Saturday, 8 March 2014

Crystal Ball Gazing

What do I see on the horizon, from where we are at the moment.

I see some difficult moments between 'here' and 'there'.  But 'there' will be worth it, all.

I have shared somewhere in these pages the idea of free energy devices, that will enable us to enter a 'time' of Abundance, and will also 'accompany' us as we learn to travel in this universe in harmony with it, as distances become remote.  And exploring we will go.  But I didn't want to end my brief sharing on the near future on that note.  I want to end it on its proper note.

Which is an ascending one.  To say: which is one of Ascension.

Beyond the confines of this current realm.  Which is, in any event, an illusory one; not to be confused with Reality.  In Reality, there is no death, or decay.  No 'evil'.  Those are all aspects of the realm of duality and polarity - of Illusion - that we have been incarcerated in, for 'eons' - to say, more accurately, for part-playing lifetimes - on the karmic Wheel of Rebirth.

Which day is done.  For many.  All we need do is to awaken to it.  And from it.  'It': the learning stage of development.  The classroom exercise.  Which I, for one, am anxious for us to move on out of.

We are currently living in a narrow band of sensory awareness.  Yes, we can explore it  But the main point of the exercise is to transcend it.  To go up in frequency.  'Vibration.'  In very consciousness.  Because consciousness and frequency are one and the same thing.

Don't settle for half a loaf.  Go for the All That Is.

And only then, will you be satisfied with the experience.

The experience of consciousness.

Of being in consciousness.      

I think I've said enough for the moment, on this subject.

Please.  Consider.


And I'll meet you again on the Path, through all this phenomenality.

Getting ultimately to the pure Truth.

Off there in the distance of my crystal ball gazing, like a range of very tall mountains.

The Himalayas of our trek through space and time.

And time and space.

And other dimensions as well.

Learning, to be fully in the Now.

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