Friday, 21 March 2014

A Messsage To, And For, Humanity

We are - humanity as a whole is - faced now with a crucial, and unequivocal, choice: Either we live by and with the principle of essential liberty, as the 'spiritual beings having a human experience' that we are by right and by truth.  Or we exist as chattel under the total control of an oppressive state.

It is still your choice to make.  Make it wisely and well, Friend.  Much depends on it.  Individually.  And collectively.

And to America in particular, I say, regarding your current leader, and under his leadership: Do not follow him.  His arrogance knows no bounds.  He will lead you and the nation into disaster.  His is a siren song, leading your ship of state onto the rocks, in the shallow shoals of Despond.  Go, neither Left nor Right.  But Up.  Into the Light of a New Day for humanity.  To your true destiny.  Just waiting for you, to claim it.

As I say: Your choice.

While you still have one.  

This message is occasioned by the continued and continuing outpouring of evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the current American administration.  As I say, the arrogance of your current leader, and of his cohorts in crime, seemingly knows no bounds.

I do not call him your president, because he gained that title, and position, illegally.  I won't go into that pernicious, albeit related, matter here.  A matter that involves both sides of the political aisle in America in its wrongdoing.  I will just say, here, that much needs to be cleansed out of the Augean stables of the federal government.  Out of all the governments of the nation, for that matter.  The stench of corruption coming from that source is overwhelming, and reaches to high heaven.  It is intolerable, and its source is well due for a total clean-out.  But the national scene in particular is a scandal of major proportions.  And within that scene, the stench of corruption rises in particular, and most overwhelmingly, from the executive branch of that government.

This administration is dragging the government of the United States of America into deep dishonor.  And since it is - nominally, at least -  a government of, by, and for The People, it is The People who must set things right.

Let's see some action in that regard.  Or forever hold your peace, in your somnolent state of servitude.

It is time, that is to say, to 'rise to the occasion'  The occasion, of your deliverance from the depths of creation - of our classroom, for learning lessons.  And your claiming of your rightful inheritance.

Or we will just have to go through it all - all - all over again.

An outcome that I, for One, do not look forward to.  For me.  Or for humanity.  There is so much more for us all.  Just waiting.

To be chosen.  

And for humanity as a whole, then, to get off the Wheel of Return.

And fly.  Soar, into new, uncharted horizons.

A far more preferable outcome.  Than just the same old, same old; just under different guises, is all.

 I assure you.

As one of your Elder Brothers.

Urging you


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