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FREE! Film Story Idea!

As OPENING CREDITS RUN we see SHOTS OF a small city waking up to its day.  It's an American city, with the morning paper being delivered, but at this point it could be anywhere in the country.  Then a 


whose eyes now OPEN.  A beat; as if he is trying to get his bearings.  Then his eyes begin checking out his whereabouts.  Then his head moves a bit with them.  He is thoughtful for a moment, as if to say, What was that dream all about??  Then he sighs; and makes a move to get up.

We next SEE him in his bathroom, lathered up, shaving.  He pauses, looking at himself in the mirror; and then we CUT TO:

A SHOT OF a man - who could well have been his father, from the looks - doing the exact same thing; the ANGLE of the shot from the POV OF a small child.  Who the man then looks down at, directly into the eyes of that child - which is our pov  The man smiles at CAMERA - 

and we are BACK WITH the young man, in his kitchen, getting ready for his day.  There is SMALL TALK going on on the kitchen radio in the bg, a radio talk-show jockey identifying the time and that it is Saturday, "on this glorious day.  Well, at least it's starting out that way."

We then SEE our YM out on a street, with a daypack, walking casually; in no hurry, wherever he is going.  He is about to pass a couple of guys, about his age, standing at a corner, one of them operating his smart phone with his thumb.  We catch a bit of conversation from the friend:  

GUY ON STREETCORNER (to COMPANION): I used to have one of those.  But I started getting RSI.

Immediately we CUT TO:

A SHOT OF our YM, in his somewhat younger days, in the living room of a high-school-age female, who is playing something classical on her piano while our guy quietly listens from across the room.  The girl hits a difficult-for-her spot in the piece, tries it again with a pained look, and then gives up, rubbing her right wrist.

YOUNG GIRLFRIEND:  I don't know what it is.  My wrists are beginning to give out on me.  

We then SEE our YM further down the street, and follow him.  He stops at a storefront window, and looks at himself for a moment; to say, at his image in the window, with a thoughtful expression.  

Further on, he sees a penny on the sidewalk, and stops to pick it up.  As he reaches down for it, we CUT TO:

A SHOT OF a small-boy version of our YM watching as his mother puts a couple of pennies in a piggy bank in their kitchen.

MOTHER (smiling down at her son): Waste not, want not.   

Etc..  NOTE that there is some sort of movement here: At the very first, the YM's association-memory flashes are seen as from a small child's pov (as when he is watching his father shave) - 'we' are 'him', seeing it/remembering it all from his position; and then he begins to see/have such memory flashes from an observer's pov, as he becomes rather an observer of the passing scenes, as though he is watching it all on tape.  

And so it goes, through his day, as he goes to a couple of stores to get food items &/or whatever (including a bottle of red wine): Things - sounds, sights - in his immediate environment immediately trigger memory flashes for him; the feeling being that everything around him - us - is linked in somehow to us; to our experience.  Is a reflection of our experience, and reflects it to us.  And then two things start happening:

1) The linked-in episodes come faster and faster to him, almost as though he can hardly hold his current perspective, presence, reality, very well; until something in a triggered memory triggers a further (away) one, before he returns to 'base' , i.e., his current reference point/focal point.  And then, from a flash of the sunlight in his current, 'base' eyes - 

2) He flashes on a 'memory' of a Bedouin on a camel, under a hot sun.  

That 'trigger' causes his flashes to start being on 'memories' from other times, other places, other incarnations; and with some dark aspects as well: as a man in a place like India, mistreating a young girl, then as a young girl in a place like India, being mistreated by a man; etc.  War, peace; rich man, beggar man; etc. etc. - all of it starting to speed up.  (At one point it is a color - say, indigo - that sets him off into another 'memory,' or even dimension.)  

We then see our YM, in current time and place (we can tell from his face), having gone down to the beach (we didn't know before that this city was by the ocean; it's getting difficult to tell the guy's current reality from any other reality that he is experiencing),* sitting in the afternoon sun, shoes off, pants legs rolled up, shirt off, gazing out to sea; as if trying to take it all in, all, of this breaking-down of his reality, these bleeding-through of his realities, past or current or even possibly future: who knows…

...his thoughts come and go, come and go, reflecting the ripples between land and sea…how we are in a vibrant sea essentially of energy (ripples on the space-time continuum 'throwing up' momentary realities;, planes of existence), where the crests of the waves come and go, come and go, and can even interact with one another, cross-cutting through one another sometimes…...

CAMERA CIRCLES HIM on a beach in a life.  He looks at his hands and feet - then  wriggling his fingers and toes - as if in a new light (as if seeing them, really, for the first time, as the interesting appendages that they are; not simply taking them for granted, as 'the way things are;' with us)…..And then the softening under the sun, and the 'energy' of being associated with an ocean, and waves - coming and going ripples on the energyful sea and skein of creation - triggers for him:

A memory of a life on another planet; possibly even in another dimension, possibly even a future experience.  (He is still in hominid form; as a basic DNA form for much of our 3D level of experience.)  The positive experience plays out to a point where we HEAR CLOSE ON an incongruous SOUND OF a car horn BLEEDING INTO the scene -

and we come out of his possibly inter-dimensional reverie as we see him, in current time and place, approaching a somewhat upmarket apartment complex in the early evening, with a car having just gone by and the driver having sounded its horn at a cocky, all-over-the-place young guy on a skateboard (who gives the driver the finger).  The complex is gated; he presses the button of one of the numbers.


YOUNG MAN: I want to stick you up. 

FEMALE VOICE (blase): Ha, ha.

She buzzes him in, and he goes into one of the apartments.  Small talk ensues as his attractive GF finishes preparing their dinner - he has brought a bottle of wine for the occasion, and pours a glass for each of them - and he goes to sit on the couch in the front room.  The TV is on in the bg.  Something on it - something that is said, or an image - causes him to

FLASH ON a particularly amazing scene, of life somewhere else - not on this planet; perhaps not even of this dimension.  The basic 'theme' of it is that it is a place of peace and harmony, between the humanoid-like people and their natural surroundings - flora and fauna alike.  His experience there is INTERRUPTED BY the incongruous VOICE CLOSE UP OF his GF:


It brings him BACK TO the present moment, time and place.  We SEE him look startled up at his GF, who is looking down at him curiously.  He stares at her; perhaps realizing now that he HAD HEARD HER VOICE SOFTLY in the bg of his experience of his idyllic reality, calling his name (calling him back to his current reality, from our pov); then softens his look, with a sigh.  But continues to look at her, with a look of: Should I explain any of this?  How do I explain any of this??   
GF: Boy, were you away.  Want to tell me where?

She curls up next to him on the couch, wine glass in hand; all lovely and inviting and, er, real...  And his look back at her is as if to say: 'You wouldn't believe it.  And, I'm not really sure how you would take it.  What it might do to our relationship…'  And on and on the thoughts go, in his mind…

…thoughts of - essentially: What is this all about???…  


* We have seen palm trees in the city; but then Hollywood has some palm trees, too.  Another city of illusions...


I see the title of the film as being 'Small Talk'.

But - whatever.

It's now in the public domain.

For what it's worth.

And P.S. I have made his name 'Norm'.  As in Normal.  Not as in Norman, the crazy character (Norman Bates) in 'Psycho'.



"Physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality."
- from 'Decloaking Lucifer: A Holographic, Angry Child Throwing a Tantrum' - David Wilcock - Feb. 7, 2014

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