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'Step Up! Step Right Up!


1) from 'Two Illegal Aliens Sentenced for $1.4 Million Food Stamp Fraud' - Mar. 1 - orig. posted at - by Wynton Hall - Feb. 25

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  (Mar. 1)

When the money is 'the government's,' meaning nobody's but the anonymous taxpayers, Democrats and Republicans alike, sniffing it out like the truffles-seeking swine that they are, line up for some of that good free green stuff. 

Some 'too big to fail' bank is making off like a bandit by operating the food stamp program. They are happy to see the numbers on it go through the figurative roof. The more the better, for them. This scam - like the S&L disaster in the '80s - is ready for a big fall. The scammers on both sides of the political aisle deserve to get their just [deserts[. And they will, if there is Justice in the universe. And guess what, boys and girls: there is.


2) from 'Biden: 'Single Women With Children in a Dead-End Job' Can Quit Because of Obamacare' - Mar. 1 - orig. posted at - by Susan Jones - Feb. 26

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Mar. 1)

Now let me get this straight, Joe. You're telling single moms to quit their jobs and thus have "a great deal more freedom" because…the taxpayers will continue to support them in their wonderful new lifestyle???

I think I'll join that growing line. I'm not sure who will pay for it, but hey - it sounds like a good deal to me. 

Free money. Great stuff. Joe. Oh - and Joe: You SURE that brain surgery of yours was successful???


Actually, I am particularly incensed at this latter story.  Grown people - supposed adults - creating a welfare mentality in the populace.  On purpose.  Because their (intentional) governmental polices have created a situation where many jobs have fled the country, in line with their desire to create a permanent welfare class, with all kinds of goodies, to support those people in their 'chosen' dependent, incarcerated lifestyle; the intended 'lifestyle' of the masses.

Why should anybody aspire to anything better, if they have to give up so much that they can get on welfare??  Housing subsidies, and health care subsidies, and food stamps, and 'child benefits,' and on and on and ON?????

Listen, 'Joe': Why should I stand still for it while you hold the government's gun to my head and rob me to pay a female to have a baby (or babies, it's such a good deal) on my dime, and then continue to live on what you continue to rob me of for her - them; and growing - to live off of????

Guess what.  I ain't standing for this anymore.  It's a corrupt way of life.  And I won't have it going on in my country anymore.  And nor will millions - millions - of American patriots, whose forebears fought and often died for the American virtues of individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited government.

Now, I know that the (even) further Left of your political bedmates have set all this up on purpose (read: the Cloward-Piven Strategy), in order to bankrupt 'the system' and - hopefully; intendedly, at any rate - install your leftwing socialist 'paradise' in the wake of the capitalist system's demise.  But understand something, you Lefties of all stripes (especially the white one down your collective backs):

It's called 'unintended consequences'.  And it may be scary for awhile.  (While the REAL PTB - the fascists - move to co-opt your cannon-fodder revolution; and American patriots take the fight to the both of you.)  But given a certain amount of time, this process WILL, indeed, end up in a better Way than before.

Just not the Way that you think, and want.  And would lie, and cheat, and otherwise be deceitful, in order to bring about. 

Which is precisely The Way that will keep that desired, better-world outcome from ever happening.


P.S. I used the word 'rob' above - deliberately.  Because that is what it is.  In America at least (I'll let citizens of other, socialist countries describe what 'it' is to them), taxes are supposed to go towards the general Welfare - roads, highways, bridges, sidewalks; public transport systems; police and fire departments; schools, libraries, parks; that sort of thing.  Not to go into the pockets of private citizens, in a redistribution-of-wealth scam - tax money even from couples who can't afford to have their own children, and are being responsible citizens in not doing so.  What arrogance, on the part of the leftwing leadership, and those citizens who allow themselves to be seduced by those scoundrels, in lining up for that good free green stuff.  Disgusting consciousness.
     I know some of those leftists may mean well, in sincerely trying to give the poor a hand (instead of using them as a battering ram to overthrow The System).  But in giving them a hand out, rather than a hand up, they are digging the hole even deeper, for causing average Joe and Jill Taxpayer to try to avoid if at all possible putting their hard-earned tax monies into the bottomless pocket of the 'government' ($17 Trillion in debt and counting).  And thus the 'general welfare' suffers, at the hands of those who use that monies rather for their political or financial purposes.  As I say: disgusting.  
     And that level of consciousness will keep many souls from advancing, off the wheel of Rebirth, while the rest of us move on, in our individual journeys 

P.P.S. And on further reflection on the matter: how abhorrent that 'the government'  would make it more comfortable and advantageous for people momentarily needing a hand to be on welfare, with all of its goodies, than off of it.  What a terrible position for people to be in, and choice to have to make.
     Heads will roll, when Justice kicks in.  As it will.
     As it will.

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