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Speaking Of The Constitution...

1) from 'Levin: Obama Has No 'Constitutional Authority To Do Half of What He's Doing' - Feb. 28 (orig. posted at - by Ali Meyer - Feb. 28)


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Demand Voter ID....Stops Fraud...

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Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  (just gone Mar. 2)

Sam Fyrestarter: Indeed. The vote needs to be cleaned up - that's the first thing every patriot should be working towards, in his or her home state. True the Vote. Organize and demand that the voting rolls be cleansed of all illegal names - dead people and non-citizens and disqualified voters - and demand photo voter ID cards/identification (like a passport). NOT federal such cards; that would just invite more regimentation of the people. 

In my state, e.g., you have to show a bc to get a state photo ID card or driver's license. Although that latter requirement just got wiped out, with our governor now having signed legislation into law that allows illegal aliens to get a dl. So much for the level of intelligence going on these days….but at least it still holds true for the ID card.


2a) from eagle 'Marco Rubio is Back!  Watch Him Destroy Democrats' Love of Cuba' - Onan Coca - Feb.. 27 (cont'd)
robertmccabe 2 days ago

But can we trust him?


  • Ted Crawford robertmccabe 2 days ago 

  • "Aye, there's the rub" He is young and inexperienced, perhaps he trusted the Graybeards too much. He might have considered Mr. Jeffersons advice a while longer;" Question with Boldness, even the very existance of God...",
    I certainly am in NO position to cast the first stone here, given that I was so thoroughly seduced by Chris Christie myself!
    That being said, at this point, i still hesitate to recommend him for 2016. However I'm not the least bit interested with 2016, YET!! IF the American Electorate fails to awaken before November 4, 2014, it won't matter a fig, who runs in 2016, or even IF there will be an Election then!

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    • kibitzer3 Ted Crawford a day ago 

    • Um…Just to clarify, Ted: Marco is not eligible to run for the presidency. 

    • He can still make a good senator, with his fire about Cuba, and socialism, and the role of America in the world.

    • And I agree with you on the importance of the 2014 elections. It's make or break time for America. This year. Here. Now.

    • If NOT now, when???

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      • Ted Crawford kibitzer3 17 hours ago  (Mar. 1)

      • "Marco is not eligible to run for Presidency." Au Contraire! The first sentence of the Fourteenth Amendment grants him Citizenship, "by birth". Marco Rubio was born in Miami, Florida!
        "The weight of Legal and Historical authority indicates that the term "Natural Born" citizen means a person who is entitled to U.S. Citizenship "by birth" or "at birth", either by being born "in" the United States and under it's jurisdiction, even to those born to Alien Parents..."
        2011 Congressional Research Service Report

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        • kibitzer3 Ted Crawford 4 minutes ago (Mar. 2) 

        • Ted, with all due respect, the CRS has it wrong, wrong, wrong. Besides checking out the facts at sources like and Prof. Herb Titus's video on the subject and CDR Kerchner's blog site, use your common sense: the whole POINT of the exercise on the part of the constitutional Framers to put that exclusionary qualifier in the Constitution was to make sure that a candidate for the office of the presidency - and that particular federal office ONLY, it would pay everybody unsure about this matter to note - had NO DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. Like A DUAL CITIZEN. Like OBAMA. Understanding, that not only was that office a very sensitive one in general, but the person holding that office would also be the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces. The Framers very clearly did not want anyone holding that position who had conflicting loyalties or allegiances.

        • For every other federal office, the candidate need only be a citizen. Please get clear on the difference: A 'natural born citizen' is a special subset of a 'citizen'. All natural born citizens are citizens; but not all citizens are natural born citizens.

        • Politics got in the way of this matter, which should have been clear, to any unbiased person. And that includes the Republican Party obviously colluding with the Democrat Party in this subterfuge, for their own purposes. For which they both will pay, in court. The same with the Usurper in office at present. When Justice catches up with these scoundrels. As it will.

        • As it will.


2b) Sovereign_Soul SoWhatBubb 2 days ago

I agree - and sadly, must include the ENTIRE Republican Party beginning at the highest levels -- the RNC and the huge influence by the Bush family on the GOP. THEY are ALL New World Order Globalists! They REFUSE to acknowledge that the Republican canndidates, including John McCain (greatest TIN of them mall), are NOT "Natural Born Citizens" as mandated by OUR Constitution! McCain's parents were BOTH American citizens BUT he was born in the City of Panama in the Nation of Panama -- thus, NOT complying with the Vattel meaning of NATURAL BORN citizens. GOP leadership is LYING -- just as akaObama IS lying. Only, not as much and as often. >grin<


    • jessica22 Sovereign_Soul a day ago 

    • If you feel that way, why don't you do something to fix it?
      Maybe because you can't.
      You can scream and yell and bad-mouth those WORKING TO FIX THIS TRAVESTY...
      Or you can sit and bitch!

    • We see what you chose to do.

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kibitzer3 jessica22 a day ago

Um…What are YOU doing about the sellout of the American Republic going on under the left wing of the Democrat Party, Jessica22???


jessica22 kibitzer3 18 hours ago (Mar. 1)

I am supporting efforts to come up with an answer.
Not calling Rubio and the Gang of Eight names.


  • kibitzer3 jessica22 17 minutes ago (now Mar. 2) 
  • Okay. Fair enough.

  • Because at the end of the day, Love rules. And we come together, on the other side of the Drama, that we have crested. To learn lessons from.

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