Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A Mixing Of Metaphors

We are on the verge of a phenomenal sea change in world history.  There are plans for the American nation as the flagship of the fleet of nations to sail these new seas - sailing the world into its Golden Age, of post-dualism.1  But those plans don't include a people who don't know how to keep within their rule of law; who just make up things as they go along, in such as the "culture of corruption and deception" as one government watchdog has called the nature of the climate in Washington D.C. under the faux presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.2 

Why elect governments that pass legislation in a separation-of-powers system - legislative, executive and judicial branches thereof - as the American form of government is, if you are just going to bypass them anyway, and turn all power over to the executive branch, and individual fronting that crime syndicate, as is going on before our very eyes as we speak??  That makes of the whole exercised a farce - unless you incorporate despotism into the law.  As happened under the leadership of Hitler.3  And then have that bed to contend with - the bed that you would have made, and then have to lie in.  

Lie.  And cheat.  And do all manner of low-consciousness things…

Not in a Golden Age you don't.  And won't.  You can park your vessel outside the door, and wait for an invitation to enter.  Which has to come from within.  You.  

Until then, you are not welcome.  Having failed the first test.   

The test, of manning the U.S.S. Integrity.

And note: What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander: Senator Ted Cruz is not eligible for that office - that particular office; and that particular office ONLY - either.  For the same reason as applies in the curious case of Barack Obama.4  And I will fight just as hard to make him stumble over the same stumbling block that Obama should have been made to stumble over, on his way to such power:

the Constitution.

Long may it wave. Not waver.  Until its day is done; and it is retired.  Legally. 

And replaced by something larger - "a more perfect Union" - in the great scheme of things, that we are involved in.

As we speak. 



1 When we fully grasp that We Are One, beyond the veil of Illusion - this current realm of duality and polarity, in which we have been learning our lessons, and growing therefrom, as gods in the making.  And until we return to full Unity with our Prime Creator, our unfathomable and inestimable Source, we are by our very natures all facets of that One Divine Being, Whose total nature we can only imagine.
     And try to image.  Giving as clear an image of it as we in our soul's facet of It can manage.
     Which is our home work.  To carry us
     Home, again.  The better for the (illusory) experience of separation.  Or at least, of one degree thereof; as we claim identity with our soul.

2 The letter from that watchdog goes on to say about this culture: "This must end and confidence in America's government must be restored."  A sentiment with which I would concur.  But then it goes on: "This begins with the impeachment of Barack Obama."  A sentiment with which I don't agree.  "This begins," rather, with the outright removal of the Usurper from the office that he is illegally occupying.  For, impeachment is for legally sitting presidents.  Not for impostors, who gained the office - mounted the ship's bridge, and took over the helm - under false colors.
     A subject for another time and place.  Except, here, just to point out that by 'simply' removing the illegal occupant - the squatter that he is - all of his by-definition illegal acts are rendered null and void.  All the legislation that he signed into law (including ObamaCare); all of his executive orders and actions, including his appointments (his executive-department fellow socialist czars; and including his appointments to the Supreme Court): gone.  With the wind from his passing from that office.  That special office; dishonored by his presence in it.
     Why do I feel so strongly about this matter??
     A subject for another time and place.

3 The current (well; March 3) issue of 'The New American' magazine has an excellent article on this very subject.  Titled 'Drafting Executive Orders Is Congress' "Number One Agenda"?' it quotes Hitler in his autobiography, Mein Kampf,  on his perception of 'the unitary executive' - one in control of both the legislative and executive functions of government, "while the legislative branch should be relegated to a mere advisory role in which the executive would make the laws," to quote from the  article itself.  To quote from Hitler himself, in the book:
     "One will not be able to do without those corporations which today we call parliaments.  Their councilors will then actually give counsel, but responsibility can and must be borne always only by one man and thus he alone can and must have the authority and right of command."
     The article contrasts that governmental attitude with James Madison's explanation in The Federalist, No. 47 (you do know who James Madison was, don't you?  And still is??) of the American Republic's form of government, of the separation of powers.  Quote: "The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny."      
     Indeed.  And in our day a voice, then quoted by the article, is raised to argue in the same vein; the article quoting Senator Ted Cruz (in an interview by another magazine) in warning:
     "Anyone who is concerned about liberty should be concerned about the notion that this President - over and over again - has asserted the right to pick and choose which laws to follow.  That is fundamentally dangerous to the liberty of the people."

4 Curious, because the Republican Party signed off on his illegality as well.  A fact that will come out in the court of law that will - that will - hear all of this disgusting case, of the hijacking of the American ship of state.  And as for the "same reason" mentioned: Neither of them is a "natural born citizen," according to the understanding of that term that was embedded in the Constitution.  For a very good reason.  For the very reason that we are experiencing in our day, under this Usurper in power. 
     As we speak.
     N.B. Ted Cruz could still become eligible for that office.  If an amendment to the Constitution could be passed - via the amending process allowed for - striking the 'natural born' citizen requirement for that office from the Constitution, and replacing it with some other citizen-category requirement.
     An 'out' that won't work in the case of the Usurper.  Because the Constitution does not allow ex post facto laws.
     Now, if you want to throw the whole Constitution overboard…
     …a revolutionary act that I wouldn't try, if I were you.
     Which I am.

     Another subject for another time and place.

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