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The Good Old Days?

1) from tea 'Trey Gowdy threatens to hold IRS commissioner in contempt for withholding of Lerner emails' - Mar. 27 - orig. posted at - Mar. 26)

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  (Mar 28)

It has to be clear enough by now, even to a Congressperson used to compromise, that this administration, under its coach, and the Alinsky rule book, is playing hardball. Playing softball back to these socialist ideologues doesn't cut it any longer. Got it, you business-as-usual folks on the Legislature team?

I hope so. Your failure to put some muscle behind your separation-of-powers act is leading the nation further into disaster than it has already gone. The far Left is just doing what they are programmed to do: keeping the pressure on, to accomplish their [intended] takeover of the American form of government. If you don't start fighting back now, you will force We the People to do the job. And that won't be pretty, given how far you have let the rot develop already.


And the difficulty it will be to set things right, from their revolutionary activity having been given time to set itself in concrete.

Give them an inch and they'll take a mile…

The more I read of what is going down these days under Obama and his legions on the Left - with the conniving, at-the-best naive help of the Democrats in the Senate - the more I am reminded of Ronald Reagan's classic comment, "I didn't leave the Democrat Party.  the Democrat Party left me."  

The Democrat Party today, and its radical thugs in charge, seem to think of the great majority of everyone to the right of them as the same: the evil enemy.  Well, as one of the 'evil enemy,' I can say that I know the difference between a 'normal' Democrat - i.e., someone standing for 'the little guy ' - and the far left crowd who have taken over the operations of the Democrat Party; shading over into the very far left, of the outright socialist, Marxist-Leninist ideologues.  And in the Republican Party corner there are the 'normal' Republicans - i.e.., somebody standing for the small-business-owning, liberty-loving, fundamental-values America, shading over into the very far right, of the banking/corporate elite, the big-government lot of fascists.  

That crowd would take the nation into tyranny.  The same as the far Left crowd.  Which is doing it as we speak.  Bush, Jr. & the Neocons having opened the door to - paved the way for - a more numerous crowd of ideologues than themselves, at the time.  

I could do your homework for you, and list a bunch - an appalling and horrendous bunch - of points of how Obama is exceeding his separation-of-powers authority; let alone occupying the office illegally.*  But, in a nation aspiring to be a nation of self-governed sovereigns - and holding that torch, of Liberty, up as an ensign to and for the nations -  it is the individual's duty to keep him- or herself informed.

So please inform yourself.

And then act.

While we still can. 

P.S. Do I advocate a simple return to 'the good old days'?  No.  There is something new under the sun; coming our way.  But it is characterized by the high qualities.
     Not the low ones.  
     Such as are being demonstrated by Obama and his administration.
     And in spades.
     As we speak.  


*  And thus, how we are finding out, the hard way, why the constitutional Framers wanted to make sure that any candidate for the presidential office had no CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES, by requiring him - or her - to be a "natural-born" citizen.  Meaning, being born on the soil of two U.S. citizen parents - NO DUAL CITIZENS for that job; and that particular job only.  Who would also be the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, and in particular needed to have no conflicting loyalties in that crucial position.


2) from ''Rules mean nothing' to Obama  and his administration' - Mar. 27/8
('Obamacare deadline extended by White House even after claiming ‘no legal authority’ to do so.')

Nonie Weiser Pherson · Top Commenter · Works at IRS

There is a chance to repeal the law if we take back the Senate in November, getting rid of Reid at the same time. So Nevada voters need to get out and vote. But since he was re-elected by voter fraud the last time, I don't know what our chances are.

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Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  (Mar. 29)

Nonie Weiser Pherson: Conservatives need to get behind the Republican Party honchos in their states and shove them forward to a) take on their Secretaries of State to do a total cleansing of the voter reg rolls, and to b) light a fire under their members of the State legislatures to enact solid photo ID card legislation, in time for the 2014 elections - or there may not BE any future elections, the way the hard Left ideologues are going, in taking down this country.

It can be done. But conservatives need to get busy on the job. Tempus fugit.


3) from 'Teacher Bullied By Other Teachers Over Common Core' - Tom Hinchey - Mar. 28 - posted at Floyd Brown/The White House Watch - Mar. 28
('Bullies of a radically different kind…' - 'A Kindergarten teacher at the Sikeston Public School District in Missouri testified at a Senate Education Committee hearing that she has suffered from bullying and intimidation from school administrators and fellow teachers because she opposes Common Core.')

March 29, 2014 at 1:32 am — Reply

Thanks for reporting on this, Tom.
Nothing more really needs to be said. There is a war going on. For the minds of our children. And for the future of the nation. As a thriving constitutional republic. Or a socialist failure; ‘transforming’ money from the pockets of the makers and giving it to the takers, and thus driving them into the mentality and actuality of dependency on the state. Which, to any reasonable way of thinking, by individuals not given to sophistic reasoning, is immoral behavior.
Sacrificing the individual ‘for the greater good’? Not in my country you won’t.

Stand your ground, Teach. You do it for us all.

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