Thursday, 13 March 2014

Messages For Today

1) from the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee FB page, to an interview the good doctor had this week with Glenn Beck on camera, wherein he balked at the notion of semi-automatic weapons being made available to the citizenry in big cities.  My contribution (Mar. 13):
  • Stan Stanfield Dr. Carson has a legitimate reason to worry about semi-automatic weapons present in big cities. And it's outrageous that this present administration has forced the citizenry to have to make that very dangerous choice. But the people of America have the basic right to protect themselves from their potentially rogue government - and that is precisely what we are faced with today.
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  • Stan Stanfield I would tell that government: Get back in line with the Constitution. Or get out.


2) A follow-on message from my blog of yesterday, wherein I deplored the deliberate creation of a welfare class in the U.S. by the socialistic far Left, in order for those unfortunates to be used - to act as a vanguard for "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" into a socialist country and economic system.  To clarify my position on the matter even further, I will say this:

To use the coercive power of the state to take from some in order to give it to others - in a 'redistribution of wealth' scheme and scam, in exchange for the votes that keep you in power - is theft, pure and simple.  

There is no integrity, there is no morality, there is no virtue in that whatsoever.  You should be ashamed of yourselves; both the offerers of the bait and the takers of it (more disappointed in the latter).

It is up to people to demonstrate their goodliness of heart by giving voluntarily to the support of those in need.  But the condition of their hearts is no business of yours.  Only the condition of your own is; and the example you cans set, for others to follow.

Am I advocating a return to the likes of Victorian England, and huge numbers of The Poor ignored and left in their misery by The Wealthy?  No.  In fact, I am advocating a move forward; into a New World Order alright; just a different kind of NWO than those totalitarian nightmares advocated by both the socialist Left and the fascist Right.  I am advocating a New World Order in alignment with Spirit - with our Creator's Will for us, as the 'spiritual beings having a human experience' that we are.  On our way to Ascension, into a higher degree of 'density' than the 3D one that we have been incarcerated in for long enough; wherein and whereby we begin to move out of Duality consciousness into Unity consciousness - into the consciousness level that reflects back to us the awareness that We Are All One, including with the Creative Intelligence behind the whole experience, that has given us life as an expression of Itself (in order that it could both experience Itself and grow Itself).  But we can't get there from here - from a low consciousness level, that looks lo use and manipulate others in order to fulfill our desires.  

Tat tvam asi.  That art thou.  There is no essential difference between you and 'other'.  So: wake up.  And start treating yourself better.                 

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