Sunday, 30 March 2014

Walking A Fine Line

1) from Tea Party C.C.: 'Obama Supporter: Impeachment may be best for Obama and US' - posted by Nat'l Dir. Dee - Mar. 30 - orig. posted at - by Junior Campbell - Mar. 29

Reply by Stan Stanfield 33 seconds ago (Mar. 30)

Impeachment is not the best way to go to get rid of the Usurper.
1) It affords him the coloration of being a legitimate president, just having gone constitutionally wayward.  He is a fraudulent president  - for not having been eligible for the office in the first place (for not being a "natural born" citizen, meaning one born on the soil (or its equivalent, like a military base) of two U.S. citizen parents)  - and needs to be treated as such.  If only for the fact that
2) Impeachment allows all of his illegal acts to remain in place.  
He needs to be removed, period, and face a court of (uncorrupted) law for all of his various crimes.  And thus, out the door with him goes all of the legislation that he illegally signed into law, and all the executive orders that he illegally issued, and all the appointments that he illegally made.
To accomplish this removal, Oathkeepers should lead the March on Washington on May 16.  And with as many citizen patriots who can, stay, until the job is done.  With non-violent civil disobedience the order of the day.
What we may be able to accomplish by bloodshed, we will certainly be able to accomplish by a show of Love.  Tough Love.  But still, Love.  Towards this current regime; for showing us the error of THEIR way, into a better world.
For, ultimately, Justice to prevail.


2) from 'Obamacare Exchange Sends Couple Voter Registration Form Pre-Marked As Democrat' - Mar. 30 (orig. posted on - by Howard Portnoy - Mar. 30 

squeak 4 hours ago

Beware Folks, fraud will be everywhere this year, this is one of the ways they will try ...We haven't seen anything yet... Be alert, read carefully before signing anything, watch where you put that X, scam artist are on the prowl ! Watch those absentee ballots that you fill out, be extra alert !



  • kibitzer3 squeak a few seconds ago (Mar. 30) 

  • Good advice, squeak; but what REALLY needs to happen is that conservatives get behind moves in their States to build a fire underneath their Secretaries of State to CLEAN THE VOTER REG ROLLS, and make sure that there is a photo ID law in place for prospective voters. 

  • It's past time that We the People could trust our voting systems. What a sordid business this has become. It is sickening beyond measure, the amount of corruption that is built in to the voting systems in this country. Your vote won't amount to a hill of beans if it is just going to be canceled out in spades by illegal Democrat voting. 

  • Both main political parties need to be censured for any shady business they are involved in. TRUE THE VOTE. Or we should stop playing the game of charades going on now.

            P.S. And now I find out that these ObamaCare reg forms don't require 
            the recipient to indicate if they are a citizen or not. And here they are,  
            being given a chance to register to vote…


             There is hardly anything more despicable than corrupting The People's right to

Ballistic45 4 hours ago

It is time the Military steps in with Citizen support and arrest this Administration on Conspiracy to commit treasonous acts against the United States of America.. Military Rule until new National Voter ID is in place and then hold NEW elections.... Washington DC is the Commode of the United States, it is time to Flush-It...



    • kibitzer3 Ballistic45 a few seconds ago  (Mar. 30)

    • Excellent comment, Ballistic45. 

    • Oathkeepers: To the Rescue. Lead the March on Washington on May 16th - for the combined 'forces' of the Military and the Citizenry to stay there until Mission Accomplished.

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