Wednesday, 19 March 2014

On Letting Go

I wanted to move beyond where I left 'things' from yesterday's blog.

We have reason to be angry at what has been going on in our world, yes; and for many reasons.  But - and - it has all been for a purpose.  And that purpose can be summed up in the words: Letting go.  In order to get to the following destination: Unconditional love.

I have talked in these pages about Ascension.

What is that, precisely?

Ascension involves the letting go of the ballast of hate and envy and such bags full of sand, which have kept us bound karmically to this level of reality, and taking on the qualities of such as forgiveness and joy, which are the lifting power of our beautiful balloon, taking us through the various spheres - exospheres, stratospheres - of our spiritual evolution; are of the wind beneath our wings.  Are the qualities which, in our expressing of them - our gaining of them; making them part of our Selves - carry us through the degrees of our progress to the Ultimate Height, of our return to total Unity with the Creative Intelligence that birthed us off into our experience of Creation; ultimately, from that experience, to become like unto our Source.  A fractal of our Being, freed, then, to take wing on our own, and produce our own results; the richer (more conscious) - as was our own Source - for the experience.  

Or something like that.

Close enough, I would think.  To get the picture.

And so, ultimately we need to forgive our enemies.

They played their role in our growth.

With thanks to them, for the learning experiences they provided us: we carry on our way.

Which is their way, too, remember.  For (altogether, now):

We Are All One.

Of One Holy Being.

No part of which is left behind.


So, help others on board.

They will be glad that you did.

And so will you.

For, otherwise, you will have left a part of your Self behind.

All of us, having played many roles, in the Great Drama of Creation.

To learn lessons from.

And move on.


Moving On.

To say: Up.

In consciousness.

The purpose of the whole exercise in consciousness.

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