Thursday, 13 March 2014

This is War…Of a Kind

Late last night, in scanning through my day's plethora of emails to see which ones I might try to glance at before closing down my computer for the night and getting some book or magazine reading in before calling it a night, I saw a mailing from Facebook, telling me that I had a bunch of unlooked-at messages and so forth.1  It's true that I don't look at my site often; I have it mainly for posting 'likes' to those on my Friends list, and petitions for them to consider to sign; that sort of thing.  Sometimes I let these gratuitous reminders go; but for whatever reason, I decided to scroll down through my messages.  Deep down in them was one from an American friend from my spiritual-community days in Scotland (hereinafter to be referred to as 'my Findhorn days,' to shorten the matter; you can Google the place for more info about it if you're interested), who I already knew was well on the other side of the political divide from me.  I have let his 'jibes' go in the past; after all, we are all entitled to our political beliefs, just as we are all entitled to our religious beliefs, and sports teams preferences, and so forth.  But this 'message' from him took the biscuit, in excoriating those who are opposed to Obama's actions and tendencies as being, on the one (specific) hand, for 'voter suppression,' and on the other (in general), as being 'racist' in their attitudes.  I almost teed off on him; but I let it go.  It was late, and I didn't want to have to take the time to formulate a fitting response.  All I could do was sigh; and ended my time on the computer for the day/night on that note.

And then my bedtime reading took the form of continuing in an article that I have been patiently wading through for some evenings now, called 'Grand Theft Obama: The Biggest Heist In U.S. History,' subtitled 'A guided tour of the manufactured crises that make up the Obama presidency,' by one James Simpson, appearing in the January 2014 issue of whistleblower magazine.2  After going through such as unemployment figures pre- and post-Stimulus, and the trillions - trillions! - that Obamacare alone could end up costing, he points out, in a section headed 'Premeditated, Manufactured Chaos':

"Considering the debacle [the Obamacare rollout] has become, the media should not only expose the glaring problems that continue to unfold, but also examine whether this is the result of incompetence - or design.  

"Following the shutdown/showdown debacle, Obama gratuitously accused Republicans of creating a 'manufactured crisis.'  It is interesting that Obama accused Republicans of such a plan, given the title of a viral 2008 article by this writer, 'Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis.'  There is such a strategy: Obama has known about it for decades and is using it now. 

"It was developed in the 1960s by Columbia University professors Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, who published an article in The Nation magazine titled 'The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.'  By packing welfare rolls with new beneficiaries, they hoped to bankrupt local governments and foment a blazing revolution when benefits dried up  It came to be known as the 'Cloward-Piven Strategy,' or simply 'Crisis Strategy.'

"The strategy helped explode welfare rolls in the 1960s and '70s, and precipitated New York City's near-bankruptcy in 1975.  Speaking of that crisis, New York Mayor Rudolf Giuliani accused the pair of economic sabotage.

"Cloward and Piven created the organizations tasked with executing this strategy, most notably ACORN.  Subsequently, the strategy was applied to: 1) Housing, where the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and similar groups colluded with the Clinton White House to foment the subprime mortgage crisis that led to the 2008 crash; 2) Voting, through enactment of the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, (aka Motor Voter), again with Clinton complicity; and 3) Illegal immigration. 

"Cloward and Piven were the authors of Motor Voter, which turns motor vehicle and other state offices into de faclo low-income voter registration drives.  This law allowed the nationwide explosion of voter registration fraud conducted by ACORN and is largely responsible for today's 24 million bad registrations nationwide.  Motor Voter also made Obamacare's online voter registration possible.  [my emphasis)   

"Obama has connections to Cloward and Piven and ACORN, as well as its voter registration arm, Project Vote, going back to the early 1990s.  The Holder Justice Department has been caught colluding with Project Vote in Motor Voter lawsuits.  Matthew Vadum, author of the ACORN expose, 'Subversion Inc,' reports that former ACORN leaders are still working with Obama.

"One has to consider the distinct possibility that Obamacare is part of a deliberate strategy to overwhelm the American people with crisis upon crisis until they throw up their arms in despair and give up."

It certainly looks that way.  But let me round off this report by focusing on what I consider to be the key issue: voting.  Ostensibly of 'the people'.  The question; is: What 'people'??

Under the sub-section heading 'Voter Manipulation,' Simpson goes on:3

"Obama and the Democrats' latest complaint is that voter ID laws suppress the vote.  The Holder Justice Department has turned that accusation into a legal assault against voter ID laws.  The charge is absurd on its face.  Democrats don't want voter ID laws because they don't want their various vote-fraud schemes exposed.  It is a well-documented fact that they engage in vote fraud.4

"But even if they had not stolen a single vote, Democrats have been using tax dollars to buy off entire voting blocs of Americans with trillions of dollars in benefits and created thousands of taxpayer-funded nonprofits that actually serve as ground armies for leftist activism…"

And I could go on.5  But let me cut to the chase here:

"Obama and the Democrats are now feverishly working to inflate this roster of the needy by pushing through amnesty for illegal aliens, officially numbering 11 million, but probably more like 30 million people.  Congress is currently debating this plan, with some Republicans…willing to accommodate Obama's scheme in the name of 'comprehensive immigration reform'…"

And being extremely shortsighted in doing so.  Because such a scheme would put the nation in the hands of the far Left for years to come - until they succeed in bringing it down by bankruptcy, and thereby merging it (as no longer 'exceptional') into their version of a New World Order.

You see, Facebook Friend, these people in positions of power in America today, in the Obama administration, do not want the economy to recover; do not want to end welfare and poverty. They want to continue to use people as a battering ram against the bulwarks of capitalism.  They want to shut down the whole works - capitalism - and replace it with their vaunted utopia of socialism.6  In the form of something they call their New World Order.

Now, you may well have heard that expression uttered by someone on the other side of the political aisle in America, in fact a former president - the first Bush (among others of The Elite; aka the Cabal, aka the Illuminati).  And so, why would I be accusing the Left of having the same sort of vision as fascists?

Answer: Because they have.  Both camps of collectivists want the same thing: A world utterly controlled by them.  Also known as Totalitarianism.  And the Left figures that their version will win out because they have (at least are striving mightily to have) the votes - 'people power'.  And the Right figures that their version will win out because they have the brute strength - 'military power'.

And they are both wrong.  Because there is something more going on here, than merely human strategizing. 

Not to get into all that here.  Just to end on the note that I will sound if I ever come across this particular acquaintance again, laying such Alinskyite strategizing on me in my FB message board:        

'Sorry, Friend.  Your aim is off the mark.  I am not a racist.

'I am an American.  

'And you are going to hijack my country over my dead body.

'And I don't plan on dying at your hand. 

'Because you see, The real Plan is for humanity to move beyond its current level of consciousness, and move up, to a new level.  Where we understand that we have just been involved in a Play.  To 'catch our consciences' - learn lessons from.  And then move on.

'Where our galactic neighbors are just waiting for us to get to; so they can celebrate with us.  As not only our galactic neighbors.  But our brothers and sisters.  (At the very least, cousins.)

'Because they are not only Galactic Family generically.  But literally.

"So, we have a Family Reunion to attend, and attend to.  So, enough of this human duality stuff.

'It's time for Unity.

'Or at least, a degree thereof.  For now.    

'Total Unity awaits us on the other side.

'Once we awaken to it.  In ourselves.  And start vibrating at the right pitch (frequency/resonance) to maintain contact with it.

'But.  First things first.

'And that ain't civil war. 

'The only war going on - really - is between our higher selves and our lower selves.

'Our work, now, is to leave the lower aspects of ourselves behind.  Claim our higher Selves.  

'And start the process of


'What we have been waiting for.  For a long, long time.  In matter. 

'But simply a moment in the Eternal Now.

'Once we release the hamster-like wheel, of Rebirth.  And claim our Christhood




1 Why does the FB management care?  Does FB get more advertising revenue the more clicks there are on its sites??…

2 'Credible. Independent.  Fearless.  A Monthly Publication of WND.Com.'  Article originally published by Accuracy in Media.

3 And here comes my response to you, my Facebook Friend.

4 Two quick comments here.  1) Yes, the Republicans have engaged in 'vote fraud' themselves.  To my awareness, in particular in programming the electronic voting machines in some areas in the 2004 federal elections; which subterfuge could well have given Bush Jr. the election (in the Ohio count in particular).  And boy, do the Democrats seem to have engaged in payback on that score.  But 2) Cleansed registration rolls - 'voter integrity' - are another thing entirely: they are necessary, for a country to be able to trust their voting system.  For the Holder Justice Department to be doing so much around the country in trying to keep states from cleansing their voter rolls and establishing voter ID laws is a serious violation of the very law that they are supposed to be upholding.  The Voter Registration Law that the DOJ is supposed to be upholding SPECIFICALLY CALLS FOR SUCH MEASURES.  And here they are, trying to SUPPRESS such measures. 
     If this isn't an act of tyranny, I don't what is.  
     THIS is the 'voter suppression' act that is really going on, my Facebook Friend.

5 You haven't heard about any of this?  How come??…The Mainstream Media speaks volumes…about itself. 

6 You see, my Facebook Friend - if you don't already, and it is all part of why you're in such active support of such shoddy shenanigans - this is a fundamental change that Obama and his Militant Tendency are out for in the country.  Capitalism is characterized by private property - not just private ownership of capital, but property.  And socialism is characterized by public property - government control (or outright ownership) of the production and distribution of goods.  And that is what the Obama Gang is going for.  And that is what is going to cause civil war in this country, if the Obama administration doesn't BACK OFF.
     Including from such signs of the takeover mentality that has infected Obama and his comrades as Obama arrogantly nominating a known extreme radical to be acting Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division at the Dept. of Justice (a move that was a bridge too far even for some Democrat senators); and - push push pushing again - Obama's attempting to appoint to the position of his U.S. Surgeon General a young supporter of his who believes that gun ownership is a mental health issue (adding to BHO's attempts to take away the citizenry's guns - especially those potential domestic 'terrorists' called patriots).  And perhaps especially including from his administration's blatant use - misuse - of the IRS in squelching conservative/rightwing/Tea Party/'liberty'-minded nonprofits in their applications for said status - especially in the lead-up to the 2012 elections - while 'passing' leftwing organizations for their nonprofit status (and their using taxpayer dollars to boot, to rub conservatives' noses in their ideological shenanigans while they're at it).  
     Obama was shocked - shocked - to learn of this practice of the IRS.  He said.  Have you heard of anybody's heads rolling for it??   Or rather, getting promoted???  
     Let's face facts in this country.  It's all a part of the Left's agenda for takeover.  It is simply all part of The Plan.  The Plan of War, against Freedom. 
      Human Freedom.  Against tyrannies of all kinds.
     The American Dream.
     NOT to be dealt with so offhandedly.  By those who don't really understand the value, and need, of essential Liberty.  Over Oppression.
     Well-intended ('We know what's best for you').  Or not.  ('We know what's best for us.')

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