnesty.
Rubio has already given Odumba everything he can.

The Lackey Rubio and his fellow Despicable Rinos


Let the Back Stabber Rino Republican party crash and burn in 2014.
2016 will be a different strategy,
but in 2014 these despicable Rinos need to be punished.


  • jessica22 SoWhatBubb 8 hours ago  (Feb. 28) 

  • Rubio may be finished because of people like you,
    But not all conservatives think like you.

  • Your "holier than thou" attitude will cost A LOT!
    The tea party started out as such a wonderful option for real conservatives.
    But it has become a party of purists, racists, wacko extremists!
    And people like you will cost us our country!

  • Now you can yell at me and put me in my place...
    On this anonymous site where no one knows who you are, coward!

Sovereign_Soul SoWhatBubb 18 hours ago  (Feb. 28)

I agree - and sadly, must include the ENTIRE Republican Party beginning at the highest levels -- the RNC and the huge influence by the Bush family on the GOP. THEY are ALL New World Order Globalists! They REFUSE to acknowledge that the Republican canndidates, including John McCain (greatest TIN of them mall), are NOT "Natural Born Citizens" as mandated by OUR Constitution! McCain's parents were BOTH American citizens BUT he was born in the City of Panama in the Nation of Panama -- thus, NOT complying with the Vattel meaning of NATURAL BORN citizens. GOP leadership is LYING -- just as akaObama IS lying. Only, not as much and as often. >grin<


  • jessica22 Sovereign_Soul 8 hours ago 

  • If you feel that way, why don't you do something to fix it?
    Maybe because you can't.
    You can scream and yell and bad-mouth those WORKING TO FIX THIS TRAVESTY...
    Or you can sit and bitch!

  • We see what you chose to do.
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      • kibitzer3 jessica22 13 minutes ago  (Feb. 28) 

      • Um…What are YOU doing about the sellout of the American Republic going on under the left wing of the Democrat Party, Jessica22???

robertmccabe a day ago

But can we trust him?


    • Ted Crawford robertmccabe 13 hours ago  (Feb. 28) 

    • "Aye, there's the rub" He is young and inexperienced, perhaps he trusted the Graybeards too much. He might have considered Mr. Jeffersons advice a while longer;" Question with Boldness, even the very existance of God...",
      I certainly am in NO position to cast the first stone here, given that I was so thoroughly seduced by Chris Christie myself!
      That being said, at this point, i still hesitate to recommend him for 2016. However I'm not the least bit interested with 2016, YET!! IF the American Electorate fails to awaken before November 4, 2014, it won't matter a fig, who runs in 2016, or even IF there will be an Election then!

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    • kibitzer3 Ted Crawford 10 minutes ago  (Feb. 28)

    • Um…Just to clarify, Ted: Marco is not eligible to run for the presidency. 

    • He can still make a good senator, with his fire about Cuba, and socialism, and the role of America in the world.

    • And I agree with you on the importance of the 2014 elections. It's make or break time for America. This year. Here. Now.

  •           If NOT now, when???


It's too bad that the people who really needed to hear Sen. Rubio's impassioned speech for liberty weren't listening.  They weren't, because 'we' are up against ideologues.  The thinking of some of them (I won't presume to speak for all of them): If people are left free to do what they want to do - i.e., the 'essential liberty' of the  American founding, and dream - they will do bad things, make bad calls; like call other people names, and trash the environment, and so forth; and so we just can't allow people to be free to do those sorts of things.  

That is, those things that allow us to make mistakes, and grow from them - those sorts of things that are the inevitable outcome of something called 'free will'.  Which those sorts of people (mostly, but not exclusively) on the Left don't believe in.  Believe that 'religion' is poppycock - something conjured up by people controllers of the past; and they will now take over that role, thank you very much.  'They': the rightful rulers of 'people'.1  The rulers, meaning the scientists.  And the ones caring about the environment.  To say: the product of The Enlightenment.  

And so, if people need to be put under the thumb of the all-powerful state, in order to keep them from making a mess of things, and getting 'out of hand' in general (including in their numbers),2 well, that's just too bad.  The price of progress, in the politically-correct sensibilities of The Controllers, is freedom.3

And so, such as boat people from a socialist paradise should really be turned around, and made to continue to be incarcerated - er, to serve the state that they are fleeing from, because it's really for their best interests, and the interests of humanity.  And if they don't like it - losing consumer products, and 'opportunity' (which is simply, to The People Controllers and their brainwashed minions, selfishness) and such - well: tough.  After all, trees are more important than toilet paper.

Excuse me: We can't have both???

No.  Well; not really.  Priorities need to be set.  Otherwise, you're simply allowing for the exercise of Choice.  The bad old 'freedom'. The state knows what's best, and will decide such things, on a priority basis.  After all, if you want an omelet, you have to crack some eggs.  (I think the argument goes, from Lenin's day.)

Anyway.  Just commenting.  On messages.  And who listens to them.    

And who should.


1 Not as in 'the People', of the American experiment in self-governance, as sovereigns in their own right.  As - more accurately identified - incarnate souls.  Pieces of the continent; part of the main.  Part, that is to say, of the great I Am.
     Of which we are all a Part.

2 'People are a cancer in and to the world; they need to be eliminated in large - massive -  numbers for the sake of the planet. 'Whatever It Takes,' counseled 'community organizer' Saul Alinsky, in his revolutionary's bible 'Rules For Radicals'.  'By Any Means Necessary.'
     The ends justify the means.  The philosophy of tyrants down through the ages.  And since I react so strongly to that 'philosophy' in this incarnation, I probably drank from that well in a previous incarnation; and learned my lesson 'well', as it were.    

3 And just so, why the erstwhile People Controllers exalt 'equality' over 'liberty'.  The equality, that is to say, of the incarcerated.

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