Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Sore Subject

1) There is such a thing as tough love.

2) There are few words that set me off as badly as the phrase, and mentality behind it: 'They can afford it.'

Pile on the welfare benefits.  'They' can afford it.

Who the hell told you that you have any right to someone else's money, because 'They can afford it'?  Who the hell taught you that pernicious attitude??  It's sophistic nonsense.  It's even worse than such a perverse rationale: It's diabolical.  It's of the lowest form of consciousness.  It's simply an excuse for theft, and the mentality thereof.  It's pure evil.

Stop with such nonsense.  You are no people of mine if you really believe such trash talk.  Even if 'they' gained their capital by what you may consider to be foul means, that doesn't mean that you are 'entitled' to any of it.  

'They can afford it.'   So?  Leave them to heaven.  Their karma is their karma.  And what's yours is yours.  That's what you are 'entitled' to.

What's it to you what they have??  That sounds like envy to me.  One of the so-called Seven Deadly Sins; that it would pay us to get rid of, in our dealings with each other in the classroom of life.

'They can afford it.'  What arrogance.  And to be teaching that sort of mentality to children, who then act out 'entitlement' scenarios -  grrrrrr……….1

Now.  Having said all that, hopefully made that point.

We are entering a new age of our development, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  We are on the verge of graduating to a higher class, where everything is everybody's, because All is God - and to be treated as such.  With gratitude, for life with meaning.

A 'redistribution of wealth' comes correctly from the understanding of what life is all about.

And from that place of awareness, we can ultimately do away with money.  Because we are to 'work' within the context, then, no longer of scarcity.  But of abundance.  Having graduated to the level of consciousness that allows us to access that storehouse of plenty: the very essence of the Creation, that we swim in; live our lives in, and by.  

All is energy.  Therefore, we can manifest all that we need, just by learning how to turn on the celestial spigot.   

And you/we can't do that by low-consciousness means.  

As in living within a consciousness realm of the 'likes' of the Seven Deadly Sins.     

Where, in the meantime, there are the 'likes' of $3.5 trillion - trillion! - in federal spending under the Marxist Usurper Obama.  And at a time when there is $17 trillion in federal debt in America. TRILLION!  Plus huge amounts of unfunded liabilities……what madness.

How to account for all this unconscionable sort of thing???

First of all, it may well stem from a vague understanding, awareness, memory of how things work on the other side of the veil - on higher levels than the 3D material one of our classroom life on planet Earth.  But in terms of this life, it seems to stem from that same fundamental attitude: that 'They can afford it'.

Soak the rich.  Which attitude ends up in actuality destroyng the middle class.  And killing any incentive for those lower down on the income chain to better themselves.  

Why bother, when one is given all sorts of goodies, by a paternalistic state…

…in exchange for their support.  The support of inmates……2

Marx had a vision of a better world.  He just blew it when it came to figuring out how to get there.  

Barack Obama - not 'President' Obama; he is illegally occupying that office, and doesn't deserve the appellation; another issue - is inculcating the wrong values in America.  Don't listen to him.  His is a siren voice that is luring you - and America as a whole - onto the rocks.

Believe me: It is not a voice from the Horn of Plenty.  Except plenty of Despair, and Destruction.   

Start engaging in deeper listening than to his - and the Left's in general - voice, and message.  And we can still get to the Promised Land.

But it requires that from you in order for us to make it.


P.S. And having said all that: I agree that the gap between what the CEO makes and what the guy on the shop floor makes sucks.  But they'll get theirs, for allowing such a situation to develop.
     It comes from the equally odious 'managerial' concept of 'the 20-80 society,' wherein and whereby 20% of the populace will be handsomely paid for their services (and loyalty) to 'the system' and the other 80% are thought of as 'useless eaters' by the ruling class.
     There is plenty of blame to go around today, on both the 'left' and the 'right' of the socio-econo-political scene.  That's also, in part, why it's time to blow the whistle on the whole messy system.
     Another subject...



1 I suppose, at this point, I should be all statesmanlike, and say, rather, something like "it is unacceptable".  But between you and me:

2 I understand that some of this gluttony is due to the very wealthy 'fat cats' behind the scenes, who are making a fortune on the interest on this debt, and all this spending - what the establishment of the Federal Reserve was all about in the first place.  (See The Creature of Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.)  But that is no excuse for the American people to have gone along with the con.
     To have sold out the American dream, of a nation of self-governing people, sovereigns in their own right - and mature enough to handle the responsibility.

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